Atre Co., Ltd. Japan’s largest cycling resort Play Atre Tsuchiura The 2nd and 3rd floors have been updated!

Atré Co., Ltd.
[Japan’s largest cycling resort Play Atre Tsuchiura] Updates on the 2nd and 3rd floors!

At “PLAYatre TSUCHIURA” (JR Tsuchiura Station Building / hereinafter referred to as Playatre Tsuchiura) operated by Atre Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiro Ichinose), the 3rd floor will be open on Friday, November 18, 2022. “Tully’s Coffee” will be newly opened. In addition, the second floor “NANAIRO Eat at Home! ] will introduce a new menu that offers a wide variety of products from Ibaraki Prefecture.
In the spring of 2023, the 2nd and 3rd floors will be updated more and more, such as the opening of the popular local ramen shop “Tokukyu Tori Soba Ryusuke”. Please look forward to future play atre Tsuchiura! 11/18 (Fri) Open at 9:00 3rd floor “Tully’s Coffee” [Cafe]

[Image 1

Tully’s Coffee Logo
[Image 2

Tully’s Coffee image
A specialty coffee shop where you can casually enjoy authentic espresso, hand-made one cup at a time, using carefully selected beans from all over the world and pursuing the highest quality. In addition to the collaboration cafe with the Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi on the 1st floor of Play Atre Tsuchiura, a new cafe will open on the 3rd floor.
Tully’s Coffee on the 3rd floor provides a study space for students and provides an environment where station users can spend their time comfortably.
≪Opening Commemorative Special Project≫
■ Grand opening commemorative bag
We will sell two types of special commemorative bags that include popular Tully’s Coffee products and drink tickets in limited quantities.
[Image 3

Tully’s Coffee Tully’s Honey
[Image 4

Tully’s Coffee Single Serve
■ Tully’s card deposit privilege campaign
We will hold a special campaign to present one Tully’s mini teddy when you deposit 2,000 yen on the Tully’s card.
2nd floor “NANAIRO Eat at Home!” [Restaurant] has a new menu featuring products from Ibaraki Prefecture.

[Image 5

Nanai Roit At Home logo
[Image 6

Nanai Roit At Home
[Image 7

[Image 8

Image of Abe Photo Studio
[Image 9

Abe photo image
On the 2nd floor, Nanai Roi At Home has been updated with a new menu featuring plenty of ingredients from Ibaraki Prefecture. We are waiting for you with a menu that you can enjoy not only for lunch and dinner, but also as a place to eat with your loved ones. In addition, the Abe Photo Gallery in the same area has also been renewed. The shooting area has been expanded, and you can now enjoy shooting in photo spots designed according to the season and photo areas with various tastes.
≪New menu example≫
■ Seafood platter
We have prepared a Western-style funamori with the motif of
Tsuchiura’s historical sailboat.
Depending on the season, fresh smelt and white fish caught in Lake Kasumigaura It will be included!
[Image 10

Nanai Roit At Home Carpaccio of Hitachi Beef from Ibaraki Prefecture Chop steak of Mirai pork from Ibaraki Prefecture
We have prepared a wild chopped steak from Okinawan Ajirei pork carefully raised with natural feed. By cooking it with the bone still attached, the umami is tightly contained and the finish is juicy. [Image 12

Nanai Roit At Home Mirai Pork Chop Steak
Spring 2023 “Special grade chicken soba Ryusuke” [Ramen] is open!

[Image 13d70988-117-4b3d5be905a16a48cc7f-9.jpg&s3=70988-117-75067d4c1803c56019fbba460d0e6df5-400x400.jpg
Special grade chicken soba Ryusuke logo
[Image 14d70988-117-f58de90c4108bb32d687-8.png&s3=70988-117-cf9c4c8731fa0fc7b2faa71a6c36f815-1964x1333.png
Special grade chicken soba Ryusuke dipping soba
The popular ramen restaurant “Special Grade Chicken Soba Ryusuke”, which has its main store in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, will open on the 3rd floor of Play Atre Tsuchiura in the spring of 2023. The only ramen shop in the prefecture with the concept of “chicken”. Thoroughly sticking to the deliciousness of chicken, we are proud of our soup made from pure chicken broth with no animal-based flavors other than chicken added, based on a rich white chicken soup that uses carefully selected ingredients. .
~ Details such as the opening date will be announced on the Play Atre Tsuchiura website ~
Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Tsuchiura “BEB Anglerfish Christmas” will be held again this year
[Image 15d70988-117-578299e85e3fa54d46e3-12.png&s3=70988-117-6b6895eb1d34d1ec6305e48bdda5541d-400x400.png
BEB5 Tsuchiura logo
[Image 16d70988-117-b639ff23ffae892ceb65-6.jpg&s3=70988-117-931397efa954aadfbfdd1ccf843d1730-1000x667.jpg
BEB5 Tsuchiura Anglerfish Christmas_main image
Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Tsuchiura, which offers an experience that is more than an izakaya but less than a trip, will open on December 2022. From 1 (Thursday) to 12/25 (Sunday), we will be holding a Christmas event “BEB Anglerfish Christmas” that will be full of winter flavors and anglerfish in Ibaraki Prefecture. This year, the “Anglerfish Christmas Tree” will be decorated with blue lights and glittering angler-shaped ornaments that have evolved to reflect the deep sea where the anglerfish live. In addition, we have prepared a new “Ankou Santa Cake” limited to this event with an anglerfish motif so that you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at the kotatsu. In the public space “TAMARIBA”, there will be “Ankou Kotatsu” where you can gather friends by light, and “Ankou Gacha” where you can get an original badge of ankou cuisine. Furthermore, it is an event where you can enjoy Christmas uniquely like Ibaraki.
≪BEB Anglerfish Christmas Overview≫
・ Period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 25, 2022 (Sunday) ・Fee: Free
・Venue: Hoshino Resort BEB5 Tsuchiura public space “TAMARIBA” ・Time: 24 hours
・ Target: Guests only
≪Play Atre Tsuchiura Facility Overview≫
・Store name: PLAYatre TSUCHIURA
・ Location: 1-30 Ariakecho, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture 300-0035 ・Number of floors: 1F underground, 6F above ground
・Structure: SRC construction, partly S construction
・Total floor area: Approximately 16,400 square meters
・ Number of shops: 16 shops (as of 2022/11/14)
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