Austrian Embassy Commercial Department International Environmental Award “Energy Globe Country Award 2022: Japan” Sustainable agriculture using film farming method (IMEC (R)) won

Austrian Embassy Commercial Section
International Environmental Award “Energy Globe Country Award 2022: Japan” Sustainable agriculture using film farming method (IMEC (R)) won

“Sustainable agriculture by film farming method” submitted by Mebiol Co., Ltd. was selected as the 2022 Japan award project in the country category of the ENERGY GLOBE Award, an international environmental award established in Austria. rice field.
Energy Globe Country Award 2022: Japan
Award-Winning Project: Sustainable Agriculture Using Film Farming Award-winning company: Mebiol Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Yoshioka) [Image 1

Mebiol Co., Ltd. has developed an unprecedented film farming method (IMEC (R)) using a newly developed hydrogel film that plays the role of soil and water. This film absorbs water and fertilizer, but eliminates bacteria and viruses, so the crops growing on the film will not be infected. In addition, the water in the hydrogel film is difficult for plants to absorb, and plants produce sugars and amino acids in order to absorb this water through osmotic pressure. As a result, even people without farming experience can easily produce tomatoes with high sugar content. In addition, the structure is isolated from the ground with a water stop sheet, so there is no water loss, and agriculture is possible even in the desert or on land polluted with heavy metals.
Imec (R) film is currently incinerated after use, but since it does not contain chlorine, it does not generate dioxins, which are considered harmful to the environment. It also has the properties of being soluble in hot water and biodegradable, so it is expected to be used in the future as an environmentally friendly and sustainable material.
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Reason for award
Imec (Intelligent Membrane Culture), an unprecedented agricultural technology, offers solutions to the problems facing agriculture today. Imec, developed by Mebiol Co., Ltd., eliminates the need for time-consuming work such as soil preparation and watering, making it possible for people without expertise to grow high-quality crops without water loss.
This innovative agricultural solution was highly evaluated and received the award.
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Energy Globe Country Award 2022: Following the announcement of Japan, the Austrian Embassy Commercial Section will award this project on November 24th.
[Energy Globe Award]
The ENERGY GLOBE Award is an international award (annual) established in 1999 by Wolfgang Neumann from Oberosterreich, Austria, to recognize outstanding environmental projects. The Energy Globe Award is the most important environmental award that has received high praise worldwide, and every year, applications for sustainable environmental projects are submitted from all over the world.
The International ENERGY GLOBE Awards / World Awards consist of five categories: EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR, and YOUTH, and the world’s best environmental projects in each category are commended. In 2007, the National (country) ENERGY GLOBE Awards were established to award the best environmental projects on a national basis.
Message from Energy Globe Foundation
Around the world, people are committed to solving some of the most pressing environmental problems of our time: resource scarcity, air and water pollution, erosion, climate change, and dependence on fossil fuels. Although such solutions are readily available, precedents are often lacking. The Energy Globe Awards give such projects a voice and encourage them to develop their own innovative solutions by exposing them to the wider public.
The Energy Globe Award is one of the world’s most important
environmental awards, with applications received from more than 180 countries. Projects are submitted from all over the world, from small and simple initiatives to large high-end projects. The Energy Globe National Awards are published at in collaboration with UNIDO. All the world’s winners have in common that the environment is protected by actions, not words. And we understand that everyone can contribute to it.
The Energy Globe Award 2023 is calling for sustainable projects from all over the world.
Please see for details and application form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Energy Globe Foundation at 0043 7617 31010, The deadline for applications for the Energy Globe Award 2023 is February 14, 2023. [Mebiol Co., Ltd.]
Mebiol has applied membrane and hydrogel technology developed for medical use to agriculture, and has developed a sustainable
agricultural technology (IMEC (R)) that produces safe and highly nutritious agricultural products ahead of the world.
In Japan, the high-quality tomato production business with high profitability by Imec (R) is in full swing. Overseas, it is expected to be a solution to food shortages due to water shortages and soil degradation due to global warming, and has begun to be deployed in the Middle East, China, Africa, Europe, and other countries.
Mebiol is a fabless company focused on research and development. The main source of revenue is royalty income based on patents for Imec (R) technology, which has been applied for in 127 countries around the world and has already been registered in more than 120 countries. URL:
[ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Tokyo (Austrian Embassy Commercial Section)] As a trade agency of the Austrian Federal Office of Industry (WKO), which has about 100 offices in more than 70 countries around the world, we provide a wide range of support for the business activities of Austrian companies operating outside Austria and partner companies with Austria.
As an organization that represents Austria’s economy, we participate in various events and exhibitions to introduce Austria’s outstanding products, technologies, and services to the Japanese public. The Austrian Federal Institute of Industry and the Austrian Embassy’s commercial affairs department are promoting the global spread of Austrian environmental technology and renewable energy, and are active as official supporters of the Energy Globe Award.
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