Asuka Shinsha Co., Ltd. Just reading will make “life tough” go away!? The topical special physiotherapist & Cork Lab Manga Specialized Graduate will release “ 4-frame manga that you can just read in a wonderfully natural way ”

Asuka Shinsha Co., Ltd.
Just reading will make “life tough” go away!? A topical special physiotherapist and a graduate of Cork Lab Manga special course “4-panel manga that can be read in a very natural way” is now on sale
D for the head, 0 for the arms and shoulders, U for the pelvis, and Z for the lower body!?

Asuka Shinsha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kunioki Oyama) released the book “4-frame manga that you can just read in an amazing natural way” on November 15th. We will share images and hints for getting rid of the “tension” and “tensed habits” that we have unconsciously carried with us through fun four-panel comics and illustrations. This is the birth of the “ultimate read-only book,” which was not possible.
[Image 1

-We will help you stop “unnatural tension” with a loose manga! [Image 2

[Image 3

●Just knowing that the shape of the head is “D” instead of “O” will cause amazing things!
[Image 4

[Image 5

● There are some good things about being “natural”!
[Image 6

[Image 7

● Author profile
Shin Ohashi
Physiotherapist and Alexander Technique internationally certified teacher. Born in Gifu Prefecture, lives in Kobe. Representative Director of Flow Ethics Co., Ltd. He learned about the Alexander Technique while studying the cello in Germany, and upon returning to Japan acquired qualifications as a physical therapist and as an Alexander
Internationally Certified Teacher (the first person in Japan to hold both qualifications). After working at an emergency hospital, he resolved many difficult cases as a special physiotherapist at an orthopedic clinic. In 2020, he became independent and opened a studio focusing on rehabilitation and Tai Chi. He actively presents the results of research on posture improvement at academic conferences, and proposes a way of health and care that does not rely solely on medical care. Many TV and radio appearances. He is the author of 10 long-running long-selling books, “An amazing book that improves your posture just by saying magic phrases” (Asuka Shinsha).
[Manga] Kaori Akamatsu
Cartoonist and illustrator.
Completed the 5th grade of Cork Labo Manga Special Course. I am training every day to draw comics and illustrations that make people feel relieved. The body is stiff and the stomach is weak. This book is his first publication.
● Bibliographic information
“A 4-panel manga that you can just read in a very natural way” Shin Ohashi [Author] Kaori Akamatsu [Manga]
List price 1300 yen (body 1182 yen + tax)
Publication date November 15, 2022
● Publisher information
Asuka Shinsha Co., Ltd.
Location: 2F Kobunkosan Building, 2-4-3 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■ Asukashinsha website
■ Asuka Shinsha Official Twitter
Asuka Shinsha Official Instagram

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