Audible, Inc. Shion Miura’s new feature “Sumi no Yurameki” written by Audible is available today

Audible, Inc.
Shion Miura’s new feature “Sumi no Yurameki” written by Audible, available today Audio First Project Vol.3

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Amazon Audible (hereinafter referred to as Audible), the world’s largest audiobook and audio content production and distribution service, will be distributing Shion Miura’s new feature “Sumi no Yurameki” from November 17th.
“Sumi no Yurameki” is a completely new audio-first work written by Naoki Prize-winning author Shion Miura. “Audio first work” is a new initiative by Audible and publishers that goes beyond the boundaries of media, and is a work that is published as a book after being delivered as an audio book. “Sumi no Yurameki”, which will be distributed this time, is also an original novel that can now be enjoyed only on Audible. This work is a joint project with Shinchosha, and the book is scheduled to be released in 2023.
A methodical hotel man and a rough and cheerful calligrapher, two men with completely different personalities meet, and by chance they end up writing letters on their behalf. Please enjoy the human drama that will make you laugh and come slowly on Audible.
[Comment from Shion Miura]
I thought about what kind of subject would be suitable for reading aloud, so I chose “characters”. “Characters” (with the exception of Braille, etc.) are basically things that are visually recognized. I thought it would be interesting if the story about “characters”, which is visual information, was expressed only by voice.
I don’t know if the plan went well, but personally, I listened intently, forgetting that I had written the sentences, as the scenes came to my mind through the audio and I burst out laughing. I would appreciate it if you could enjoy it too.
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【Detailed explanation】
Author: Shion Miura
Narrator: Takahiro Sakurai
Chikara Tsuzuki, who works at a small hotel, goes to Kaoru Toda, who runs a calligraphy class in town, to ask her to write an address for a customer’s farewell party. visit. Toda is a man who seems to have a past, but he has the skill to freely write various handwritings. With Tsuzuku coming up with the text and Toda writing it down, the two will start a letter writing business together.
About the author
Shion Miura
Born in Tokyo. Debuted in 2000 with “To the Fighter”.
2006 Naoki Prize for Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken, 2012 Bookstore Grand Prize for Weaving a Boat, 2015 Oda Sakunosuke Prize for Four Women Who Live in That House, 2019 for Nonohana Tsushin Received the Shimasei Love Literature Award, the Hayao Kawai Story Award, and the Botanical Society of Japan Special Award in 2019 for Ainaki Sekai. Many of his novels, such as “Kaze ga Tsuyoshi Fuiteiru”, have been made into movies, animations, and stage plays, all of which have been
well-received. His essays on classical performing arts, reading, personal life, and how to write novels are also extremely popular. About audio-first works
“Audio First” is a new initiative with publishers based on the concept of “challenging the possibilities of audio.” An original work written for Audible will be pre-delivered as an audiobook and then published as a book. We aim to revitalize the publishing industry by creating opportunities to touch works beyond the boundaries of media. In 2021, Mieko Kawakami’s “Haru no Kowaimono” will be distributed, and in October 2022, a collection of short stories by nine young Asian writers, including Sayaka Murata, will be distributed. In the future, works by Hideo Aiba, Ishin Nishio, and Natsue Shiomi have been decided.
About Audible
It is the world’s largest audio entertainment service that allows you to easily enjoy audio content anytime, anywhere. We have a wide range of audiobooks read by professional narrators, actors and voice actors, and premium podcasts with a variety of news and comedy. With the membership plan for Japan, you can enjoy unlimited listening to over 120,000 eligible works as a member benefit. Not only can you change the playback speed and play offline on your smartphone, but it also supports Amazon Echo and Alexa-equipped devices.
Currently, the service is available in 10 countries around the world (US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Italy, Canada, India, and West). As a pioneer of audio entertainment, we continue to challenge the possibilities, such as releasing books at the same time and producing original content.

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