Automatic Will Creation Site ~ Exceeded 1,500 cases of will creation by “Will AI”

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Automatic Will Creation Site ~ Exceeded 1,500 cases of will creation by “Will AI”
The number of wills created on the free-of-charge automatic will creation site, which is operated and cooperated by GK Valyu (Location: Ota-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takashi Oka), has surpassed 1,500.
Jointly developed by Value LLC and Takashi Oka Administrative Scrivener Office, the number of wills created on the automatic will creation site, which was launched on April 28, 2022, will increase as of November 21, 2022. We have exceeded 1,500 cases since the service started.
Will AI development background
The need to create a will for inheritance measures is increasing year by year. Many elderly people use their smartphones to find out how to solve problems related to wills and inheritance. Since there is a demand for a service that allows you to create a will even on your smartphone, we have developed “Will AI” in collaboration with Takashi Oka Administrative Scrivener Office. Since the service started on April 28, 2022, the number of wills created has exceeded 1,500 as of today.
Features of Will AI Service
Easy-to-use UI – The main target of the “Will AI” is the elderly. It is an age when even the elderly browse the Internet on a daily basis, but sites and apps with fine print are difficult to understand and are avoided. Regardless of whether it is a computer or a smartphone, you can automatically output a PDF of your will by answering questions on a simple website that focuses on easy-to-understand UI.
Create a legally valid will – “Will AI” is not a so-called electronic will, but Takashi Oka administrative scrivener office provides support so that it will be a valid will as a document. We offer notarized deed services at an affordable price.
Flow of using Will AI
“Will AI” is a website that does not require login or membership registration. Enter the information of the testator, heirs, and property, AI will propose property division, select the property division method, and then the draft will will be automatically output in PDF.
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