Atmark Techno Co., Ltd. Armadillo-X2, a small power-saving CPU board equipped with an NPU that supports edge AI processing

Atmark Techno Co., Ltd.
Armadillo-X2, a small power-saving CPU board equipped with an NPU that supports edge AI processing
-Compatible with Flutter, a development environment for smartphones, enabling the development of modern GUI industrial equipment-
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Atmark Techno Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, CEO: Tomohiro Jitsuyoshi), which provides the Arm+Linux embedded platform
“Armadillo”, is a CPU board equipped with an NPU [*] that supports edge AI processing, “Armadillo- X2 (hereafter, this product)” has been developed. This product is compatible with the cross-platform software development environment “Flutter”, making it easy to develop industrial equipment with a modern GUI.
*NPU: Neural Processing Unit
This product is a compact (115 x 75 mm) CPU board that is equipped with NXP Semiconductors’ application processor “i.MX 8M Plus” and supports edge AI processing. It is the top model of the Armadillo series that can not only perform high-speed AI processing by NPU, but also screen display by GPU and video encoder/decoder processing such as H.264. New features include (1) support for the software
development environment “Flutter”, (2) ready development of industrial equipment with a GUI thanks to the availability of an industrial touch monitor whose operation has been confirmed, and (3) ) Armadillo Base OS can be applied to equipment that will be used for a long period of time.
(1) Compatible with the cross-platform software development
environment “Flutter”
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Flutter is an open source software development environment developed by Google. It is attracting attention as a cross-platform development environment that can develop applications from a single code not only for smartphone environments such as Android and iOS, but also for PC environments such as Linux and Windows. In particular, we have gained a lot of support from developers who provide applications for both Android and iOS platforms, and these developers will be able to develop for Armadillo in the same way. Conventionally, various GUI application development environments have been prepared for Linux, but there are no mainstream development environments and there are not many developers. By making this product compatible with Flutter, we have the advantage of being able to realize a modern GUI even for industrial equipment, and that it is easy to gather many developers. Another feature of Flutter is that it is a software license form that is easy to use commercially.
(2) Confirmed operation with ADLINK industrial touch monitor This product has been tested for connection and operation with ADLINK’s open frame industrial touch monitor “OM Series”, and it is possible to immediately develop industrial equipment with a GUI in combination with Flutter. The OM Series has a lineup of
10.1-inch/15.6-inch/21.5-inch size LCD panels (16:9), and supports operation via a capacitive touch panel. The connection between this product and the LCD panel is via HDMI, and the touch panel is via USB. (3) Equipped with container architecture “Armadillo Base OS” This product is equipped with a Linux-based compact OS “Armadillo Base OS” that uses a container architecture. It is a secure and robust architecture that allows you to freely add containerized applications, and a software update mechanism is provided as standard. Suitable for long-term IoT systems. The development set of this product is scheduled to be released in February 2023 for 39,600 yen including tax (36,000 yen excluding tax). Prior to the start of sales, at the Atmark Techno booth (Hall 4, Booth number: B-) at “EdgeTech+ 2022” held at Pacifico Yokohama (Organizer: Embedded System Technology Association, Date: November 16-18, 2022) R04), we will exhibit a demonstration of this product that displays AI processing results in a Flutter application.
■ EdgeTech+ 2022 event information
Main Specifications of the Armadillo-X2 Development Set
[Table 2: ]

[Image 3d85119-9-33d3a4b0f61f061994e7-2.jpg&s3=85119-9-ae4b626432ce1cf0a9abd0929ffd4287-750x396.jpg
[Image 4d85119-9-e252507b0a83d202027e-3.png&s3=85119-9-03546e8169ba4adb05449ebfdfe7a0ae-566x260.png
“OM Series” manufactured by ADLINK
10.1 type/15.6 type/21.5 type
open frame industrial touch monitor
[Image 5d85119-9-ec4bee6f5a0fb335c815-4.png&s3=85119-9-69c56363feba3f3d5239ee86db29e495-566x204.png
Option case set
Model number: OP-CASEX2-MET-00
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