BANDAI NAMCO Studio Co-working Space “Creative Bubbles” Opened

BANDAI NAMCO Studio Co-working Space “Creative Bubbles” Opened Aiming to maximize performance by focusing on how game creators work
BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President: Daisuke Uchiyama) will open a co-working space in 2022 that focuses on the work style of in-house game creators and incorporates a system that maximizes performance. It opened on October 3rd. The name of this coworking space, “Creative Bubbles,” was decided through an internal competition. We will continue to promote hybrid work styles that take advantage of the benefits of working from home and going to work. [Image 1

Coworking space “Creative Bubbles”
About the coworking space “Creative Bubbles”
This co-working space is located in the headquarters of BANDAI NAMCO Studios and can be used by any employee. A company-wide survey was conducted with the aim of creating the most comfortable working environment for game creators. There were many voices requesting While responding to these employee requests, it was born with a place where the communication that is essential for accelerating game development naturally occurs. In the future, we expect to use it for employee exchange meetings and training as a place to promote communication within the company.
Coworking space “Creative Bubbles” facilities
[Free address seats]
[Image 2

Free address seat
It is a space where you can work while communicating with those around you. You can change your seat easily, so it is suitable as a place to change your mood and create ideas during work. In addition, in the “Library” corner, there are plenty of goods and books related to the titles developed from the Namco era to the present. We hope that you will like our company more by learning about our company’s history. [Meeting room]
[Image 3

meeting room
Six rooms are available so that you can choose according to the number of people. Since MAXHUB (*) is installed in all rooms, PC connection and online meetings are smooth.
*MAXHUB is a monitor-type meeting board that can be used for “whiteboards”, “presentations”, “web conferences”, etc. We have prepared our own in-house manual so that users can use it smoothly. [phone booth]
[Image 4

Phone Booth (from the left “Remote Cabin” “One-Bo” “Telecube”) We have set up 3 types of phone booths according to the purpose. The “Remote Cabin” has a large work space, and the “One-Bo”, which has a large number of units installed so that it can be used for sudden web conferences, can be optionally smoked at the entrance door. We also have a “Telecube” that is highly airtight and suitable for interviews and confidential projects. You can choose according to your business purpose.
[Photogrammetry Studio]
[Image 5

photogrammetry studio
A photogrammetry studio was born that scans a subject and creates a 3DCG model. It can be used by all employees, not just specialized engineers.
[Distribution studio]
[Image 6

delivery studio
The “Distribution Studio”, which is fully equipped with dedicated equipment, can be used by any employee. In addition to being able to easily control the equipment with a tablet, you can also receive support from professional staff.
[L-shaped desk area]
[Image 7

L-shaped desk area
Specializing in working with multiple people, the desk layout makes it easy to communicate. It is also suitable for lectures for new employees and career joining. In the same area, we have also installed a “lifting desk” that takes health into consideration.
[Project Room X, Y, Z]
[Image 8

Project Room X・Y・Z
It is a space that can be used as a large room or as three small rooms. The feature is that the size of the room can be scaled up according to the development phase of the game.
[Cafe space]
[Image 9d52144-7-d4d40a0b4ca13c2f41d4-17.jpg&s3=52144-7-aa61bb8882d5ca34ed7f95d89e0cb767-3900x2925.jpg
cafe space
In addition to being used as a place to rest and refresh, some seats are also equipped with electrical outlets, making it suitable for meetings. In addition, as part of our welfare program, we have installed a cup-type vending machine that employees can use for free. We expect to use it as a place for a little interaction between employees.

Background of the coworking space “Creative Bubbles”
In the protracted corona sickness, our company has shifted to working from home since April 2020, and has changed the way we work until then. Under such circumstances, in June 2021, President Uchiyama announced a work style policy centered on telecommuting, and what kind of office design we are aiming for in order to become a group that develops world-class major titles. We thoroughly identified requests and points for improvement based on a company-wide questionnaire. As a result, we are proud that the ideal coworking space was born at this time.
The name “Kurieva (Creative Bubbles)” includes the hope that this coworking space will become a “place for creation” and that people will continue to pursue their “dreams” and “ambition”. The name was decided through an internal competition in order to raise awareness of the fact that it is a “space for creators created by the company and employees” and to increase the sense of unity.
We will continue to promote hybrid work that takes advantage of the advantages of working from home and going to the office.
Comment from Daisuke Uchiyama, President and Representative Director of Bandai Namco Studios
[Image 10d52144-7-7e763b1d04d19f96a8f1-13.jpg&s3=52144-7-818a7bb6f5f30e53d6faa39f750dc8d5-357x450.jpg
BANDAI NAMCO Studios, let’s create an irreplaceable major title for the worldwide market! And about 1,000 creators are working on development every day. At BANDAI NAMCO Studios, we are constantly evolving the development environment for creators so that new ideas and new creativity can be easily generated.
Currently, we have introduced a hybrid development system that makes the best of both remote development and real-world development. The floor was designed with the assumption that individuality will mix and stimulate each other to create new fun.
In the future, we would like to deliver the services created from this floor to game fans all over the world!
About BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
We plan, develop, and operate home video game software, mobile content, and PC content. One of our basic strategies is to create world-wide major titles.

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