Authorized NPO Hometown Return Support Center Real event for the first time in 3 years! Know, feel, and exp erience! Gunma Matsuri in Tokyo “All Gunma Immigration Fair 2022” will be held in Tokyo on November 20th!

Certified NPO Hometown Return Support Center
[Real held for the first time in 3 years! ] Know, feel, and
experience! Gunma Matsuri in Tokyo “All Gunma Immigration Fair 2022” will be held in Tokyo on November 20th!

This is an event where you can consult about moving to Gunma Prefecture with a total of 35 consultation booths from 27
municipalities and 8 related organizations in Gunma Prefecture. There is also a corner where you can experience the culture of Gunma Prefecture. The first 200 pairs will receive a gift of “apples” from Gunma Prefecture.
The “Authorized NPO Hometown Return Support Center”, which supports migration in cooperation with local governments nationwide for 20 years, will hold the Gunma Prefecture migration event “All Gunma Migration Fair 2022” on Sunday, November 20, 2022. However, as interest in relocating to rural areas increases, we will promote relocation to Gunma Prefecture and create related populations. [Image 2d80953-16-08e9c21f070773289693-0.jpg&s3=80953-16-81e7fafdf2555c148666d780f3c15a6d-640x427.jpg
Background of the event
According to the Hometown Return Support Center, an estimated 3.09 million people living in the metropolitan area of ​​1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures are interested in moving to rural areas, and more than half of them are in their 20s to 40s in their prime and raising children. increase. (From 2021 survey)
On the other hand, Gunma Prefecture is ranked 5th in 2021 in the center’s ranking of desirable migration destinations, and has become a popular migration destination in recent years due to its rich natural environment and good access to the city center.
Therefore, for those who are considering moving to Gunma Prefecture, who live in the metropolitan area, and those who are not yet thinking about moving specifically, but are interested in living in rural areas, Gunma Prefecture is more familiar. “Know, feel, and experience! Gunma Matsuri in Tokyo All Gunma Migration Fair 2022” will be held in Yurakucho, Tokyo.
Event overview
Title: “All Gunma Emigration Fair 2022”
Date and time: Sunday, November 20, 2022 11:00-16:00
Venue: Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 12th Floor Cattleya Salon A
(In front of Yurakucho Station, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Organizer: Gunma Prefecture
Co-sponsored by Authorized NPO Hometown Return Support Center Participation fee: Free (no reservation required, but advance reservation for consultation is possible from the website)
Event official website: Know Gunma! Experience corner
1) “Takasaki Daruma Painting Experience”
Takasaki Daruma, a traditional craft of Gunma Prefecture, has been produced mainly in Toyooka Town, Takasaki City for more than 200 years. The face, which is the most distinctive feature of Takasaki Daruma, has a “crane on the eyebrows” and a “tortoise on the mustache”. In Japan, it is said that cranes live for a thousand years and turtles live for ten thousand years. This time, you can experience painting with Hirohisa Imai, the representative of the Imai Daruma store NAYA, as a lecturer. (Reservation required)
[Image 2d80953-16-08e9c21f070773289693-0.jpg&s3=80953-16-81e7fafdf2555c148666d780f3c15a6d-640x427.jpg
2) Jomo Karuta Experience
Jomo Karuta is a local karuta of Gunma Prefecture, which was published in 1947 (Showa 22). Children in Gunma Prefecture use their winter vacations to practice hard in preparation for the tournament held in February every year. This time, we welcome Kiyoshi Tamura, a Jomo Karuta researcher and chairman of the Japan Jomo Karuta Association, and Shun Watanabe, Representative Director of the General Incorporated Association KING OF JMK, which hosts adult Jomo Karuta tournaments, as readers. increase.
[Image 3d80953-16-e571784f9e87a9273ac0-2.jpg&s3=80953-16-d0ca125080de38930cd3b43010a2c3ff-640x427.jpg

3) “Experience making chopsticks using wood from Gunma Prefecture” Kaoru Saito, from Ueno Village, Gunma Prefecture, who works on handmade crafts while valuing local forests, will be invited as a lecturer to hold a chopstick-making workshop using materials from the prefecture.
[Image 4d80953-16-f5f7c75f761ad19ac602-1.jpg&s3=80953-16-1b187fe02ba91ecc7ce0245f4c6ea405-640x427.jpg

