Atsumaru Co., Ltd. How do growing companies hire? A must-see event for managers who are worried about hiring and educating current job hunters.

Atsumaru Co., Ltd.
[how do you hire a growing company? ] A must-see event for managers who are worried about hiring and educating current job hunters. We will introduce the secret to gathering “desired human resources” even in local small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Atsumaru Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yosuke Ishii) will hold an event for managers who are worried about hiring and employee training as follows.
-Do you have any problems? –
I feel that the number of highly motivated employees has decreased, perhaps due to the work style reforms…
I want to change the rutted organization!
What can management do to reduce hanging employees?
I want to be a company that is excited to take on challenges as a whole company! !
I want to grow the company to make employees happy.
That trouble…
In fact, it may be possible to improve by changing the recruitment of new graduates.
About “how to grow the company by hiring new graduates” that the managers of growing companies think,
I will talk about it in four parts.
1st lecture
-Latest information-Creating a rewarding organization and learning about the current recruiting market
Second course
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-The president talks about his management experience-In just one year, the number of new graduates’ briefings increased by 11 times! When I seriously tried to recruit new graduates, the company became 〇〇. Local Co., Ltd. CEO Yasuhiro Yoshinaga
Profile: 9 times sales in 6 years! A growing company that operates a regional revitalization marketing business in Kumamoto.
Third lecture
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Even though I’m a plumber, I adopted the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and former McKinsey!
Introducing the back side of the miracle recruitment
Oasis Lifestyle Group CEO Yuzo Sekiya
Profile: Despite being a plumber, he set up a tapioca milk tea boom Reiwa’s hit maker who made a big hit with work clothes “WWS” that look like suits.
4th lecture
[Image 4d69702-102-75e2be6bb2a5442d2273-3.png&s3=69702-102-26a91f6897657ad7d291693e7e8603c1-1080x1080.png
Great place to work No. 1 nationwide*
What did you do to create a company where employees work lively? Atsumaru Co., Ltd. President Yosuke Ishii
* 2022 edition of “Great Place to Work” ranking in Japan Small category


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