Axe Co., Ltd. Collaboration items that are popular every season are also available this season! VACHEMENT x PARIGOT bespoke model is on sale!

Axe Co., Ltd.
A collaboration item that is popular every season is also available this season! VACHEMENT x PARIGOT bespoke model is on sale!
Special collaboration items will be released at all PARIGOT stores!
PARIGOT, a select shop operated by Axe Co., Ltd., has started selling bespoke coats with VACHEMENT.
This brand is very popular every season, and this time it is a custom-made off-white color that gives it a more classy look. ■ [VACHEMENT (Vashmon)]
VACHEMENT started from the 2019AW collection.
The brand name “VACHEMENT” is a word that means “really!” in French. Professionals in various fields, such as buyers and pattern makers who have worked at major select shops and Yohji Yamamoto, have gathered to create a lineup of genuine products that are created from their aesthetic sense, experience, and technology.
It is gaining high popularity as a coat brand that gives a pleasant impression in everyday life.
It features a unique pattern making experience that you can feel every time you put your sleeves on, and is highly particular about materials, such as using original fabrics that have a high quality, feel, and quality that you can feel just by touching them. Brand. It gives you a pleasant impression while snuggling up to your life-sized self. Reference product
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PARIGOT Bespoke Limited Edition Eco-Tech Gabba Quilted Coat
Price: ¥72,600 (tax included)
Product URL: Ecotech gabardine quilted coat made with PARIGOT limited colors. The new material, which is also functional, is made of gabardine, a work material that is more feminine, light and has a high-quality finish, and is made of ecotic gabardine with a water-repellent finish. increase.
3M thinsulate high-performance batting material is used for batting. Developed as a material that will make you feel more comfortable in the cold season, this material has excellent heat insulation properties, making it possible to keep you warm and not thick. The high collar hood is removable, and it also has functionality such as using a drawstring at the waist.
Handling stores
Parigot Onomichi store: Parigot Okayama store: Parigot Fukuyama store: Parigot Hiroshima store: Parigot Matsuyama store: Parigot Yokohama store: Parigot Ginza store: Parigot Online
Company Profile
Axe Co., Ltd.
Founded: 1947
Head office location: 1-8-1 Kubo, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture Tokyo branch office location: 5-15-9 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Flat Aoyama 202
Business: Retail business, e-commerce business, original brand business, global business, fashion building business, event business [Axe Co., Ltd. Corporate Site]
[Parigo Official Brand Site]
[Parigot official online site]
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