Asno System Co., Ltd. Monitoring a business innovation tour to learn from the “White Data Center (WDC) Conce pt”, a learning work program based on the circular economy (circular economy) from Bibai City, Hokkaido

Asno System Co., Ltd.
Monitoring a business innovation tour to learn from the “White Data Center (WDC) Concept”, a learning work program based on the circular economy from Bibai City, Hokkaido
The 3rd event will be held in January 2023!

Asnosystem Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo/President and CEO Takeiku Saito/hereinafter referred to as “Asnosystem”), which operates one of the largest rental conference room sites in Japan, Kaigishitsu.COM, has obtained the cooperation of Bibai City, Hokkaido. Following the first time in October, we will monitor the learning work program “Business Innovation Tour to Learn from the ‘White Data Center (hereinafter referred to as WDC) Concept'”, which is currently being created, on November 17th and 18th for the second time. was held. *The posted photo is the first time
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Monitor participants hear directly from researcher Mr. Homma of Yukiya Eizan Shoten about the WDC concept, behind-the-scenes stories about its launch, his thoughts on Risetsu, and future prospects.
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Visit the WDC and the attached experimental building. We were able to get a first-hand look at the expanding snow utilization business, such as farmed eels and processed snow foods.
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Mr. Tanigawa from the Bibai City Board of Education guided us through the local history of Bibai, which prospered as a coal mining town, and we learned more about the WDC concept from the history of the industrial revolution.
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Visit the Japan Heritage “Mitsubishi Bibai Coal Mine Shaft Tower”. The population, which was over 90,000 at the time, has now fallen below 20,000.
This tour is a learning-type tour created jointly with Bibai City by Asuno System, which operates the portal site “CO-MIT Commit
(” that specializes in searching for corporate training and training camp facilities. It’s workation. In this program, there are few vacation elements such as sightseeing, gourmet, and activities that are often seen in ordinary workcations. The purpose is to break down the traditional culture, and we believe that it will be an opportunity for the “development of innovative human resources” that companies are currently looking for.
With the history of Bibai City, which flourished as a coal mining town, and now suffering from population decline and aging, we will examine and refine through monitors whether participants can lead to their own thinking from the future they aim for. We will continue to raise
[Voices of monitor participants]
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[Table 5: ]
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This monitor tour is scheduled to be held for the third time in late January 2023. Although it will be a demonstration experiment, Asnosystem will make maximum use of this as a company that creates tomorrow, and will proceed with preparations while cooperating with Bibai City to invite full-scale participation from metropolitan areas from next fiscal year. We would like to promote it as a sustainable initiative to help regional revitalization.
■ What is the White Data Center (WDC) concept?
WDC utilizes cold energy from snow to reduce cooling costs for servers, while also reusing waste heat from servers for agricultural facilities, etc., creating a heat business network centered on data centers and a new industrial cluster. By doing so, we aim to create an energy independent + industrial cluster creation data center that is unprecedented in the world, coexisting with a recycling-oriented society and contributing to the local economy while promoting local production and consumption of energy.
Overview of the 3rd Business Innovation Tour Monitor Tour Learning from the “White Data Center (WDC) Concept” Created by the Former Coal Mine
・ Date and time: January 27 (Friday) to 28 (Saturday), 2023, 2 days and 1 night ・ Participation target: Those who want to create opportunities for business innovation / SDGs and sixth industrialization
        Persons in charge of human resources who want to learn about ・ Number of participants: 10 people
・ Application URL: ・Fee: Free (*Meeting at Bibai City and dissolution at the site. Transportation expenses to the site will be borne by you.)
・Experience content: ▼ 1st day (lecture on WDC, tour of experimental facilities, workshop, social gathering)
        ▼2nd day (Bibai City Folk Museum/History Exploration Tour at Arte Piazza Bibai, etc.)
*Please note that the contents are subject to change. Please contact us for details.
■ Comments from the Bibai City Cooperation Organization
・Ken Kudo, Managing Director, Stay Bibai Association
“General Incorporated Association Stay Bibai”, which was incorporated in November 2022, will be established in March 2022 with the aim of utilizing the tourism resources of Bibai to promote an increase in the number of residents and related populations, and to revitalize the local economy. A predecessor organization was established. We are working to connect the “dots” that the city, organizations, and businesses have developed so far, making the most of local resources and conveying the appeal of Bibai through “faces.” The “White Data Center Concept” is a catalyst that connects the history of Bibai and people who are active in the region. Please come to Bibai City to get away from your daily life and experience the history of industry and the future that Bibai is aiming for through this program.
In addition to training, we will support corporate training and training camps with various contents such as Bibai yakitori, the specialty of Bibai yakitori, agricultural products, and nature-filled activities.
[Overview of the General Incorporated Association Stay Bibai] Organization name: General Incorporated Association Stay Bibai Date of establishment: November 1, 2022
Location: 2-1-7, Higashiichijominami, Bibai City, Hokkaido
■ About Stay Bibai
An organization that develops sustainable economic activities by creating and managing businesses that can make the most of Bibai’s attractive local resources by aligning the vectors of the city, organizations, and businesses.
[Company Profile of Asno System Co., Ltd.]
[Image 5d24100-90-d57788e79344c1525757-4.png&s3=24100-90-d919de038ac3fc1b5cc1e3a6c9577d68-277x110.png
Company name: Asno System Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeiku Saito, President and Representative Director Head office location: Takanawa JEBL 2nd floor, 2-16-37 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: September 1, 2009
Capital: 100 million yen
URL: (corporate site) (service site)
Business description: System development business / Offshore development business / SES business / Web integration business / MVS solution business / Web service business / ERP package sales and maintenance Details about this release:


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