AWA Co., Ltd. Survey report What is the most important thing when choosing a non-silicon shampoo? The first place was “Kishimanai”!

AWA Co., Ltd.
[Survey report] What is the most important thing when choosing a non-silicon shampoo? The first place was “Kishimanai”!

The hair care information media “Hair Care Talk”
( operated by AWA Co., Ltd.
( is targeted at people in their teens and older all over Japan. We conducted a questionnaire survey on “What is the most important thing when choosing a non-silicon shampoo?”
We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey target: Women in their teens and older
Survey date: October 2022
Survey body: AWA Co., Ltd.
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of people surveyed: 59 (women)
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey report: * When citing the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Hair Care Talk” ( Summary of survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What is the most important thing when choosing a non-silicone shampoo?”

1st Place: Don’t you squeak?
・When I first used a non-silicone shampoo, I was surprised at how much it creaked. I can understand that it is good for hair, but the creak is painful. (Female in her 50s)
・I want to make my hair smooth and fluffy, but I’m worried that my hair will be damaged if it creaks (female in her 50s).
・Since non-silicone products tend to be dry compared to those with silicone, it is important to reduce damage to the hair and make it feel moist. (Woman in her 20s)
The first place was “Kishimanai”.
There were many opinions that non-silicone shampoos tend to creak, and that squeaky hair leads to damage.
2nd place: Has moisturizing power
・I think it would be nice if it contained moisturizing ingredients so that my hair wouldn’t be brittle, so I think it would be nice if it was gentle on the scalp and hair (female in her 50s).
・In my image, I’m worried that non-silicon shampoo will make my hair dry, so I’m worried about whether it will make my hair moist and manageable. (Female in her 50s)
・Non-silicone shampoos have an image of squeaky hair, so if it contains an ingredient that compensates for that, it will be moist. (Female in her 40s)
The second place was “has moisturizing power”.
Many people said that they want to moisturize their hair because they want to keep their hair moisturized.
Tie 2nd place Good value for money
・Since non-silicon has an image of being expensive, I am a little worried about cost performance. (Female in her 50s)
・If it’s expensive, it’s something you use every day, so you can’t use it continuously (female in her 20s)
・Cospa is important because if cospa is bad, you will not be able to continue even if it is good. It doesn’t matter if you don’t keep using it. (Female in her 40s)
The second place with the same rate was “good cost performance”. There was an opinion that non-silicon products have an image of being expensive, and that if they are expensive, they cannot continue to use them.
3rd Place Repair effect
・Since you know that your hair will be damaged by daily use of curling irons, hair coloring, etc., it is ideal to use non-silicon products that are highly effective in repairing hair. (Female in her 40s) ・I want the effect to be so good that other people can see the difference, rather than just touching it and saying “it’s better than usual”. So, I want to choose one with a high correction effect. (Female in her 40s)
The 3rd place was “Repair effect”.
There was an opinion that I was worried about damage such as color because I use curling irons every day.
4th favorite scent
・Scent is important when choosing a shampoo. Scent is also important, as bath time is often spent to relieve fatigue and stress. (Woman in her 20s)
・I want to feel happy while shampooing, so I think the scent and texture are important. (Female in her 30s)
4th place was “favorite scent”.
There was an opinion that because you want to be healed by your favorite scent, and because your favorite scent makes you feel happy. 5th: Fluffy finish
・I use it as a matter of course now, but I need it to cleanse my scalp. In addition, it is completely severe if the volume does not come out. (Female in her 40s)
5th place was “soft finish”.
There was an opinion that they wanted to have a voluminous finish. summary
A questionnaire was given to 59 people, and 57.6% of the respondents answered that they were “not squeaky”.
Also, as a reason for answering, there were many opinions that non-silicon shampoo is easy to creak and it leads to damage if the hair creaks.
If you have the opportunity to purchase a non-silicon shampoo, please refer to it.
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