AWA Collaboration with rock band Organic Call’s circuit festival “Tokyo Nichirin Music Festival”! Release special playlists of performing artists and hold radio distribution lounges

Collaboration with the circuit festival “Tokyo Nichirin Music Festival” sponsored by the rock band Organic Call! Release special playlists of performing artists and hold radio distribution lounges
The subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service “AWA” operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akemi Togashi) has a strong belief and a faint vision for tomorrow. The rock band “Organic Call”, which performs 100 live performances a year based on the concept of singing hope, collaborated with the circuit festival “Tokyo Nichirin Music” for the first time in their career. We will release a playlist featuring the performing artists and guest appearances in the radio distribution lounge.
■ Radio distribution lounge guest appearance schedule
・11/15 (Tue) 22:00-23:00
Guest: Vo.Gt. Koki Terami (Amenoiro.)
Participation URL: ・11/16 (Wednesday) 22:00-23:00
Guest: Vo.Gt. Daiki (Push-Pull Pot)
Participation URL: ・11/17 (Thursday) 22:00-23:00
Guest: Vo.Gt. Ryo Kikuchi (the quiet room)
Participation URL: * Appearances may be canceled suddenly.
The quiet room
Formed in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. A three-piece rock band with the theme of “living expressively”. Selected as a finalist for “Senko Riot” and winning “RO69JACK”, he attracted attention in the audition for discovering new talent. After that, they released a series of sound sources including “Instant Girl” and “Fressy”, which became the face of the band, and in the mini-album “White” released in 2019, they performed pop and adorable songs that can be said to be synonymous with the quiet room. The melody and lyrics that are close to the days of life are beginning to come into the spotlight. The title song “Parade wa Owarisa” was used as the ending theme for Nippon
Television’s daytime information program “Baguette”. The band started performing at large summer events such as “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL”, and the band’s first one-man tour, which held the tour final at LIQUIDROOM in Ebisu, was sold out one after another. He is expected to be a notable stock that will lead the next generation of the rock scene. In January 2021, the latest work “You e.p.” was released, and on March 24, 2021, the spring-matched single “Caroline’s Hanataba wo” was adopted as the ending theme of the king’s branch (April 2021). delivery release. After a one-man tour in 5 cities in April and May, the band’s first full-length album “Banata no yori ni” will be released on August 4, 2021. From September to December 2021, the album release tour “Nichijou to Ai no Uta” was held in 10 cities nationwide. In May 2022, a joint band tour “I want to know the identity of the high noise” will be held in all four locations, including
Higashi-Meihan and Mito. After releasing the single “Twinkle Star Girl” on July 20, 2022, they will hold a tour in 10 cities nationwide until January 2023.
■ Amenoiro.
Formed in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture. Currently, he has moved his base of operations to Tokyo and is expanding the range of his activities. Vocal Koki Terami’s gentle and supple singing voice, and the sad and ephemeral sentimental lyrics that vividly recall the scene are the greatest charms, and they are receiving instructions from the same generation. On April 13, 2022, the mini-album “Suzuki Seikatsu, Taite” will be released.
■ Push-pull pot
A four-piece rock band from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. The members are Vo.Gt. Daiki , Gt.Cho.Takuya Kuwabara, Ba.Cho.Kazunori Horiuchi, and Dr.Cho.Ryutaro Myojin. Formed in 2017 after meeting in a university light music club. Average age is 25. The concept of the band is “everyone gets along”. Vo.Gt. , who writes and composes the lyrics, has a two-faced singing voice, and the songs drawn based on his actual experiences sometimes push his back and sometimes snuggle up to him. Live performances full of heat have become a hot topic, and entry restrictions are being imposed at circuit festivals in various places. More than 100 live performances per year. In April 2021, LD&K’s new label “STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!” released the first nationwide distribution mini album “Bokura no Mama de” as the first artist.
■Organic Call
Rock band Organic Call (commonly known as Ogako) started its activities in 2017. A live band that performs nearly 100 shows a year. To date, they have toured eight times, most of which are
self-produced. In November 2021, Shibuya O-WEST will be sold out at the tour final. In February 2022, the two-man live at Shibuya WWW will be sold out, and the momentum will not fade, and in August, the long-awaited career first one-man live will be completed at Shibuya WWW with great success. The MV of the song “To the town dyed in the morning glow” recorded in the 2nd mini-album “Houkiboshi, looking for afterimages” released on April 14, 2021 has recorded over 1 million views. It was selected for the first time in the TOP 27th place in the popular project “This is Buzzuruzo 2022” of NTV “Buzz Rhythm 02”, which is an annual event at the beginning of the year. Acquired an unusual double tie-up with “Love music” and “Mezamashi 8”.
Furthermore, on July 3, 2022, the Fuji TV series “Love music” and on September 2, the Nippon TV series “Buzz Rhythm 02” will make their first singing appearance, and this rock band will be a hot topic when it breaks this year!
▼Organic Call release information
Released on Wednesday, November 16, 2022
New digital single “Night Forever”
▼Music distribution site
■Organic Call pre. “Tokyo Nichirin Music Festival”
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022
Location: Shimokitazawa 4 venue circuit (Shangri-La / MOSAiC / ReG / SHELTER) Doors open 11:00 Start 12:00
Organic Call / Ivy Color / Sheep at dawn / Atomic Skipper / Absolute area / Amenoiro / Arakezuri / Arcosite / Alstake / UtaKata / OCEANS / ofulover / kao / KAKASHI / Whale Night Town / Kepra / the quiet room / Conton Candy / the satellites / Sabbather / 35.7 / Singer’s High / Melted Light Bulb / TRACK15 / Nakigoto / Near Friends / Bye-Bye-Hand Equation / By Ring Boy / Push-Pull Pot / Blue Mash / Persicaria / Mii / Memetaa / Lusentiment

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