Ask Co., Ltd. Rescale announces new function “Rescale CRE”

Ask Co., Ltd.
Rescale announces new feature “Rescale CRE”
It is possible to significantly reduce the cost and the time it takes to execute calculations.

Ask Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that Rescale Inc. (Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA), which we serve as a sales agent, has announced Rescale CRE (Compute Recommendation Engine).
Rescale deploys High Performance Computing (HPC) as a Service (HPC-as-a-Service) on the public cloud. The Rescale CRE announced this time was developed using various full-stack metadata and machine learning on the NVIDIA architecture, allowing users to easily select the optimal computing cores on the public cloud for running
applications used for computation. will be available for selection. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost and the time it takes to execute calculations.
Responding to the growing need to run AI in the cloud, Rescale and NVIDIA announced that Rescale will introduce NVIDIA AI Enterprise, expanding its cloud platform offerings to include NVIDIA-supported AI workflows and processing engines. We are announcing that we are working on This will allow Rescale users to develop AI applications on major public clouds. In addition, NVIDIA Base Command Platform, an AI developer workflow management software that enables workload integration between NVIDIA DGX systems regardless of installation location, such as on the cloud or on-premises, will be integrated into Rescale’s services. .
Rescale also announced that NVIDIA Modulus, NVIDIA’s framework for developing physical machine learning neural network models, will be available on the Rescale platform. Modulus is capable of building models that fuse physics and data to enable near-real-time
simulations. With just a few clicks on the Rescale platform, Modulus can run the entire AI-powered simulation workflow, from data preprocessing and model training to inference and model deployment. As part of our cloud strategy, we will continue to promote Rescale’s services, which have added even more attractive functions, so that many customers can use them.
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Engineers love Rescale for its high performance computing (HPC) solutions built for the cloud, with advanced security and management capabilities. Industry leaders leverage Rescale, a cloud platform for intelligent full-stack automation and performance optimization in areas ranging from supersonic jets to personalized medicine, to deliver new product innovation faster than ever before to market efficiently.
IT leaders use Rescale for HPC-as-a-Service with a secure control plane to get the best applications, modern architectures, and compute resources they need in the cloud. you can put it in.
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Ask Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that provides solutions and services according to the purpose. We introduce and provide
cutting-edge and unique products mainly from the United States, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, etc. We handle a wide variety of products such as computer peripherals, mobile phone peripherals, server/storage related equipment, and professional video equipment. CORSAIR, Cooler Master, Crucial, ELSA JAPAN, HTC VIVE, Micro-Star International (MSI), Micron, NVIDIA, NewTek, Synology, SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY, Supermicro, Tripp Lite (former Keyspan), Thermaltake, ZOTAC Technology Limited, etc. I am an agent of the manufacturer.
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