bacterico Co., Ltd. Started crowdfunding for “mamaflora”, a bowel activity support service for pregnant mo thers and babies!

bacterico Inc.
Started crowdfunding for “mamaflora”, a bowel activity support service for pregnant mothers and babies!
Life’s first health support! This is a service that allows you to receive personalized nutritional guidance from experts based on each person’s intestinal flora data. We will support the future babies and mothers so that they can live healthy lives!

From November 11th (Friday) to December 30th (Friday), 2022, “mamaflora” is challenging Makuake crowdfunding.
[Makuake project page]
*Participation is possible until 18:00 on Friday, December 30th. [Image 1d111676-1-60da72fa9b6a1052da72-0.png&s3=111676-1-0f639d14d8e527f22ace4e0d7c6c6ba1-2761x1553.png
“mamaflora” aims to support the healthy growth of babies before they are born. We support the health of the mother and her unborn baby through dietary guidance that adjusts the nutritional balance of pregnant mothers according to different intestinal bacteria data. mamaflora HP:
● mamaflora service contents
Intestinal flora test: 1 time
Inspection result report: 1 copy
Interview with an expert: 3 times (first time, 1 month later, 2 months later) Chat consultation (LINE)
● Flow of use
[Image 2d111676-1-5cd954c584028c5fbcf4-1.png&s3=111676-1-778ed727a83f73c69a3130d0b2980818-1301x751.png
After applying, the test kit will be delivered to your home. Please register for the official LINE and answer the questionnaire about lifestyle habits.
Collect a stool sample using the test kit and return the sample in the enclosed envelope
[Image 3d111676-1-d7369ebca8a426f35dad-2.png&s3=111676-1-5560ecc33c7f169e3a18350e7d895a36-1301x751.png
[Image 4d111676-1-1cbb3897e39f19e333e5-3.png&s3=111676-1-f85965cb7340389776e01f10fe74ce33-1301x751.png
We will start nutrition guidance based on the test results.
[Image 5d111676-1-321c38875b1a0f0dcc00-4.png&s3=111676-1-b33ce190f255f032264561e06a81aa7d-1301x751.png
*If you have any questions, you can consult and contact us on LINE. What you can learn from mamaflora
It is said that there are about 40 trillion, 1000 types of bacteria in the stomach. The types and proportions of the enormous number of bacteria differ from person to person.
Using a test kit that can be easily done at home even for the first time, we will investigate what kind of bacteria are present in the stomach and how much. Based on the results, we will create a report that describes the ingredients that match your intestinal bacteria and the nutrients you want to take.
After that, you will be able to understand the diet and lifestyle that suit your intestinal bacteria through nutritional guidance and advice on lifestyle improvement by experts such as registered dietitians. ●Mama’s intestinal flora is important for giving birth to a healthy baby! Recent studies have shown that the intestinal flora is involved in systemic diseases. Furthermore, it has become clear that the state of the intestinal flora of pregnant mothers has a great impact on the health of their unborn babies.
In fact, when comparing the babies born to pregnant women who ate a lot of dietary fiber, which is the “food” for the intestinal flora, and those who did not eat much, it was found that the children of pregnant women who did not eat much dietary fiber were likely to gain weight in the future. Some studies show that it is easy. In other words, proper nutrition during pregnancy, increasing the intestinal bacteria that have a positive effect, and balancing the intestinal flora will lead to the health of the unborn baby.
This is because the baby in the womb receives nourishment from the mother and inherits the mother’s bacteria as the first gift at birth. Precisely because it is a once-in-a-lifetime important time to build a baby’s body, we want to support the health during pregnancy so that the baby can live a healthy life for the rest of its life. From such thoughts, “mamaflora” was born.
● Crowdfunding 1st | Project Overview
[Image 6d111676-1-61659885c5023a1fb249-5.png&s3=111676-1-acc96b003a20a086bcbdc015471a2627-1665x637.png
▶Project name
Life’s first health support! Personal intestinal flora care for newborn babies ▶Period
November 11, 2022 (Friday) to December 30, 2022 (Friday) 23:59 ▶ Project executor
bacterico Inc.
▶ Target amount
1,000,000 yen
▶ Format
ALL-IN format
*Reward items will be delivered regardless of the target amount. ▶Project URL
▶ mamaflora introduction video URL
▶Gift gift
・ mamflora: 50,000 (MAKUAKE price)
・Bento Box: 10,000 yen
・ “Fermented life” 85 (Hachigo) BOX: 10,000 yen
・Seasonal vegetable box that “prepares from inside the body”: 10,000 yen ・Supporter Flora: 60,000
・ Premium flora: 110,000
・ “For companies” custom-made health seminar: 200,000
・Premium Supporter Flora: 550,000
●Representative comment
“I want people around the world to be healthy and happy.”
In order to make that dream come true, I have been doing research since I was in high school.
Through my research, I became keenly aware that intestinal bacteria are very important for good health.
I established bacterico Co., Ltd. to deliver my research to the world. We wanted to support the healthy growth of future children together with moms and dads, and as a first step we developed “mamaflora.” This Makuake project is a challenge to “make people around the world healthy and happy”.
I want to spread health around the world from this small step. Through “mamaflora,” we will support healthy minds and bodies so that you and your future children can enjoy life.
I would appreciate it if you could support me in order to create a healthy future together.
I will do my best, so please look forward to it.
●Corporate information
Company name Bactico Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Natsuki Suganuma
Location: 7th floor, Sankyo Umeda Building, 1-5 Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0027
Official LINE
●Inquiries for the press
・Person in charge: bacterico Co., Ltd. Kobayashi

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