Avex Telecommunications Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Former KARA Han Seung Yeon x Shin Hyun Soo from “King of Masks”! Love romance “Koi Suru Twelfth Night ~Kimi to Boku no Eight Years~” started distribution on dTV

Avex Communications Broadcasting Corporation
Former KARA member Han Seung-yeon and Shin Hyun-soo from “Masked King Yi Sung” co-star! Love romance “Koi Suru Twelfth Night ~Kimi to Boku no Eight Years~” started distribution on dTV

Former KARA member Han Seung-yeon, who is also active as an actress in the drama “About Time” “Twelve Nights in Love-8 Years of You and Me-” co-starred by Shin Hyun-soo, who has attracted attention, has started distribution on the video distribution service dTV.

Han Seung Yeon plays Han Yoo Kyung, a college student from New York who dreams of becoming a photographer.
When I was planning to participate in a workshop in Nepal with my boyfriend, I got into a fight about job hunting in Seoul, which was a transit stop, and landed in Seoul alone.
At the same time, Cha Hyun-ho, played by Shin Hyun-soo, arrived in Seoul from Tokyo.
He grew up in Japan and was an office worker working for a Japanese company, but for some reason he left his job and came to Seoul. And Yukyung and Hyuno meet fatefully in the city of Bukchon, Seoul. The two, who were both hurt in their hearts and nearly lost sight of their dreams, gradually became attracted to each other, but… The story depicts a painful love that repeats encounters and partings over the next eight years.
Han Seung-yeon passionately plays Yoo-kyung, who continues to have a passion for “photography”, with a natural beauty full of transparency. Don’t miss the life-size heroine who struggles between dreams and reality and changes over time.
On the other hand, Shin Hyun-soo also delicately embodies Hyun-ho who never gives up on his dream of becoming a dancer.
Also pay attention to the contemporary dance that she challenged through repeated training and the scene where she speaks Japanese! As the title suggests, the two spent only 12 nights together during the eight years.
Due to the mischief of fate, they pass each other and meet again… What is the final decision? “You can’t take your eyes off their love story.”
Furthermore, Bukchon, which is the stage, is a popular tourist destination that retains the traditional Korean townscape.
There are plenty of healing and romantic elements such as the nostalgic scenery projected in warm colors and the cozy mood of the guest house “Encounter” where the two spend their time.
A total of 24 episodes that carefully depict love, dreams, family ties and friendship, etc., and have garnered sympathy from a wide range of generations. Please enjoy the gem of love romance “Twelfth Night in Love ~8 Years of You and Me~” on dTV.

■ “Twelfth Night in Love ~8 Years of You and Me~”
Yoo Kyung (Han Seung Yeon) is a college student from New York who majors in photography. She was supposed to go to Nepal to participate in a school graduation workshop with her boyfriend Kite (Kim Bumjin), but she got into a fight with him at the airport and left for Seoul instead of taking the plane to Nepal. On the other hand, Hyuno (Shin Hyun-soo), who lives in Japan, is an office worker who works for a Japanese company. She grew up in a strict family and lived comfortably until now, but she couldn’t give up her dream of dancing. One day, Hyunho suddenly heads to the airport on her way to work and jumps on a plane to Seoul. After arriving in Seoul, the two have a fateful encounter in Bukchon, Seoul.
Work URL: https://bit.ly/3hBrldd
Copyright: (C) CHANNEL A All rights reserved

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