Authorized NPO New Start Secretariat Pilgrimage Relay Shikoku Pilgrimage Connected by Accommodations Pilgrimage lodgings and locals go on pilgrimages in a relay format with prayers for the end of the corona virus. You can watch the full schedule

Authorized NPO New Start Secretariat
[Pilgrimage Relay Shikoku Pilgrimage Connected by Accommodations] Prayers for the convergence of COVID-19, pilgrim inns and locals go on a pilgrimage in a relay format. You can watch the full schedule video on YouTube!
New start secretariat management “Pilgrimage House Shikoku 88” project, announcement of all videos released

Kobo Daishi Kukai’s training path, Shikoku pilgrimage. Due to the corona crisis, it has become difficult to move between prefectures, and the number of pilgrims has decreased sharply. Therefore, we planned a relay-style pilgrimage by local people who support the pilgrimage, such as pilgrim inns, with a prayer for the end of the corona. The situation was posted on YouTube little by little, but this time the video of the last day of the relay has been released. You can see the trajectory of 37 days from the 1st temple in Tokushima to the 88th temple in Kagawa and visiting Koyasan.
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The number of pilgrims who have decreased due to the corona crisis The Shikoku Pilgrimage is a pilgrimage to 88 places in Shikoku that are related to Kobo Daishi Kukai (temples called Fudasho). In ancient times, it originated from the practice of Buddhist monks. Since the Edo period, it has spread to the general public and has taken root as a local culture that transcends the framework of religion. With a history of 1200 years, it is one of the cultures that Japan boasts to the world.
Spain is home to the world-famous Camino de Santiago, a Christian pilgrimage route. In recent years, many people have learned about the existence of the Shikoku Pilgrimage during the Camino Pilgrimage, and the number of Europeans who come to Japan mainly for the Shikoku Pilgrimage is increasing.
The Japan Tourism Agency also has high hopes that it will be a tourism resource that will lead to the creation of inbound demand, and in 2015 it was designated as one of the first seven trips recommended for foreigners designated by the government.
However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, it has become difficult to move across prefectures. Naturally, pilgrims are rarely seen, and the number of worshipers in the spring season of 2020 has decreased by 90% compared to normal.
A relay pilgrimage by the people of the pilgrim lodging
The New Start Secretariat is an organization that supports the independence of hikikomori and NEET young people. Since 2003, as part of our support, we have held a project to take young people on pilgrimages almost every year. Pilgrimages have the power to revive the minds and bodies of young people who have withdrawn from their lives.
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The decrease in pilgrim lodgings was a major problem in the quest for the continuation of the pilgrimage culture every year. Therefore, we launched a project called Ohenro House Shikoku 88, a pilgrim lodging network, and in 2016 we opened the first Ohenro House and a
reservation site with English so that foreigners and young people can easily use it.
We held a project [Pilgrimage Relay Shikoku Pilgrimage Connected by Accommodations] in which local people, mainly the people of this pilgrimage house, carried out a relay-style pilgrimage with a payment book and a vajra cane instead of a baton. This is a project where you can pray for the end of the corona virus and learn about the current situation of pilgrims and pilgrim inns during the corona crisis. After collecting support through crowdfunding, the 1st Fudasho will start on October 17, 2020. On December 3rd of the same year, he prayed at the 88th Fudasho, and on December 4th, he visited Mt. Koya and successfully completed his wish. The state of the relay is little by little, but the video has been released on the pilgrim house YouTube channel.
An opportunity to learn about the Shikoku Pilgrimage
This time, the video of the main part of the pilgrimage relay and the final day has been released. The 37-day journey has become 47 videos, including the first and second parts.
There are a lot of scenes that were born only because of this project, such as guidance unique to locals, old pilgrimage routes, encounters with acquaintances everywhere you go, and new connections when passing the baton from inn to inn.
A pilgrim staying in a tent said, “I saw the video and decided to stay overnight at the pilgrim’s inn.” We received comments from the lodging staff, such as, “Because of that, I was able to become friends with the people in the previous and next lodgings.”
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In addition, the New Start Secretariat is currently working on a project called “Hikikomori Pilgrimage,” in which young people who have withdrawn themselves from the world go on a pilgrimage. This is scheduled to arrive at the 88th bill place of the goal on November 23rd.
Click here for Hikikomori Pilgrimage Journey (goo blog)
This autumn, I have the impression that the pilgrims have finally returned a little. There are many pilgrim inns that have closed down due to the corona disaster. First of all, we aim to expand the number of pilgrim houses in order to improve pilgrim accommodations. We will continue to do our best to convey the pilgrimage culture and its “value”, “attractiveness” and “power”. Please try to experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage from this video.
Click here for a video of the pilgrimage relay (Ohenro House YouTube channel) About the certified NPO corporation New Start Secretariat
For more than 25 years since 1994, we have supported the independence of young people such as NEETs and withdrawals, based on the philosophy of “opening up families.”
To date, we have supported more than 1,600 people.
Nationwide visit support (Rental sister (R)), shared dormitory (currently 30 people in their 20s to 40s enrolled), “NEET Festival” to think about new ways of living and working, “Pilgrimage” We are active in a wide range of activities, including the operation of House Shikoku 88.
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