Babel Co., Ltd. Business negotiation analysis cloud ailead certified as a target tool for IT introduction subsidy 2022

Babel Co., Ltd.
Opportunity analysis cloud ailead certified as a target tool for IT introduction subsidy 2022
Up to half price for ailead annual usage fee

Babel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Daikan Sugiyama; hereinafter Babel) has been selected as an IT introduction support business in the “IT Introduction Subsidies 2022” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. As a result, our business negotiation analysis cloud ailead has been certified as a subsidy target tool, and you can use ailead for up to half the normal fee at the time of introduction.
With the declining birthrate, aging population and declining working population in Japan, many sales organizations need to promote operational efficiency. At Babel, we want more sales organizations to use IT tools to improve operational efficiency. ailead” has been applied for subsidy target IT tool. Now that ailead has been certified as a subsidy-eligible tool, customers who newly sign up for ailead can use it at up to half the annual fee. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
■ About IT introduction subsidies
Targeting small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses, etc., by partially bearing the cost of introducing IT tools, we support business efficiency and increase sales.
■ About business negotiation analysis cloud ailead
ailead is the No. 1* customer satisfaction analysis cloud. AI automatically collects, analyzes, and visualizes business negotiation data to improve the operational efficiency of sales sites and develop sales personnel who can sell. By linking with the web conferencing tool you are using, you can use it without changing the existing business flow at all. Contribute to sales enablement in various industries.
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* ITreview Category Report “Sales Enablement Division” (2022 Fall) ■ About Babel Co., Ltd.
Under the mission of “continuing to create businesses that are useful to people around the world”, Babel utilizes AI (artificial
intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to create global businesses that dramatically improve productivity. I am aiming.
Company name: Babel Co., Ltd.
Location: New Wave Harajuku 6F, 4-32-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Taikan Sugiyama
Corporate site:
■ Inquiries regarding this press release
Person in charge: Sakakura
Email address:
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