AWL Co., Ltd. Safey and AWL form a capital and business alliance for the joint development of an edge AI analysis platform that aims to solve problems in all industries.

AWL Inc.
SAFE and AWL Form a Capital and Business Alliance for the Joint Development of an Edge AI Analysis Platform Aiming to Solve Problems in All Industries

Safey Inc. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: President and CEO Ryuhei Sadoshima, hereinafter referred to as “Safey”), the No. 1 (*1) cloud recording service share, and AWL Inc., a venture from Hokkaido University that provides edge AI camera solutions. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Muneharu Kitade, hereinafter referred to as “AWL”) is a joint edge AI analysis platform to promote problem solving in all industries, including the retail industry, through video x edge AI. We are pleased to inform you that we have concluded a capital and business alliance for the purpose of development and provision. First of all, we have started joint development for the sophistication and generalization of Safie’s edge AI camera “Safie One”, which went on sale on September 28th.
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Background and purpose of this partnership
In recent years, while the use of AI has attracted attention, there is a problem that social implementation has not progressed.
The reason for this is the need for efficient and high-speed processing with limited computer resources in order to introduce AI to various business sites and operate it in real time. In addition, the AI ​​(machine learning) model, which is the basis of the system, may misidentify the target depending on the installation environment, and the accuracy of the model may decrease as the external environment changes over time. is also occurring.
As a solution to this problem, AWL, a leading edge AI company, utilizes its wealth of knowledge and achievements, fine-tuning technology that performs fine-tuning according to the environment, and the latest MLOps that automatically updates AI models. , aims to provide high-quality AI models with stable value over the long term. Safey and AWL will leverage AWL’s edge on the vast amount of data of Safey’s video platform, system infrastructure such as infrastructure, device management, and video management, as well as business assets such as customer base, commercial distribution, equipment procurement, and installation maintenance capabilities. By combining AI
applications, fine-tuning technology to apply AI in various fields, MLOps to prevent deterioration of AI accuracy, and global
organizational development capabilities, AI can be implemented in society more easily and at a lower cost. We will aim to promote the social implementation of “video x AI analysis”.
the next deployment
By utilizing AWL’s edge AI technology and operation capabilities in Safie’s edge AI camera “Safie One”, AI is individually optimized for each camera installation environment, making it possible to achieve sophistication and generalization. Become. In particular, we will provide low-priced, high-performance edge AI applications, starting with the retail industry, where the installation environment often differs depending on the store such as products and visitors. In addition to retail, we will accelerate the resolution of all “on-site” issues such as restaurants/services, construction, infrastructure/public facilities, etc., and by improving operational efficiency, labor saving, and creating added value, we will achieve “on-site DX”. We will contribute to
We would like to create a large number of AI solutions that can be used in the actual field, which has been difficult to realize so far, and develop an application platform that utilizes cloud recording data.
Both companies will push forward together, with a view to expanding not only domestically but also globally at an early stage.
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[Comment from Ryuhei Sadoshima, President and CEO of Safey Co., Ltd.] I am very much looking forward to seeing AWL combine the strengths of its edge AI technology and safe video platform, which have been cultivated by its global team, to promote the social implementation of AI.
In order to provide AI services that satisfy customers as a
platformer, AWL’s fine-tuning technology, which can individually optimize the AI ​​accuracy that changes depending on the camera installation environment, brings great value to Safey’s video platform. I’m sure you will.
Problems in each industry are beginning to be sent to SAFE along with video data, so we will combine AWL’s AI technology and thoroughly work on solving customer problems.
Safey will continue to use edge AI camera video data and support AI development so that many people can use it.
[Comment from Muneharu Kitade, President of AWL Inc.]
Since its founding in 2016, AWL has contributed to the improvement of operational efficiency and productivity with high-quality edge AI camera solutions that can be operated at a price range, mainly for retail sites. When operating an edge AI camera system, it usually takes time and effort to optimize it according to the installation environment of each camera.
AWL focused on this issue at an early stage and developed “AWL Trainer”, a fine-tuning technology that individually optimizes AI models, and ML Ops, the latest technology that prevents AI from deteriorating in accuracy and keeps it always up-to-date. We are striving to establish the technology of “AWL Engine” and are promoting intellectual property activities globally. By combining the business assets of Japan’s No. 1 cloud video platform built by Mr. Safee with AWL’s cutting-edge technology, we will build an AI solution that is unprecedented in the world, and will be useful to society in many more situations. We are confident that we can contribute to a safe, secure, and prosperous future.
(*1) Market share based on the number of registered cameras by engine (47.5%) based on Techno System Research’s “Network camera cloud recording service market survey”
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[About Safey Co., Ltd.]
Safie is the No. 1 cloud recording service share that allows you to check video anytime, anywhere just by connecting your camera to the Internet.
Based on the vision of “creating the future from video,” we aim to create a future where video can be useful for people’s
decision-making, and to create a video platform that can be easily used by everyone from companies to individuals.
We have a business concept of “DXing the ‘site’ of all industries with video data” and are taking the lead in promoting DX in all fields such as retail, civil engineering/construction, manufacturing, and medical care.
[About AWL Co., Ltd.]
Founded in 2016. A venture from Hokkaido University that has accumulated a wealth of experience in cutting-edge edge AI video analysis technology and IoT utilization and introduction. A global team with members from about 20 countries around the world. Received “EY Innovative Startup 2021” planned by Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC. Utilizing existing security cameras, the AWLBOX system realizes high-precision AI video analysis in addition to VMS with a small investment, and the effect of viewers and audience ratings of digital signage can be analyzed in real time with high precision and consideration of privacy. Visualize and analyze real space with AI solutions such as AWL Lite.
【Company Profile】
Company name: AWL Co., Ltd.
Representative: Muneharu Kitade, President and CEO
Location: Tokyo Headquarters 〒100-0005 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Shin-Tokyo Building 4th floor 434
    :Sapporo Head Office 〒060-0908 4-1-20 Kita 8-johigashi,
Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Established: June 2016
Inquiries regarding this matter
Company name: AWL Inc.
Person in charge: Tsuchida, Wada
Phone: 03-6810-2740
FAX: 050-3156-2325

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