Autumn 2022 “Survey on children’s cram schools and learning environments” will be released

Eole Co., Ltd.
Autumn 2022 “Survey on children’s cram schools and learning
environments” will be released
~ 1 in 3 elementary school students go to cram school! Investigating the awareness of parents

Eole Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaru Tomizuka, hereinafter referred to as Eole) has announced that 305 child-rearing households with elementary school children using the group communication service “Raku-Raku Communication Network” operated by the Company. We conducted a questionnaire on “children’s learning environment”.
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After the educational reform in 2020, many people may be considering various new lessons such as programming and English conversation. The “Raku-Raku Communication Network” operated by eole is a communication network tool used by 7 million people (*as of July 7, 2022) as a communication network for groups such as PTA and lessons. This time, we conducted a questionnaire targeting users who have children of elementary school age or younger.
Survey outline
Survey target: Housewives nationwide using “Raku-Raku Contact Network” Survey period: October 13, 2022 to October 28, 2022
Survey method: Internet survey
Number of valid responses: 305 samples
*Since the composition ratio of the survey results is rounded off to the second decimal place, the total does not necessarily add up to 100.
Q1. What is your child’s school year? (n=305)
[Image 2d30850-120-b0b8adbf5ab058bae1bf-1.png&s3=30850-120-6c0810e91e8da8a82975c5349110a83b-2124x1628.png
Q2. Please tell us what your child attends/uses outside of school (multiple answers allowed/n=305)
[Image 3d30850-120-07c2e6481b492c424c9c-2.png&s3=30850-120-ae2bcf585b4d41f2e2689384f789e5c4-2234x932.png
Regarding learning outside of school, most people attended cram schools, followed by correspondence courses and other study textbooks. In particular, 36.1% of respondents attended cram schools, meaning that more than one in three people attended cram schools. In addition, 13.4% of respondents said that they use free tools such as YouTube, but 10.2% use paid online learning tools, which is one in 10 people. It became clear that there is
Q3. Please tell me how long you study outside of school for a week. (including cram schools, home tutors, and distance learning; n=305) [Image 4d30850-120-3b535ab7da8583d1c2cf-3.png&s3=30850-120-e8cb0ecbd6b4c8e8d6cea5f92a938f40-592x530.png
More than 70% of students spent less than 5 hours studying outside of school. There seems to be a big difference in study time depending on whether or not you are attending a cram school.
Voices of people who go to cram school
Q4. When did you start attending cram school? (n=110)
[Image 5d30850-120-d1915ce9615405b6583d-4.png&s3=30850-120-06f5692eedc84b07420c7bf92c9becff-3496x2182.png
Q5. How many times a week do you go to cram school? (n=110)
[Image 6d30850-120-722a1a4fd2908175fe25-10.png&s3=30850-120-f9b3953a311b817646887ea3381523a9-1123x414.png
We conducted a questionnaire about cram schools for those who answered “cram school” in Q2. The timing of starting to attend a cram school was the highest in the first semester of the first grade. Many students want their children to get accustomed to learning outside of school at an early stage after entering elementary school, and 35.6% of first-year elementary school students go to school more than three times a week, which is higher than other grades. I also understand. Left figure Q6. Please tell me the lesson format of the cram school (n=110) Figure on the right Q7. How did you find out about the cram school you are currently attending?
[Image 7d30850-120-fa71e65d0e18c6a67a4e-6.png&s3=30850-120-3d928d679d8af37855c85fe22ae23b21-1017x447.png
Q8. Please tell us why you chose the cram school you are currently attending (n=110)
[Image 8d30850-120-255696ee12f3266edb51-7.png&s3=30850-120-1e0e10a1cf958f3902dea87286ffe8c6-3772x1525.png
More than half of the cram school classes choose group learning. Also, in Q7, it can be read that 1 in 5 people get the opportunity to learn about cram schools through word of mouth. Also, regarding the decisive factor for choosing a cram school in Q8, next to the easy-to-commute location, “children liked it” received a large number of votes. The result shows that it is very important for parents to have an environment where children can learn positively.
■ Voices of people who do not attend cram schools
Q9. Please tell me the reason why you do not go to cram school. (n=195) [Image 9d30850-120-a85c9740b4476b688553-9.png&s3=30850-120-23489d91b0c17782ae03c47d83b06ebc-1021x458.png
When I asked people who did not go to cram schools why, they said, “It’s not the right time yet” and “I want them to use their time for things other than studying.” , I have seen how they value their time and experiences other than studying. In addition, 10.3% of respondents said, “I’m not sure which cram school is good.” It became clear that 1 in 10 people are positively considering cram schools.
■ What is “Raku-raku Communication Network”?
The “Raku-Raku Communication Network” operated by eole is Japan’s largest mailing list service with 7 million people registered in 390,000 organizations (*as of July 7, 2022). Approximately 22% of the groups are related to education and schools, and are widely used by parents with children for purposes such as PTA and school
communication networks.
In addition, on the “Raku-Raku Contact Network”, you can conduct questionnaire surveys for specific target groups, including those of the child-rearing generation. We support companies’ “marketing and recruiting targeting the child-rearing generation” by conducting promoted questionnaires that encourage understanding of products and targeting emails. If you are interested, please contact us below. URL:
Other survey results and more detailed analysis results are included in the white paper below. You can download it for free, so please take advantage of it.
In addition, the Raku-Raku Contact Network proposes promotions aimed at specific target groups, such as families and university students. We support corporate marketing by conducting promoted questionnaires that encourage understanding of products in questionnaires, targeting emails, etc. If you are interested, please contact us below. URL:
【Company Profile】
■ Company name: Eole Co., Ltd.
■ Head office location: 4F, ​​RONDO Nihonbashi Building, 6-16 Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0003
■ Representative: Yu Tomizuka, President and CEO
■ Established: April 25, 2001
■ Capital: 773.28 million yen *As of September 30, 2022
■Number of employees: 78 *As of September 30, 2022
■Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market (Securities Code: 2334) ■ Business description:
Operation of various services for PCs and smartphones
(“Raku-raku Communication Network”, “Raku-raku Communication”, “Raku-raku Part-time Job”)
Development and provision of ad technology product “pinpoint” Development and provision of the operational job advertisement platform “HR Ad Platform”
Internet advertising business
Sales promotion business
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