Award 10th anniversary! Announcement of the latest ranking Highlights of award-winning spots and behind-the-scenes interviews of “Illumination & Hikari no Fuyutabi 2023” released today

Pia Corporation
Award 10th anniversary! Announcement of the latest ranking Highlights of award-winning spots and behind-the-scenes interviews of
“Illumination & Hikari no Fuyutabi 2023” released today
~Ashikaga Flower Park, Huis Ten Bosch, Enoshima, Shonan Jewels and other notable facilities~

Today, November 11th, Pia Corporation released “Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023”.
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
Rakuten Books
Also available as an electronic version
All the latest illumination spots and trends supervised by night view critic Marumaru Moto are collected in one volume. The magazine announced the ranking of the memorable 10th “Illumination Award” selected by 6,102 night view tourists. Centered around a new-era illumination guide that includes stories from creators about the highlights of Huis Ten Bosch, Ashikaga Flower Park, Enoshima Shonan Jewel, and other places that are well-known nationwide, this season’s hottest illuminations and light art, and a catalog of notable spots nationwide, etc. , Illumination is multifaceted and deep. In addition, we will introduce plenty of night view scenes such as Japan Night View Heritage and Japan’s 100 famous moons.
“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” Introduction
illumination ranking
It is a ranking that attracts attention from inside and outside the industry every year based on the night view award and votes by professionals who appreciate illuminations. Comprehensive evaluation of the world of illumination that masters Japan’s unique light culture in the “Comprehensive Entertainment Category”, “Illumination Category”, and “Professional Performance Category”.
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
Comprehensive Entertainment Division
Huis Ten Bosch “Kingdom of Light”
Nagasaki Prefecture/Sasebo City
Unexplored first place for 10 consecutive years! A wide variety of productions such as LED production, projection mapping, AR and VR are carried out. A Hall of Fame-level light event that everyone can agree on.
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
new age illumination
complete guide
This winter, we have carefully selected the hottest illuminations from all over the country that you definitely want to enjoy, and thoroughly dissect “new and classic highlights” and “recommended ways to enjoy”. In addition, “Illumi’s behind-the-scenes interview”, which is told by the key man at the illumination production site, has been added! [Image 5

“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
The symbolic large wisteria trellis is expressed without compromising the mystique and magnificence!
“I want to reproduce the scene of spring flowers blooming with illumination and deliver it to customers!” (Omitted)
Japan night view heritage
Introducing the carefully selected natural night view heritage that can be enjoyed outdoors from all the certified sites, and the newly certified sites selected in 2022.
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
Much-talked-about illumination &
light art
Pick up light productions in various locations such as leisure spots, gardens, towers, and festivals set in the city!
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)

“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” Contents
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“Illumination & Light Winter Trip 2023” (Pia)
[Introduction plan 1]
10th anniversary illumination ranking selected by 6,102 night view tourists nationwide
[Introduction plan 2]
Much-talked-about illumination & light art
[Feature 1]
New Era Illumination Highlights & Behind the Scenes Complete Guide Ashikaga Flower Park / Huis Ten Bosch / Enoshima Shonan no Hoseki / Southeast Botanical Gardens / Japanese Garden Yushien / Tokyo German Village / Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest / Yokohama Port Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal / Izu Granpal Park / Xavier Memorial Church / Reoma Resort
[Feature 2]
Japan’s world-class night view brand “Japan Night View Heritage” [Feature 3]
Carefully selected 25 locations from the certified registration area “Japan 100 famous moon”
[Feature 4]
“National Illumination Catalog” published in 34 locations throughout Japan [Column project] Nationwide index map / Date calendar / Invitation to impressive illuminations / Japan’s new three major night views / Japan’s three major illuminations, etc.
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