Asoview Co., Ltd. Asoview! Survey release Conducted a survey of “experiences you want your children to hav e” by asking about 5,200 families. The keywords are “growth”, “family communication”, and “special memories that can o nly be made at that ti

Asoview Co., Ltd.
[Asoview! Survey release] Conducted a survey of “experiences you want your children to have” by asking about 5,200 families. The keywords are “growth”, “family communication”, and “special memories that can only be made at that time and place”.

Asoview Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Executive Officer and CEO), which operates the holiday reservation site “Asoview!” : Tomohisa Yamano, hereinafter referred to as our company), from November 9th to November 14th, ahead of the winter vacation and snow season, families with children under the age of 15 (n = 5,234) conducted a questionnaire survey.
[Image 1d15664-172-adeb94887ec57b1eb940-1.jpg&s3=15664-172-421e5f43f67a81d94acc36e02c76c264-1340x704.jpg
“Experiences I want my children to have” The points I care about are “growth”, “family communication”, and “special memories that can only be made at that time and place”
■ Ranking of important items for “experiences you want your child to have” [Image 2d15664-172-38d9d4d5198440db37fa-0.jpg&s3=15664-172-ac8203b513fa1b5488f7285dd80994d0-676x430.jpg
* Regarding “experiences you want children to have”, we surveyed the degree of importance for each item. Answer in 5 stages from “1: Importance 0%…I don’t care at all” to “5: Importance 100%…It is an absolute condition”, and total points based on the results.
The most important point is whether the child can “grow” through the experience 1st: Can you cultivate communication skills?
(interpersonal dialogue, cooperation, team, group behavior, etc.) [Image 3d15664-172-9882cd101a463bee6805-2.jpg&s3=15664-172-31434b6cf12786ded20ab0d467e2538d-700x194.jpg
From the perspective of “experiences you want your children to have”, “whether you can develop communication skills” was the most important item for parents who have children, resulting in the highest overall score. Not only parents with children of elementary school age and above, but also parents with children of preschool age are showing great interest.
2nd place Can you cultivate intellectual curiosity?
(There are new discoveries, tickles interest and curiosity, etc.) [Image 4d15664-172-ec13837fc9fba04d87e8-3.jpg&s3=15664-172-6873e3a9efa18117efda461bfaaaa4df-700x198.jpg
From the perspective of “whether intellectual curiosity can be nurtured,” households that chose “5: Importance 100% as an absolute condition” out of all the items had 4 points for all children of all ages. It has exceeded the percentage and is the most common. I want to make the precious experience a special memory that can only be made at that time and place.
3rd place Whether or not the experience remains in the child’s memory [Image 5d15664-172-45df76bb53fe3bef2841-4.jpg&s3=15664-172-3cd41f7884cb8a6de320493e54dc2be4-697x193.jpg
Regarding the perspective of “whether the experience is memorable for children”, more than 30% of families rated importance of 75% and more than 40% of families rated importance of 100% (absolute condition) for all ages. rice field.
As for the elements that make up memories, 6th place is “Experiences that can only be done in the area”, and 8th place is “Seasonal experiences”.
Whether or not the experience the child has to provide is a place for “family communication” is also a point
4th Place: Will the whole family be able to experience it together and create a shared memory?
[Image 6d15664-172-7c7e37627f40b2fd16ab-5.jpg&s3=15664-172-e4f72597822d7aea38402f4d75ea4d59-703x193.jpg
Nearly 70% of households of all ages chose an importance rating of 75% or 100% from the perspective of whether it would be possible for the whole family to experience it together and create shared memories. Not only children but also families can have the same experiences together, and experiences that become common memories are required. 5th Can you grow mentally (overcoming fear, challenge, autonomy, self-confidence, etc.)
6th: Is it an experience that can only be done locally?
7th Can you cultivate creativity (production, expression, ideas, etc.) 8th: Is it a seasonal experience?
9th Can the whole family experience together?
10th Can you grow physically (running ability, swimming ability, motor skills, etc.)
Aso View! ( offers “outdoor activities”, “camping”, “experience classes”, “skiing/snowboarding”, and “leisure More than 450 kinds of various activities such as facilities and cultural facilities are posted. You can find the best play among the abundant suggestions.
In addition, “Slope Early Discount”
(, where you can purchase ski slope lift tickets at a discount, is also being implemented.
■Survey overview
Survey period: November 9th to November 14th, 2022
Survey target: Asoview! Member
Number of people surveyed: 5,234
(Breakdown of children by age: 418 children aged 0-2 / 1,362 children aged 3-6 / 2,118 children aged 7-12 / 1,340 children aged 13-15) Survey method: Internet survey
Aso View! What is
It is a convenient and profitable weekend play reservation site that has partnered with about 9,500 stores nationwide and introduces about 620 genres and about 27,000 plans for domestic play and experience programs.
In addition to outdoor leisure activities such as “paragliding” and “rafting” that make use of the geographical advantages, attractive experiences that make use of local culture such as “pottery
experience” and “soba making experience”, “amusement park” and “aquarium” are available. Leisure facilities, day trip hot springs, etc. are posted. Reference URL:
■ About Asoview Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “playing to live”, we aim to realize a well-being society where “play” is equivalent to clothing, food and shelter. We provide convenient and affordable holiday reservation site “Asoview!”, experience gift “Asoview! Gift” to send memories to loved ones, and DX solution business for leisure tourism and cultural facilities.
Date of establishment: March 14, 2011
Capital: 1 billion yen
Representative name: Tomohisa Yamano, Representative Executive Officer and CEO Head office location: Gate City Osaki East Tower 8F, 1-11-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Reservation marketplace business for play and leisure activities, DX promotion business for the leisure industry, etc.

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