Atmoph Additional distribution of multi-functions that make Atmoph Window 2 easier, more convenient, and more fun to operate

Additional features that make Atmoph Window 2 easier, more convenient, and more fun to operate

Atmoph Co., Ltd. (located in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, CEO: Kyohi Kan), which develops and sells Atmoph Window 2, a window that connects you to the world, has announced that with this update (version 3.5), More than 1,400 landscapes have become more fun, more convenient, and have evolved further by delivering functions that support various installation environments.
Atmoph Window was born from the desire to change the scenery from the room. Viewing more than 1,400 landscapes from around the world has been well-received as a refreshing way to work from home. In addition, Atmoph Window 2 is a window that continues to evolve, and with the new software (version 3.5) update, you can now operate and configure it to suit your preferences and daily situations.
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Auto function that responds to “I want you to show me more scenery!” The auto function has evolved in response to user feedback such as, “Are there really 1,400 landscapes?” An auto function that picks up and plays back the scenery of the morning in the morning and the scenery of the night in the evening at random. Until now, the settings were automatically switched every 2 hours, but now you can make more detailed customizations, such as adjusting the settings to 30-minute intervals at the shortest, and setting to play only the scenery according to the season.
Using this function not only makes it easier to meet your favorite scenery, but also accelerates the speed of traveling around the world at once.
Realize a panoramic view with a window frame
A decoration function that allows you to set virtual window frames such as wooden frames, submarine windows, and airplane windows. Previously, it was only supported when using one Atmoph Window 2, but now it can be set even when using panorama with three connected. You can experience the atmosphere of the landscape, which is different from before.
[Image 2d13724-54-1b870b3cd24529ba2f89-1.jpg&s3=13724-54-3c83081cc2de1a5adb48814ee6702d96-2600x1733.jpg
Equipped with a device lock to prevent erroneous operation
The device lock function, which has been requested by many people who use it in clinic waiting rooms and cafes, is finally installed. By registering a 4-digit PIN code, you can set the operation range of Atmoph Window 2, so you can use it safely when decorating your home, office or clinic with children.
[Image 3d13724-54-4064c501b312d03b3626-2.jpg&s3=13724-54-6e5eb63402bfe978ddc24fd0bdc26c1f-2600x1733.jpg
Get smarter with your Apple Watch
Atmoph Window 2 can now be operated with Apple Watch as well as with the dedicated remote control (Atmoph Remote) and smartphone app. You can use different operation methods depending on the occasion. [Image 4d13724-54-a5873b8286ad18777767-3.jpg&s3=13724-54-3a13665f3d305f58a2285f956ee1c8a2-2600x1733.jpg
What is Atmoph Window 2?
Atmoph Window 2 brings a sense of openness and healing time to your room with over 1,400 landscape images and realistic sounds shot by Atmoph in 4K/6K. When it was announced on the crowdfunding sites Indiegogo and Makuake in 2019, it received a total of 100 million yen in support.
As the demand for working from home increases, not only can you feel like you are traveling by looking at the scenery from the window, but you can also link with Google Calendar and use daily routine functions such as alerts on specific days and times. It has features that make your life easier.
In addition, Atmoph Window 2 performs software updates throughout the year as an “evolving window”. We have added a function that allows you to upload your own scenery, and in 2022, we will also release a gesture function using the camera module. We will continue to bring you new features and experiences.

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