Ballet Studio Studio Marty Open Class Capacity increased from December 1st!

Marty Corporation
[Ballet Studio] Studio Marty Open Class Capacity increased from December 1st!
From December 1st, we have decided to increase the number of students per class at 6 Studio Marty stores in the Kanto region!
We will provide better lessons for as many customers as possible! [Image 1d83890-68-e9e164258667c0fd7d99-0.jpg&s3=83890-68-1d0b6413fd733b368a4c225a4bef7df7-200x58.jpg
The details of the studio to be increased are as follows.
Studio Marty Shin-Yokohama 16 people
Studio Marty Yokohama Tanmachi 9 people
Studio Marty Komazawa University 9 people
Studio Marty Tokyo Mita Keio A Studio: 16 people / B Studio: 9 people ▼
Studio Marty Shinagawa Seaside 16 people
Studio Marty Tsukiji 9 people
*In addition, there will be no increase in the number of studio classes at each branch or the Marty Children’s Ballet School. We will continue to strengthen the measures against infectious diseases that we have been implementing.
We will operate so that everyone can attend with peace of mind. Studio Marty is now accepting new members!
Now we are issuing coupons that can be used for free admission and trial lessons.
Please check our website for details.
Bring more color to your daily life by keeping your mind and body healthy and beautiful through ballet, a comprehensive art form. We will support your ballet life.
[Image 2d83890-68-dbb5983208925d29c1c2-1.png&s3=83890-68-afbfd38c6ebe1bf270cc99a12105fb7d-1748x1240.png

Marty Corporation

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