Avitas, a professional school for international qualifications Realizing a “third place” for learning, the Avitas Shinjuku main school has been renewed into a rich self-study room that incorporates natural light

Pathmake Holdings Co., Ltd.
Realizing a “Third Place” for Learning Avitas Shinjuku Main School Renovated into a Luxurious Self-study Room with Natural Light International Qualification College Avitas

Avitas Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative Jun Usaka), a member of the Passmake Group that provides international qualification courses and language coaching courses, reopened its main school in Shinjuku on the 15th floor of Shinjuku Maynds Tower on November 14th. . In addition to the existing self-study rooms with partitions, we have newly established open self-study rooms that incorporate external light. Representative Usaka said, “Even before the corona crisis, we have been focusing on creating a place for business people to learn, but we have made the school building even more comfortable. I would definitely like to use it as a ‘third place’ for learning. I would like you to take care of me,” he said. [Image 1

Luxurious study room with natural light
■ Some classrooms assume simultaneous distribution of live lectures and online lectures
Avitas was founded in 1995 as a preparatory school to support the USCPA (US Certified Public Accountant) qualification. We offer international qualifications for internal auditing. We are also engaged in corporate training projects for trading companies and financial institutions, with a total of 2,700 partner companies and a cumulative total of over 27,000 trainees.
Since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, while many lectures have been delivered online, the need for comfortable learning outside the home has increased, so the Shinjuku main school has been renewed. The size of the self-study room has been expanded by more than 120% compared to before, and in addition to the self-study room with booths with partitions, a new self-study room with an open and high-quality space has been added.
In addition, we have added a classroom equipped with a studio function that allows online distribution at the same time as giving a lecture in the classroom. The area around the reception has also been redesigned with a calm color tone based on gray. Usaka says, “Avitas has enhanced online tools so that you can study anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, when you come to the school building, you can choose a seat according to your preference and concentrate on your studies. I’m happy,” he says.
[Image 2

Shinjuku main school reception
[Image 3

[Avitas Co., Ltd.]
Head office location: 2-1-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Maynds Tower 15th Floor
Business description: Educational business (developing international qualification programs for working adults such as US CPA and certified internal auditor)
      Human Resources Business (Recruitment; Licensed by Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare 13-Yu-302408
Temporary staffing: Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare permission (group) 13-302848)
Established: July 1995
Representative: Jun Usaka
Capital: 70 million yen
Offices: Headquarters (Shinjuku main school), Osaka school
TEL: 03-3299-3900 / FAX: 03-3299-3777

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