Assembly in 0.5 seconds! ? New release of PACOT grill, a wood stove that pops open!

H.I.D. Co., Ltd.
Assembly in 0.5 seconds! ? New release of PACOT grill, a wood stove that pops open!
It is a multi-purpose wood stove that opens easily and is easy to assemble.
Camping brand CGK (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, H.I.D. Co., Ltd.) has released a thin, lightweight and
easy-to-assemble wood stove “PACOT Grill”.
PACOT grill introduction: [Image 1

A lightweight, compact bonfire stand that was completed by a mechanical designer in the robot industry who loves the outdoors, aiming for a light, thin, and easy-to-use wood stove.
[Image 2

≪Features of PACOT Grill≫
1. pop open
[Image 3:] When you use it, you can use it just by opening it. By combining four thin stainless steel spring materials and making use of the
characteristics of the spring, it can be assembled in one action from the folded state.
When storing, you can fold it by simply pressing the grate and closing it. 2. light and thin
The main body weight is 134g, which is composed only of flimsy stainless steel, and the attached spit is 40g/1 x 2, which is 244g including the case, realizing a lightweight bonfire stand. It is so light that it is too light and may fly away if the wind is strong. The main body size is A4 size, and the thickness when stored in the case is about 4 mm. It can be stored on a bookshelf as if it were a document in a clear file.
[Image 4d93236-7-361037b0d49640a5a99f-1.jpg&s3=93236-7-ce8470edc15d5cdfde6694cacf0f4727-3900x2925.jpg
3. Can use long firewood
You can use “long firewood”, which is one of the points when choosing a relatively small bonfire stand for solo use.
The firewood on the market is about 30cm to 45cm in size, but the slightly larger hole on the side allows you to insert long firewood from the side. The entire surface is also wide open, so it is easy to handle the fire, and it is a bonfire stand that allows you to see the flames well.
[Image 5d93236-7-9e614f784ac8cd22c2b1-2.jpg&s3=93236-7-8ba8301d5e918f56a4b906b39fcf0710-963x627.jpg
4. You can cook at 4 heights
Four heights are available to install the included spit. The height is set in the image of bonfire cooking, alcohol stove, and solid fuel, and can be used in a wide range of situations.
[Image 6d93236-7-ef2553aa81e7af2080f8-3.jpg&s3=93236-7-18e3c57cf7020daa290bde56a5ec87a7-878x882.jpg
Weight: 244g (Body: 134g, Spit: 40g/1 x 2, Case: 30g)
Storage size: 315mm x 240mm x 4mm
Sales price: 6,980 yen
11/22/2022 (Tuesday) Released on Amazon
[Image 7d93236-7-6ca801d1d75b9aa1d9ad-5.png&s3=93236-7-d9be1185a9dbeb83b457e56973139db5-213x128.png
≪About Camp Brand CGK≫
Based on H.I.D. Co., Ltd., which develops and designs automated production equipment centered on robots in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, as a new business FA engineers launched camping equipment development and design in 2020 Selling brand. We are striving to develop gears that are light, thin, short, small, and stackable, with the sense of balance cultivated in industrial design as a weapon. 【Company Profile】
Company name: H.I.D. Co., Ltd. (camp brand: CGK)
Camping equipment brand CGK URL:
Location: 10-13 Yubaracho, Yahatanishi Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative: Ryoji Makino
Established: March 2000
Business: Robot SIer, automation consulting for production equipment using robots, commissioned development, design, and manufacturing

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