Autumn FUN OUT! PARK FUJI On November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday), you can enjoy the local wild game while feeling nature. !Determine the details of the course!

Amuse Inc.
Autumn FUN OUT! PARK FUJI On November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday), you can enjoy the local wild game while feeling nature. !Determine the details of the course!

Amuse Co., Ltd. (head office: 997 Saiko, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture; Representative Director: Masaki Nakanishi), a general entertainment company, has set up a camping field inside the Fuji Subaru Land family theme park surrounded by nature in Yamanashi Prefecture. FUN OUT! PARK FUJI
( One-day limited event “Restaurant at the foot of Mt. Fuji with all five senses”, course content decided, day camp option added I was.
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“FUN OUT! PARK FUJI” is popular as a vast camping field where you can enjoy Fuji Subaru Land during the day, and enjoy the moonlit Mt. Fuji and the starry sky at night. On November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday), FUN OUT! PARK FUJI’s Star Shade Tent will be transformed into an outdoor restaurant.
Mr. Masaya Toyoshima, the owner and chef of Gibier French restaurant “TOYOSHIMA”, is open for one day only. It would be held.
Along with a course lunch by Mr. Toyoshima, who calls himself a “food hunter,” what is gibier? Why is it so popular in Yamanashi? We will provide knowledge about gibier and the value of life in the form of a talk live. Furthermore, in the course that includes a walk through the sea of ​​trees, you can enjoy a special lunch with all five senses by learning about the blessings of the sea of ​​trees that spread out at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
▼ Outline of “Restaurant at the foot of Mt.Fuji to enjoy with five senses” [Image 2

