Asoview Co., Ltd. An exhibition that looks back on the origins of Studio Ghibli “Animage and Ghibli Exhibiti on” From Saturday, November 12, advance tickets with a specified date and time will be sold exclusively at “Asoview! ”

Asoview Co., Ltd.
An exhibition looking back on the origins of Studio Ghibli “Animage and Ghibli Exhibition” From Saturday, November 12th, advance tickets with a specified date and time will be sold exclusively at “Asoview!”
Asoview Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Executive Officer and CEO: Tomohisa Yamano, hereinafter, Our company) will hold an exhibition “Animage and Ghibli Exhibition” held at Matsuya Ginza (location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) from Saturday, November 12, 2022 (Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2023) Advance admission tickets will be sold on January 23 (Monday). You can enjoy the exhibition without worrying about waiting time or congestion by making a reservation in advance for the date and time you want to visit.
(C) Studio Ghibli (C) Kanyada
Animage and Ghibli Exhibition
This exhibition focuses on the 1980s from the first issue of the magazine “Animage” (Tokuma Shoten) in 1978.
From the time when even the word “anime” had not yet spread, it was a boom period when anime made a big leap with the blockbuster “Mobile Suit Gundam” that appeared in 1979. Then, we will introduce the path that led Toshio Suzuki to find Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, who would later lead to Studio Ghibli, and devote himself to making films such as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
-About Animage-
Launched on May 26, 1978, Japan’s first full-fledged commercial anime magazine monthly “Animage” (Tokuma Shoten). As a pioneer of anime magazines, we have published interview articles that allow you to see behind-the-scenes photos and behind-the-scenes production, focusing on the inside of the industry, creators and people involved in
production, who have never been in the spotlight as the
behind-the-scenes work. We have responded to the needs of fans such as. This magazine, which triggered the establishment of Studio Ghibli with the animated movie adaptation of “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, continues to serve as a bridge between anime and fans, celebrating its 44th anniversary in 2022.
Background of exclusive sales of “Asoview!”
In April 2021, due to the declaration of a state of emergency, this exhibition ended in just 10 days at the Matsuya Ginza venue in Tokyo. Passionate messages from customers were received via social media, saying, “I want it to be held again,” and “It was a good project, so I wanted many people to see it.” will be held again. In order to have a designated date and time so that you can enjoy the exhibition without congestion or waiting time, we have decided to sell “Assoview!” alone. “Animage and Ghibli Exhibition” Sales Overview
Period January 3, 2023 (Tuesday) to January 23 (Monday)
Sales period November 12, 2022 (Saturday) 10:00-
Venue: Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square
Fee General ¥1,300 / High school student ¥800 / Junior high school student ¥600 / Elementary school student ¥400
Sales destination URL ■Asoview! What is
It is a convenient and profitable weekend play reservation site that has partnered with about 9,600 stores nationwide and introduces about 600 genres and about 27,000 plans for domestic play and experience programs. In addition to outdoor leisure activities such as
“paragliding” and “rafting” that make use of the geographical advantages, attractive experiences that make use of local culture such as “pottery experience” and “soba making experience”, “amusement park” and “aquarium” are available. We introduce leisure facilities, hot springs for day trips, etc.
■ About Asoview Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “playing to live”, we aim to realize a well-being society where “play” is equivalent to clothing, food and shelter. We provide “Asoview!”, a booking site for convenient and affordable holiday entertainment, “Asoview!
Date of establishment: March 14, 2011
Capital: 1 billion yen
Representative name: Tomohisa Yamano, Representative Executive Officer and CEO Head office location: Gate City Osaki East Tower 8F, 1-11-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Reservation marketplace business for play and leisure activities, DX promotion business for the leisure industry, etc.
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-Copyright- (C) Studio Ghibli (C) Kanyada

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