Awiiin Co., Ltd. Recommended tools for those who operate ebay export business have been renewed in November

Awiiin Co., Ltd.
Recommended tools for those who operate ebay export business were renewed in November
ebay listing and inventory management tool

By entrusting the work that the system is suitable for to the system and letting people do the work that is suitable for the human, We will be more effective in increasing sales and profits.
[Video 2:] ・I’m looking for what kind of tools are available to efficiently proceed with eBay…
・I’m looking for tools and communities, but I’m at a loss because I can’t find anything that I can easily start from free.
・I’m currently having trouble with listing and inventory management… ・I’m in trouble because there aren’t many tools like this… EXPO Tool is an exhibition and automatic inventory management tool. On eBay, it often takes a lot of time for work-related tasks such as listing and inventory management.
EXPO tools are designed to streamline and automate such mechanical work. It is a tool that is operated and developed for the purpose of concentrating on the results that tool users are aiming for. EXPO information session
We are holding a briefing session every Wednesday on youtube Live, so please join us if you are able to participate.
Briefing session and other schedules
11/16 (Wednesday) 20:00-20:30
11/23 (Wednesday) 20:00-20:30
11/30 (Wed) 20:00-20:30
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Awiiin Co., Ltd.
Location: 828-10 Minamigoya, Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture Representative: Shun Kikuchi
Established: December 2020
Business: Software development and operation
[Inquiries from customers]
Phone: 048-919-2850
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