Bantan Co., Ltd. Future top creators gather! “Cutting Edge” held to determine No. 1 on campus

Vantan Co., Ltd.
Future top creators gather! “Cutting Edge” held to determine No. 1 on campus -The Grand Prix winner will acquire the right to publish the work in the magazine and make its debut in the magazine-

Fashion, hair and makeup, graphic design, video school “Vantan Design Institute” operated by Vantan Co., Ltd. with the vision of “creating the world’s most social school” by conducting practical school business by professional sites. held an event called “Cutting Edge” to compete for the best in each field. The Osaka school will be held on October 16th (Sunday) at Dojima River Forum, and the Tokyo school will be held at EBIS303 on October 30th (Sunday). fulfill.
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■ An event aiming to make a debut while still in school
Founded in 1965, the Vantan Design Institute provides a place for students (hereafter referred to as “members”) to have hands-on experience that will lead to their future success through
collaboration with companies and industry-university collaboration projects. “Cutting Edge” is an event in which members who have won internal examinations compete for the best in each field, such as fashion, hair and makeup, and design video. We are creating
opportunities for debut. This event, which consists of two parts, a runway show and an exhibition of works, was attended by about 340 people from the Tokyo and Osaka schools this year, and produced and exhibited their works, including making their debut in industry newspapers.
■ Cutting Edge Tokyo school report
Every year at the Tokyo campus, there is a fashion brand contest “BRAND CONTEST” by members of the fashion department, a fashion show “RUNWAY WAVE” in which members of the stylist major who aim to become stylists participate, and an exhibition and design of headpieces by members of the hair and makeup department. Special exhibitions are held by members of the Faculty of Imaging Arts and Sciences.  In this year’s “BRAND CONTEST”, 10 brands that passed the internal examination appeared and presented their 3 looks. Mr. Hirofumi Nakamura (brand name “BOWEN ZHANG”), a member of the special class X-SEED, who won the Grand Prix, will make his debut in the fashion magazine WWD JAPAN.
“RUNWAY WAVE” collaborated with the movie “Sadako DX”, which will be released nationwide from October 28 (Friday), and presented styling that expressed Sadako’s worldview in a show format. Kanoyuki Takahashi, a 2nd year stylist major who expressed Sadako with a string that covers from head to feet and all black, won the Amazon gift certificate of 100,000 yen along with the Grand Prix.
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This year’s exhibition of the Faculty of Design Imaging collaborated with SoftBank Corp. to propose a product plan for earphones, which SoftBank is currently focusing on, and a promotion plan for the smartphone “Google Pixel”. Ms. Kaoko Nemoto, majoring in WS Graphic Design, was awarded the Grand Prix for the product planning of earphones. In the Google Pixel promotion project, Tatsuya Takeda, a video creator major who expressed the functions of the product as a character and announced “content that makes us look forward to the next project” won the Grand Prix. Details of the plan will be published in
 Participating members will gain experience that will help them in the industry they are aiming for, and will continue to hone their skills through classes and aim to become the top creators of the future. [Image 3

“Cutting Edge” official website: ■ Vantan Design Institute
Vantan Design Institute:
Vantan Design Institute High School: A comprehensive creative vocational school (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya) that started in 1965 to develop human resources specializing in fields such as fashion, hair and makeup, design, video, photography, and professional skaters. Based on the concept of “The world will become my fans,” we invite active professional creators as lecturers and develop human resources who can be ready to fight through practical education in collaboration with the industry.
Founded in 1965. With the vision of “creating the school that is the closest to society in the world”, we are cultivating human resources who are ready to work through “practical education” such as classes by active instructors, long-term internships, and industry-academia collaboration projects (Tokyo)・Osaka and Nagoya). Developing education business in fields such as fashion, hair and makeup, beauty, graphic design, movie video, games, animation, pastry chef, cooking, programming, entertainment creators, influencers, and producers. To date, it has produced approximately 200,000 graduates.
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