Background Modeling Course ~ Spatial Elements Necessary for Backgrounds and Creating Meaningful Backgrounds ~

Born Digital Co., Ltd.
Background Modeling Course ~ Spatial Elements Necessary for
Backgrounds and Creating Meaningful Backgrounds ~

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Born Digital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuya Shin, URL: has released “Background Modeling Course – Necessary Spatial Elements for the Background” in CGWORLD Online Tutorials. and making a meaningful background” will be held on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.
Overview of the event:
Date and time: December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:00-21:30 (planned) Lecture time: 210 minutes *including breaks
Archive delivery: yes
*Limited time offer
*We will inform you by email when the archive distribution is ready at a later date.
Price: 10,000 yen (excluding tax)
Event site: Lecture details:
When it comes to background models, the modeling method is important, but scene assembly, which is how to produce the model in the scene and convey information, is also a very important element.
I think some people have never thought about why they did things that they usually do somehow.
You remember it intuitively, and you can expand the range of applications by thinking about it logically.
The content is not so much how to make a model as it is about how to show a model.
*This course has been held multiple times and the content will be the same, so please be careful if you took the previous course.
Instructor introduction:
[Image 2d73594-18-410a25ea9482e322a87d-3.jpg&s3=73594-18-a796d766000f739c990647b4cca5005f-650x650.jpg
Director/Background Modeling SV
Takuya Suzuki
As a Senior Artist, he was in charge of everything from background design to modeling in the Cinematics department of Blizzard
Entertainment, and was involved in many works.
Established SAFEHOUSE inc. in collaboration with Erasmus Brosdau, who is currently active in real-time video production as an ArtDirector in Germany.
Furthermore, in order to improve his skills, he also works as a freelance background modeler to create assets in a wide range of genres.
Recently, in order to nurture the next generation, I am educating artists at the same environmental level as Blizzard based on my own experience.
Twitter: @takupomu
■ Three elements necessary for background production, combination 3 Logical elements necessary to create a background.
Three complex ideas: line breaks, contrast, and negative space ■ Spatial subtraction
Detail creates checker-like noise that creates a sense of repeat depending on how you add it. I will explain what you have to think about to prevent the checker noise.
■ Three frequency levels in the scene model
What is background model? What is the bare minimum you need in a tight schedule? I will explain the idea of ​​structure and detail in the silhouette.
■ Consciousness control
Background production to control the consciousness of the viewer, rather than how it looks. All things have meaning. I will explain the concept of story, physical, and second effect.
Target audience:
Those interested in background modeling
*Recommended for new employees

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