atmos The second unique triple collaboration sneaker “atmos x Baby Star Ramen x Reebok CLUB C” is now available.

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The second unique triple collaboration sneaker “atmos x Baby Star Ramen x Reebok CLUB C” is now available.

This time, from the sneaker shop “atmos” that sends out to the world from Harajuku, the popular sweets that Oyatsu Company boasts, Baby Star Ramen and the unique triple collaboration sneaker with Reebok 2nd “atmos x Baby Star Ramen x Reebok CLUB C”. Appearance.
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This product is based on CLUB C, which was born as a tennis court shoe in 1985 and was known by the name Club Champion when it was first released.
Unlike the first version, the entire upper is decorated with noodle patterns. The characteristic side panel is engraved with the word Ramen in Reebok font, and the heel part is printed with Baby Star’s iconic characters “Hoshio-kun” and “Bei-chan” on the left and right. The insole has a logo symbolizing triple collaboration in the noodle pattern, and the design is full of baby star feeling. It is a special pair that is irresistible for sneaker lovers and Baby Star Ramen fans. [Image 2

This product will start accepting lotteries from Saturday, November 19, 2022, and will be sold online at atmos stores (excluding some stores) from Saturday, November 26, 2022.
[atmos x Baby Star Ramen x Reebok CLUB C lottery overview]
Lottery acceptance start November 19, 2022 (Sat) 9:00 ~ / Lottery acceptance end: November 25, 2022 (Fri) ~8:59
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ITEM : Reebok Club C atmos x BABY STAR
SIZE: 23cm~29cm, 30cm
PRICE: ¥14,300-(tax included)
[ABOUT atmos / BRAND URL:]
The name of the shop, “atmos,” comes from the word “atmosphere,” and we want it to be a shop that is as natural as the atmosphere. “atmos” opened a head shop in Harajuku, Tokyo in 2000. With the theme of sneakers as fashion, the store has a sneaker wall. We are
disseminating Tokyo’s sneaker culture to the world, including collaborations with national brands and exclusive models, as well as test launches and marketing of the latest products.
[ABOUT Oyatsu Company / OFFICIAL URL:] Creation of plenty of fun “snacks” and “dreams”
Baby Star Ramen was born from the idea of ​​eating ramen as it is. It has been supported by many children not only for its taste and price, but also for its interesting ideas. We, “Snack Company”, always strive to create “plenty and fun” snacks by providing fun “snacks” that are full of satisfaction and full of playfulness from the children’s point of view.
Reebok is an athletic lifestyle brand with a rich and historic fitness heritage dating back to 1895. Founded with athletic footwear that changed the direction of the sport, Reebok continues to introduce innovative products that move the industry forward, and today, Reebok offers high-quality, modern footwear for every activity, lifestyle and sport. provide style. We strive to provide opportunities, products and inspiration for all athletes, from professionals to enthusiasts, to reach their full potential.
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European text: atmos ▲ customer / Japanese text: atmos ▲ customer TEL: 03-6629-5075

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