At Yokohama Co., Ltd. “SEA BASS 1DAY PASSPORT” is now on sale as a digital ticket

At Yokohama Co., Ltd.
“SEA BASS 1DAY PASSPORT” is now on sale as a digital ticket
~ Port Service “SEABASS” x At Yokohama ~

At-Yokohama Co., Ltd., which operates the multimodal mobility service “my route*” in Yokohama. ) will release a 1-day ticket “SEA BASS 1DAY PASSPORT” for the water bus “SEA BASS” operated by Port Service Co., Ltd. (President Hiroyuki Saito) as a digital ticket.
The “SEA BASS 1DAY PASSPORT” has been sold as a paper ticket until now, and through the sale of “collaboration tickets” that combine this ticket with other tickets, we have contributed to improving the mobility of the central Yokohama waterfront area. .
Port Service, which wants to further digitize its operations, and At-Yokohama, which wants to expand functions that will help improve the mobility of Yokohama’s central coastal area through a multimodal app, have agreed to launch new digital tickets. I’ve arrived. First of all, we plan to promote collaboration between the two companies, such as creating a “digital collaboration ticket” that combines this digital ticket with other functions.
The details of the ticket are as follows.
Can be purchased from the “myroute” app → “Reservation/Use” → “Ships/Water buses” tab
Just like a regular paper ticket, after purchasing, show your ticket at the counter at each platform and pick up the ticket for the desired flight.
Right to use for 180 days after ticket purchase (no cancellation after purchase) [Image


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