Bare Escentuals Co., Ltd. BareMinerals event implementation report Make-up lessons for kids and teens Let’s start with bareMinerals, First Cosmetic Parent-Child Online Seminar

Bare Escentuals Inc.
[BareMinerals event implementation report] Make-up lessons for kids and teens Let’s start with bareMinerals, First Cosmetic Parent-Child Online Seminar
The mother and daughter of Akane Tsuji, the leading expert in medical pilates, is used as a model. A collaboration between bareMinerals, which has a mild formula for children’s skin, and Kahana, a natural brand that is friendly to the environment.

Bare Escentuals Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Saori Kanno), which imports and sells the clean beauty leading brand “bareMinerals”, announced on October 31, 2022 (Monday), “First Cosmetic Parent and Child We held an online seminar.
[Image 1d76934-79-c39ecd3c94cba0d82ba0-0.png&s3=76934-79-4fe61402dedabb82ab31c4afebf20d43-424x229.png
Elementary and junior high school students from all over the country participate. It started with bareMinerals Makeup Artist Kudo explaining the history of bareMinerals and how the products are vegan formulas that are gentle on children’s skin.
In the next part, we will introduce kahana, pudding sepia oil produced by Mr. Tsuji.
In the story of why it was developed, he explained how he improved his diet and adopted kahana from his experience of suffering from itching from atopic dermatitis in a child, making use of the person’s natural healing power to improve it. . It was impressive to see the
participants enthusiastically taking notes and listening to them. [Image 2d76934-79-e50fde53524a87129aad-2.jpg&s3=76934-79-117b68f658aca5e6f3c3571fca4c3585-2819x2290.jpg
The second half uses the original foundation sample that was distributed in advance.
All the children were fascinated by the explanation that when the powder turns creamy when pressed with their fingers, they could see the change in the powder with their fingers and apply it to their hands and face. Even Kahana, who always feels itchy at ballet recitals, was able to apply foundation without any discomfort. [Image 3d76934-79-17b344c6c69ce2403ef1-5.jpg&s3=76934-79-9369e4a52559b2b5d548043a8479da95-3497x2226.jpg
Next, we will introduce tips for presentations, stage makeup, and natural makeup that children can do.
I demonstrated using the vegan product teak.
[Image 4d76934-79-de320c9517cfef196f50-4.jpg&s3=76934-79-c368edbd4db1c28184470a4d0db3e350-2999x2483.jpg
[Image 5d76934-79-f7519cb34d62d98b177a-6.jpg&s3=76934-79-2b51636057791066f09faf724c1d2b21-3900x2925.jpg
In the final Q&A
Questions such as “What should I apply before applying foundation?” and “What do you recommend for children’s lipstick?” It turned out that there was something I always wondered about.
BareMinerals will continue to be a brand that can be used on children’s skin with a mild formula that does not use strong stimulating ingredients or unnecessary additives. We will provide [Image 6d76934-79-03dfb589c84f071a4f69-1.jpg&s3=76934-79-d3bf422eec9bec8235faee26f7145824-2393x1853.jpg
In response to the question “Should children apply sunscreen every day?”, we introduced kahana’s supplements, oils and bareMinerals products.
Participants makeup experience and comments
・It was good to know how to use foundation for children.
・When I saw Kahana’s skin, I felt the importance of the effects of oil, skin care, and diet. I want my daughter to eat more vegetables. ・I learned that even children can use bareMinerals products. It turns out that bareMinerals products are very safe for children. ・I realized again that the ingredients are gentle on the skin. It seems that I can let my daughter use it with confidence.
Seminar overview
Date: Monday, October 31, 2022, 19:00-20:00 1 hour per session Location: Online/via ZOOM
Participants: Infants, elementary school students, junior high school students. 20 people
Demonstrator: Akane Tsuji, Kahana-chan
Kahana, a skincare brand for sensitive skin
Purchase: Kahana Online Shop (
Dealer (handling store): Halekulani Okinawa Boutique
What is bareMinerals
A pioneer brand of mineral cosmetics born in San Francisco,
California, USA in 1995.
Since its founding, with the motto of “using good things in abundance and not using unnecessary things”, the simple formula that does not burden not only the skin but also the earth, is a highly functional and highly effective clean that meets high demands. We are developing beauty cosmetics.
Customer contact
2-4-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 0120-24-2273 (10:00-17:00, excluding weekends and holidays) URL:

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