Audible, Inc. In 2022, “Audible” will increase the number of members by 32%. A year that was enjoyed by th e most people.

Audible, Inc.
In 2022, Audible will grow its membership by 32%. A year that was enjoyed by the most people.

2022 “Audible” TOPICS
・The number of members increased by 32%*1.
・Transition to flat-rate all-you-can-listen service. More than 120,000 contents are eligible for unlimited listening.
・Over 1 billion hours of Harry Potter listening time on Audible worldwide. ・The 10 works of Haruki Murakami will be made into audiobooks. Amazon Audible (hereafter, Audible), one of the world’s largest audiobook and audio content production and distribution services, has transitioned to an all-you-can-listen service from January 2022, with more than 120,000 works eligible for all-you-can-listen. This has been a factor in the increase in the number of members, and in 2022, the number of members will increase by 32% (from December 2021 to October 2022), and since the service started in Japan in 2015, the content will be the most popular. It’s been 1 years since I’ve been able to enjoy it.
The user base has also become more diverse, with a wide range of users ranging from male businessmen in their 20s to 40s, who used to be the main demographic, while commuting for the purpose of learning skills and self-development, to those who are enthusiastic about language learning and housewives. I also felt the spread. In addition to business books, titles such as novels, children’s literature, anime-related books, light novels, and foreign books are often listened to, and the use at home is also increasing.
The factors behind the strong performance of Audible in 2022 include the expansion of content that can only be heard on Audible, the commitment to audio-first works that deliver works by audio rather than books, and the collaboration with Japanese creators, actors, and voice actors. It is thought that “collaboration” was accepted by many people.
Users commented that Audible gave them more opportunities to come into contact with literature and novels, that they could listen to books while on the move or doing housework, and that they were able to use them meaningfully, and that Audible is an indispensable service for their daily lives. We received your voice. (From Coser Questionnaire) In addition, Audible is deployed in 10 countries around the world and has millions of users. In November, the total listening time of Harry Potter exceeded 1 billion hours on Audible around the world, making it a service loved in Japan and around the world.
We will tell you the latest trends of Audible users.
■ Main usage scenes of users
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Audible Country Manager Shima Osaka Comment
2022 has been a breakthrough year for Audible. With the shift to an all-you-can-listen service in January, Audible has become a more familiar presence for everyone, and many people are now able to enjoy audiobooks and podcasts through Audible. Globally, we expect audiobook users to grow further over the next year. Looking at Audible around the world, Japan is currently one of the fastest growing countries, so I believe that this trend, where audiobooks are starting to become popular in Japan, will continue to accelerate. . In order to make Audible even more beloved, we will continue to expand our appealing audiobook and podcast content and improve our services for our customers.
■ Changes in the number of members
From December 2021 to October 2022, membership increased by 32%. With the shift to all-you-can-listen services and changes in work styles and lifestyles in recent years, audio content is becoming more and more popular, and the number of users who enjoy it on a daily basis has increased.
[Image 2d36126-157-4e9fbddfed514f2b4855-1.jpg&s3=36126-157-f731cfe74196208c6796b3ce41f54cab-888x473.jpg
■ User trends in 2022
From January to November 2022, the total amount of time spent listening to Audible in Japan reached 3.72 million hours.
The average number of title downloads per person is 30 per year, and the growth rate of the number of works has doubled compared to 2021. ■ Content unique to Audible
1. About Haruki Murakami’s audiobooks
Audible is working on a project to make audiobooks of many of Haruki Murakami’s masterpieces. Starting with “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” read by Naoto Fujiki delivered in April 2022, “Novelist as a Profession” read by Yukiyoshi Ozawa, and “Hotaru, Barn Burning, etc.” read by Kenichi Matsuyama. “A short story”, “All God’s Children Dance” read by Taiga Nakano, “Tokyo Kitanshu” read by Issey Ogata, and “Kafka on the Shore” read by Yoshino Kimura have been well received. increase. In December of this year, Issei Takahashi will read aloud “Killing Commendatore”, which is scheduled to be distributed. You will be able to enjoy 10 audiobooks.
[Image 3d36126-157-d896bb9249b852ea0c7b-2.jpg&s3=36126-157-eeb80d448f41e6b010f77272bec89768-883x164.jpg
2. “Audio first work” that delivers the work with audio before the book “Audio First” is a new initiative with publishers based on the concept of “challenging the possibilities of audio.” An original work written for Audible will be pre-delivered as an audiobook and then published as a book. We aim to revitalize the publishing industry by creating opportunities to touch works beyond the boundaries of media. In 2021, Mieko Kawakami’s “Haru no Kowaimono” will be released. In October 2022, a collection of short stories by 9 young Asian authors including Sayaka Murata will be released. Sumi no Yurameki” is distributed. In the future, works by Hideo Aiba, Ishin Nishio, and Natsue Shiomi have been decided, and we are proceeding with projects with many publishers.
3. “Podcasts” boasting many Audible-only distributions
Audible distributes podcasts in many genres, including summaries of business books, the latest news, economics, comedy, rakugo, English conversation, yoga, and other healing topics, and many are also available for limited distribution.
“Journey to the origin with Anne” where actor Anne traces the origin of things, “Matthew’s Matthew Matthew Minami Room” where “Lifestyle Artist” Matthew Minami gives a valuable talk, Doki Doki Camp Sato Mitsuharu “Sato and Wakabayashi no 3600” by Mr. and Audrey Masayasu Wakabayashi, and “Pleasant Intelligence” by voice producer Takafumi Nomura are gaining popularity.
About Audible
It is the world’s largest audio entertainment service that allows you to easily enjoy audio content anytime, anywhere. We have a wide range of audiobooks read by professional narrators, actors and voice actors, and premium podcasts with a variety of news and comedy. With the membership plan for Japan, you can enjoy unlimited listening to over 120,000 eligible works as a member benefit. Not only can you change the playback speed and play offline on your smartphone, but it also supports Amazon Echo and Alexa-equipped devices.
Currently, the service is available in 10 countries around the world (US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Italy, Canada, India, and West). As a pioneer of audio entertainment, we continue to challenge the possibilities, such as releasing books at the same time and producing original content.
*1 Increase in membership from December 2021 to October 2022

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