AVILEN Co., Ltd. E qualification course 80,000 yen discount campaign starting from the basics, let’s acquire the basic skills of AI engineers with AVILEN’s JDLA certification course

AVILEN Co., Ltd.
Start from the basics E qualification course 80,000 yen discount campaign start, let’s acquire the basic skills of AI engineers with AVILEN’s JDLA certification course

AVILEN Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kotaro Takahashi, hereinafter “AVILEN”) will offer “E qualification course + basic course to understand all human beings” from November 11 to November 30, 2022 at 88,000 yen including tax. We will hold a campaign to offer a yen discount.
This course is a curriculum content that starts learning from the prerequisite knowledge of AI engineering such as mathematics, statistics, Python, etc., and acquires theory and implementation skills to the level of passing the AI ​​engineer qualification “E qualification”.
Let’s aim to pass the E Qualification 2023 #1 (February 2023 exam) in the E Qualification course, which has the No. 1 (*) number of E qualification passers for four consecutive years.
*From the report of passing results for JDLA certified businesses from the Japan Deep Learning Association
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Campaign overview
Target period: November 11 (Friday) to November 30 (Wednesday), 2022 Target course: E qualification course + basic course set to understand all human beings
If you select “E-qualification course for understanding all human beings + basic course set” on the application form, the price will be reduced from 259,600 yen including tax to the campaign price of 171,600 yen including tax.
Click here for service details and application
What is the E qualification course that all mankind can understand? [Image 2d43360-154-e1c8945667a0bc4742ba-1.png&s3=43360-154-a9bd2d460f7e6d4d95361eac490784ce-1640x384.png
AVILEN’s E-qualification course is a JDLA certification program that has achieved the No. 1 number of E-qualification passers for four consecutive terms from 2021#1 to 2022#2. By completing this course, you will be eligible to take the E qualification.
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Service page: https://avilen.co.jp/course/e-certificate/
◎ Acquire theory and implementation skills through lecture videos, coding and product development by active engineers
◎ You can study at your own pace in e-learning format.
◎ Support learning through chat correspondence and coding correction ◎ Catch up on prerequisite knowledge such as mathematics, statistics, and Python with basic course options

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