Astmos Energy Co., Ltd. Astomos “Carbon-neutral LP gas” to be supplied to Kaike Grand Hotel Tensui!

Astomos Energy Co., Ltd.
Astomos “Carbon-neutral LP gas” to be supplied to Kaike Grand Hotel Tensui! Carbon-neutral LP gas for gas used in public baths, air conditioning equipment, etc.

Astomos Energy Co., Ltd. (President: Tsuyoshi Ogasawara, hereinafter “Astmos Energy”) and Matsumoto Yuten Co., Ltd. (President: Yasuhiro Matsumoto, hereinafter “Matsumoto Yuten”) entered into a
carbon-neutral LP gas sales and purchase agreement. On November 14, 2022, a certificate award ceremony was held at the Yonago Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kamo-cho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture) for the start of handling carbon-neutral LP gas.
Matsumoto Yuten decided to supply carbon-neutral LP gas to Kaike Grand Hotel Co., Ltd. (Kaike Onsen, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture), and held a contract signing ceremony and certificate presentation ceremony on the same day.
[Image 1d107862-5-2bd69832145f3cd87220-1.jpg&s3=107862-5-de2b0a04391bf0f8ee77405cf40982fd-800x600.jpg
From left to right: Senior Managing Director Yoshida (Matsumoto Yuten), President Isaka (Kaike Grand Hotel), President Matsumoto (Matsumoto Yuten), Executive Officer Hara (Astmos Energy), and General Manager of Chugoku Branch Nishimura (Astmos Energy)
The Kaike Grand Hotel has been in business for 55 years as a hot spring inn that represents Kaike Onsen, and is dedicated to the development of the local Kaike Onsen. We wanted to make our guests aware of us as an inn that is working on environmental issues, which would lead to their psychological satisfaction.
The carbon-neutral LP gas that Astomos Energy procures and imports from overseas offsets (carbon offset) the greenhouse gases generated in the LP gas mining and combustion processes with carbon credits created by environmental conservation projects around the world. , LP gas that can reduce CO2 emissions to virtually zero. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale, environmental conservation projects are also related to SDGs goals such as local job creation and biodiversity protection.
Of the carbon-neutral LP gas that Matsumoto Yuten will purchase this time, Kaike Grand Hotel Tensui, which has started supplying this time, will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by about 165 tons by March 2023. In addition, sales of carbon-neutral LP gas to general consumers will be the first initiative in San’in.
Astomos Energy and Matsumoto Yuten will continue to actively promote initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a carbon-neutral society as energy companies.
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■ Kaike Grand Hotel Tensui, which supplies carbon-neutral LP gas [Image 2d107862-5-bf612145247382a2be73-2.jpg&s3=107862-5-051dbccf584e547f7d14a04515a885ff-1693x1103.jpg

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