Bare Escentuals Co., Ltd. BearMinerals Event Implementation Report Collaborate with Musashi University beauty circle “Beauty College”, a student group that promotes diversity!

Bare Escentuals Inc.
[BearMinerals Event Implementation Report] Collaborating with Musashi University beauty circle “Beauty College”, a student group that promotes diversity!
The “bareMinerals x Beauty College Collaboration Festival” will be held at the Shirakijisai, a community-based school festival that attracts people of all ages.

Bare Escentuals Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Saori Kanno), which imports and sells the clean beauty leading brand “bareMinerals”, will hold an event at Musashi University on Saturday, November 5, 2022. At the school festival Shirakijisai, we held a sustainable cosmetics event “bareMinerals x Beauty College Collaboration Festival” that can be enjoyed not only by students but also by families.
The “bareMinerals x Beauty College Collaboration Festival” embodies the “Beauty College” values ​​of “enjoying sustainable cosmetics and beauty” and consists of four zones. Aiming to connect the participants to their own actions, we asked them to experience bareMinerals. [Image 1d76934-80-e7dedc4abd664e96b9e0-6.jpg&s3=76934-80-e289e4591ba0a644510dd57524773d9f-2558x2700.jpg

[Image 2d76934-80-cff6d11b69ddf9ea3090-4.jpg&s3=76934-80-f6b5cc357e17c0ebba5f5185e1f9b2f2-3664x2538.jpg
At the “Tryon & Tester Space” where you can freely use the tester and enjoy yourself,
Experience the new product base makeup and lipstick. Many people who tried the “Bear Pro 16HR Powder Foundation”, which covers worrisome blemishes and dark circles under the eyes with a natural finish, were surprised. Also, in the “Virtual Tryon” where you can experience the feeling of using colored items without makeup on your iPad, you can see people seriously choosing colors.
[Image 3d76934-80-e9b2bc9ac58bbd966894-3.jpg&s3=76934-80-098412f571bcc80980e90cecf603d371-1564x1452.jpg
In the “Makeup Experience”, you will learn how to write eyebrows according to the image you want to be in a self-experience. Everyone from children to adults enjoyed applying makeup.
[Image 4d76934-80-c998e71b2488e1f732a1-2.jpg&s3=76934-80-ae4c05d398b8a565f1a870c7e396d13b-1379x991.jpg
In the “From cosmetic loss to upcycle” zone, you can draw on postcard-sized paper using discarded cosmetics. Everyone from children to adults enjoyed making works, such as the children who were surprised by the texture of the cosmetics.
[Image 5d76934-80-1b2aeb5495e6c9dfce3c-0.jpg&s3=76934-80-01577c6e3446e3081dd1939390cb6104-2262x2262.jpg
In the “photo space”, some people were seen lining up to take pictures after the make-up experience.
Going forward, bareMinerals will continue to support changes from sustainable cosmetics to behaviors that will lead to further interest and understanding, especially among the younger generation, and lead to their “my actions.”
[Image 6d76934-80-d0a7c5bbb70a598772db-5.jpg&s3=76934-80-1f440c0f87c8cadc93dc3a4ea8e38290-3900x3136.jpg

“bareMinerals x Beauty College Collaboration Festival” Event Overview Date: Saturday, November 5, 2022
Time: 11:00~18:00 (Last entry 17:45)
Venue: Room 3217, Ekoda Campus, Musashi University
Visitors: about 220 people

What is bareMinerals
A pioneer brand of mineral cosmetics born in California, USA in 1995. Since its founding, it has been based on the motto, “Use plenty of good things and not use unnecessary things.” With simple formulas that do not burden not only the skin but also the earth, it is highly functional and highly effective to meet the high demands of women. We are developing clean beauty cosmetics with

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