Bandai Co., Ltd. The first collaboration between the smartphone app game “Wizard’s Promise” and high-end ceramics manufacturer Noritake!

Bandai Co., Ltd.
The first collaboration between the smartphone app game “Promise of the Wizard” and high-end ceramics manufacturer Noritake!
Furthermore, it is developed with special specifications with a special booklet
BANDAI Life Division Co., Ltd. has made a reservation for the smartphone app game “Promise of the Wizard” and the product planned in collaboration with Noritake Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of high-end ceramics, Promise of the Wizard × Noritake Cup & Saucer (12,000 yen including tax / shipping and handling fees not included). Reception will start on November 4, 2022 (Friday) at 12:00 on Bandai’s official shopping site “Premium Bandai” (
[Image 1d8315-60-a193c874001f1fa21c6f-0.jpg&s3=8315-60-1a815c332e1b59e500e79ee8ced5ded9-600x341.jpg
■ Product features
This product is an original design teacup and saucer set that collaborated with the app game “Promise of the Wizard” and the high-end ceramics manufacturer “Noritake” that creates beautiful products.
The design is based on the costume motif of one of the popular events of “Magician’s Promise”, “Tea Party with Memories”, and a booklet with a specially edited event scenario for this collaboration is included. The teacup and saucer are made of bone china, a kind of porcelain, and are based on the elegant white color of the event costume. It’s tinted. The inside of the cup is also decorated with the same motif as the saucer.
[Image 2d8315-60-f22f6b8d2a4f342fdff6-7.jpg&s3=8315-60-69ff9ec9f83d6ccdd9da5f48b9dcf905-1080x1080.jpg

[Image 3d8315-60-ab78cd57418f6961b770-6.jpg&s3=8315-60-d51fa0dcc20b928be1a38a876212a70d-1080x1080.jpg

[Image 4d8315-60-2cd8ee7b2a7a7c60dc33-5.jpg&s3=8315-60-0785268ebe7206516514d80a9f978910-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 5d8315-60-a2da93f8ea70fd5fb350-4.jpg&s3=8315-60-141175b079ffff76aadeb4450cb9b6a9-1080x1080.jpg

■ Product overview
・Product name: Magician’s Promise x Noritake Cup & Saucer
・Price: 12,000 yen (tax included)
・ Target age: 15 years old and over
・ Number of types: 1 type
・Set contents: cup, saucer, booklet
・Product size: Cup W approx. 133 x D approx. 108 x H approx. 60mm approx. 215cc       Saucer W approx. 151 x D approx. 151 x H approx. 21 mm        Booklet W150×H150mm Text 10P
・Materials: bone china (cup and saucer), paper (booklet)
・Production area: Sri Lanka (cup & saucer), Japan (booklet)
・Sales route: BANDAI NAMCO Group official mail order site “Premium Bandai” (
・ Order period: November 4, 2022 (Friday) 12:00 to November 20, 2022 (Sunday) 23:00
・Delivery date: May 2023
・ Publisher: Bandai Co., Ltd.
(C) Coly
*Please check the product page for the latest information and details. * If the number of preparations is reached, sales may be terminated. *Sales may have ended when you accessed the page.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice. *The photos shown are under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.
* There is a possibility that it will be sold at events other than the listed sales route, overseas, etc.
■What is the witch’s promise?
Over 6 million downloads, Coly × Bunta Tsushimi, a breeding game that connects witches and hearts “Magical Promise”
A world where magicians and humans coexist.
There are five countries in the central continent, and the local characteristics and personalities vary depending on the country. In this world, a large moon floats in the sky, and people call it -Great Calamity- and fear it.
Once a year, the battles of the chosen mages known as the “sage mages” against the great calamity that strikes the world with their mighty power continue to this day.
Official website:

■ Basic information about the “Wizard’s Promise” app
・Title: Wizard’s Promise
・ Genre: Training game that connects witches and hearts
・Scenario writer: Bunta Tsushimi
・Character design draft: Danmil
・ Supported OS: iOS / Android
・Price: Basic play free (with in-game charges)
・ Official website:
・ Official LINE:
・ Official Twitter:
・App Store:
・Google Play (TM):

■ About high-end ceramics manufacturer “Noritake”
Founded in 1904, Noritake is Japan’s No. 1 porcelain manufacturer both in name and reality.
Over 100 years ago, we were the first in Japan to complete the Western-style tableware dinner set. It is a brand that is loved by people all over the world as a synonym for high-end tableware in homes, hotels and restaurants.
Details about this release:


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