Experience program schedule
Takasaki Dharma Painting Experience
1. 11:30-12:00 2. 12:20-12:50 *Reservation required, 15 groups each. Mr. Imai, the representative of the Imai Daruma store NAYA, which has been in business for 90 years, is invited as a lecturer, and you can try painting a Takasaki Daruma doll!
You can take home the daruma you made as a souvenir.
-Takasaki daruma painting experience Reservations can be made here
Jomo Karuta Experience
1.13:20-14:10 2.14:30-15:20 (You can participate without a reservation) *Scheduled to be held several times during each time slot
The best way to learn about Gunma is Jomo Karuta!
Experience the Gunma love of the people of Gunma while having fun learning with Mr. Tamura, the chairman of the Japan Jomo Karuta Association!
Experience making chopsticks using wood from Gunma Prefecture 11:00-16:00 Required time: about 30 minutes (you can participate without a reservation)
This is a workshop for making chopsticks by “Gunma Green Tourism”. Connect with Gunma! Consultation corner
The immigration officers and immigration coordinators from 27 municipalities in Gunma Prefecture have gathered!
You can listen to and compare the characteristics and systems of each region, and hear directly from the person in charge on the spot about gimon related to immigration.
If you would like to make an advance reservation, please apply from -Reservation for individual consultation- on each municipality page on the site.
* Advance reservations can be accepted until 11/18 (Fri) 23:59. For subsequent reservations, please come directly to the venue. Also, if you want to know what kind of area/municipalities are in Gunma Prefecture, or if you want to know about Gunma Prefecture as a whole, please come to the general window (Gunma Living Support Center).
The immigration counselor will carefully support you and guide you to the perfect area for you.
[Image 5d80953-16-6b831d40ea842532e77f-9.jpg&s3=80953-16-39450201b26a3de6c50cea1a7b87aa56-912x684.jpg
In addition, in the seminar program, a senior immigrant who moved to Gunma Prefecture because he liked “Gunma’s Nature” and “Jomo Karuta” will talk about a lifestyle that can only be realized with Gunma. [Image 6d80953-16-e075c45734000dfa78f6-8.jpg&s3=80953-16-08d9acf1485636a8b72dd2dd25ad02c5-640x427.jpg
For those who visit us on the day, we have prepared a special gift from Gunma Prefecture.
Gift 1
\ The first 200 groups will receive a gift of “apples” from Gunma Prefecture! / For those who come to the venue on the day of the event, we will present two types of apples (Gunma Meigetsu and Fuji) from Gunma Prefecture on a first-come, first-served basis!
[Image 7d80953-16-c87a988fe6529864ace6-6.jpg&s3=80953-16-9d30ce682c65eef2a5f8249bf76018c0-581x202.jpg
Present 2
\ Visitors will receive gifts by participating in the stamp rally / For those who consulted at a total of 3 or more immigration
consultation booths at the venue on the day, we will present a popular product from Gunma Prefecture’s antenna shop “Gunma-chan’s House” without exception! Enjoy what you can get on the day♪
Exhibiting municipalities/organizations
The person in charge of immigration and the immigration coordinator of 27 municipalities in Gunma Prefecture will respond to your
Central area
Isesaki City, Maebashi City, Shibukawa City, Shinto Village, Tamamura Town (online exhibition)
Agatsuma area
Tsumagoi village, Nakanojo town, Takayama village, Kusatsu town western area
Fujioka City, Kanna Town, Minamimaki Village, Shimonita Town, Ueno Village, Annaka City, Takasaki City, Tomioka City
eastern area
Midori City, Oizumi Town, Showa Town, Itakura Town, Chiyoda Town, Tatebayashi City, Kiryu City
Tone Numata area
Numata City, Minakami Town, Showa Village
Exhibitor group
Various groups of the Gunma Prefectural Office will guide you on systems and support that are useful for immigration.
Gunma Prefectural Enterprise Bureau, Gunma Prefectural Office Forestry Promotion Section, Gunma Prefectural Rural Development Section, Gunma Prefectural Welfare Human Resources Center, Gunma Prefectural Labor Policy Section, Future Investment and Digital Industry Section, Regional Enterprise Support Section, Agricultural Administration Department Agricultural Structure Policy Section
About Authorized NPO Hometown Return Support Center
In order to support people who want to live in rural areas and deepen exchanges with local communities, we provide information on
immigration in cooperation with about 500 local governments
nationwide. Counselors from each prefecture are stationed at all times to provide consultation based on specific local information such as living, work, and child-rearing environments, send users to areas that match their desired rural lifestyle, and provide follow-up after migration. I’m here.
Official name: Specified non-profit corporation One Million People’s Hometown Return/Circulation Movement Promotion/Support Center Location: 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 8F Representative: President Takahashi Takahashi
Established: November 2002

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