[“A restaurant at the foot of Mt.Fuji to enjoy with all five senses”] Chef Masaya Toyoshima was awarded the “Terroir Award” at “Gault & Millau 2022″. Gault & Millau is a French restaurant guidebook published in 1972. Japan is the only country in the Asian region to expand.
In addition to guiding high-quality chefs, ingredients, and services, terroir means land and regionality in French. “”A chef or producer who respects the local climate, ingredients, and the culture that has been nurtured, and aspires with conviction to convey the culture of the area and the thoughts of the creators through cooking and ingredients. A one-day limited course lunch by Teshima chef, which was awarded as ‘ ‘. You can have a special experience that you can feel and enjoy with your five senses that you cannot experience anywhere else.
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[About wine]
This time, we are offering Yamanashi wine that goes well with wild game selected by Mr. Takayuki Okuwaki of Toraya Liquor. Toraya Liquor is a famous store with a reputation for a wide selection of wines from almost all wineries in Yamanashi Prefecture, including rare Yamanashi wines. We also provide wine lists for facilities and restaurants. On the day of the event, Mr. Okuwaki will also come and talk a lot about wine. Please enjoy the marriage of food and wine with all five senses.
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[Course content]
・Deer jerky
・Fujinosuke Forest Smoked
・ Venison pot-au-feu
・Roasted Venison with Nut Berry Sauce
·mushroom rice
[Walking in the Sea of ​​Trees (*Walking course only)]
A walk through the sea of ​​trees led by Mr. Atsuaki Sato, a special guide who knows everything about the Hokuroku area. Not only can you feel the breath of animals while visiting deer footprints, wild boar footprints, and places where they drink and bathe, but you can also learn about the formation of the sea of ​​trees that spreads out at the foot of Mt. Fuji and the biodiversity there. , Use random things you find while exploring the sea of ​​trees to add flavor to your dishes and use them as tableware and cutlery. By knowing the blessings of the forest, you can enjoy a special lunch even more.
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[Day camp] *Optional plan
We offer a day camp plan at a special price to customers who enjoy cooking. Day camp section / tarp tent / table / chair (for the number of people) / bonfire set
¥1,500 / ¥800 / ¥500 x number of people / ¥2,500
*Drinks and wines will be settled on-site / Sausages will be heated with your own bonfire
4 people: ¥8,000 / 3 people: ¥7,000 / 2 people: ¥6,000 / 1 person: ¥5,000 *Additional ¥1,000 per person for groups of 4 or more
(Additional payment on site)
[Schedule (planned)]
10:00- Reception starts @ Sylvans
10:30- Briefing
10:45- Stroll through the Sea of ​​Trees / Learn about the origins of the Sea of ​​Trees and the behavior of animals that inhabit the Sea of ​​Trees, mainly deer
     In addition, pine cones and tree branches are collected and then used for cooking
11:30~ Start accepting customers for lunch course only
12:00- Customers on the Sea of ​​Trees walking course Return to Sylvans and explain the course
12:15~ Move to Star Shade Tent
12:30~ Lunch starts
14:00 Lunch ends (planned)
[Profile of Mr. Masaya Toyoshima]
Mr. Toyoshima, who was born into a citrus farm in Shizuoka Prefecture, has been active in the restaurants of the Hoshinoya Group since 2015, serving as head of the wedding department and sous chef at the luxury restaurant Yukawatan. When the Hoshinoya group expanded into Lake Kawaguchi, he was appointed as a chef for menu development. After retiring, he opened TOYOSHIMA, a restaurant that mainly serves gibier cuisine. He is engaged in hunting, beekeeping, and agriculture, and his “Mt.
[What is gibier]
Gibier is a word (French) that means the meat of natural wild birds and animals obtained by hunting, and it is a food culture that has been developed since ancient times as a traditional dish of the nobility in Europe.
In the past, in France and other countries, dishes using game meat were so valuable that only the upper-class aristocrats, who could hunt in their own territories, could enjoy them. For this reason, it has long been valued as a luxury ingredient in the French cuisine world, and has been loved as a noble and special dish. There is a spirit of giving thanks to life by using every part of the animal, from meat to internal organs, bones, and blood, instead of taking away the precious life of the animal. The natural meat that runs through the mountains and fields and soars in the sky is lean, lean, and highly nutritious. It is truly a gift from the forest. It is a feast of the forest full of vitality.
In Yamanashi Prefecture, deer and wild boars are causing more damage to agriculture and forestry, so they are being hunted systematically. Damage to crops caused by wild birds and animals, including deer and wild boars, amounted to about 16 billion yen nationwide, and it is said that about 60% of the total was caused by deer and wild boars. Currently, only about 10% of the captured deer and wild boars are processed and distributed as game meat. Yamanashi Prefecture established its own “Yamanashi Gibier Certification System” to ensure the safety and security of deer meat, in particular, with the aim of appreciating that life. Yamanashi Prefecture designates deer meat processing facilities that carry out appropriate hygiene management and processing as Yamanashi Gibier certified facilities, and deer meat that meets the certification standards at the certified facility is certified as “Yamanashi Gibier”.
Gibier is high in protein, low in calories and highly nutritious, and is loved by athletes who train. In particular, deer meat is attracting attention as a very healthy food, with less than half the energy, one-sixth the fat, and twice the iron content of beef. Heme iron, which is easily absorbed by the human body, is said to be effective in preventing anemia and sensitivity to cold, and in the case of deer meat, about 30% of the recommended daily intake per 100g of edible part is recommended. I can do it.
The taste also changes depending on the season, habitat, and what you usually eat. The deer in this area often eat high-protein nuts such as acorns and chestnuts, so you can feel the fragrant flavor. Also, in November, the meat is firmer and less smelly, making it easier to eat. Also, not giving extra stress when catching has a big effect on the difference in taste. By not inflicting unnecessary pain on the headshot, it is possible to capture the fish without muscle stiffness, and at that time, blood is removed on the spot and freshness can be maintained by transporting it to the dismantling site in a
refrigerated truck. can be enjoyed deliciously.
■ Detailed HP: Date and time: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday / holiday) 10:30- (lunch from 12:30) ■Price: ¥12,000 (walking in the sea of ​​trees and lunch) / ¥7,000 (lunch only) * Drinks will be paid locally (Wine will also be provided on-site.) ■ Venue: “FUN OUT! PARK FUJI” in Fuji Subaru Land
(6663-1 Kenmaruo, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301)
■ Capacity: 20 people (walking in the sea of ​​trees and lunch) / 20 people (lunch only) *First-come, first-served basis
*In the case of light rain, we will take a walk through the sea of ​​trees, but in the case of heavy rain, only meals will be served. *Although it will be held at noon, it can get cold, so please come prepared for the cold.
*In case of stormy weather, meals will be served indoors (mainly on the terrace) *For those using public transportation such as trains and highway buses, please use the free shuttle bus from the Fuji Kanko Development Building parking lot in front of Kawaguchiko Station. The stop is behind the Fuji Tourism Development Building.
In the expansive lawn area of ​​Fuji Subaru Land, you can easily do day camping or stay empty-handed. )”. In the daytime, you can not only play at Fuji Subaru Land’s Forest Park and Doggy Park, but also prepare for the adventure education program “Edventure Club” that makes use of the great nature of Mt. Fuji to feel the growth of children.
■ Official site:
■Business period: ~December 4, 2022 (Sun) *From September 25 (Sun), accommodation is possible only on Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before holidays
■ Reservation reception: Please make reservations and purchases from the official website (
▼ Fuji Subaru Land
A family-friendly theme park that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, “Fuji Subaru Land” is a family-friendly theme park based on the concept of a “playground for families to enjoy” spread out in the vast nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji in front of the Fuji Subaru Line toll gate. . There are various activities that can satisfy everyone from small children to adults, such as the “Nature Experience Base Donguri Course,” which makes use of the great outdoors with treehouses and tree decks, and the “Roll Glider,” where you can wear a harness and enjoy an air walk in the red pine forest. There are many attractions. In addition, there are 5 dog runs where you can let your dogs play to their heart’s content, a dog salon where you can trim your dog, and a shop with goods for dogs.
■Address: 6663-1 Kenmaruo, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301
■ TEL: 0555-72-2239
■ URL:
■Access: About 5 minutes from Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC to Fuji Subaru Line toward Mt.Fuji (Fuji Subaru Line toll booth)
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