BASE FOOD series, complete nutrition bread “BASE BREAD Chocolate” renewed on November 21, 2022 (Monday)

Base Food Co., Ltd.
BASE FOOD series, complete nutrition bread “BASE BREAD Chocolate” renewed on November 21, 2022 (Monday)
-Focusing on the structure of the nutrients of the ingredients to create a soft and chewy texture-

Base Food Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shun Hashimoto,, which develops and sells the world’s first * 1 complete nutrition * 2 staple food, is one meal * 4 The “BASE BREAD Chocolate” of the complete nutritional bread “BASE BREAD” series, which can get all 33 kinds of nutrients necessary for, has been updated to a moist, fluffy, soft and chewy texture, and from November 21, 2022 (Monday). It will be renewed sequentially at base food official HP online shop (, other EC sites, and dealers.
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*From November 18, 2022, the products will be replaced with new products. New and old products may be mixed during the switching period.
Updated with a soft and chewy texture. Moist and fluffy feeling is also UP! “BASE BREAD Chocolate” has been a very popular product since it was launched in May 2020 as the first sweet bread in the BASE FOOD series. People who are on a diet or training, who are concerned about sugar, who like chocolate, etc., regardless of age or gender, use it as a breakfast or snack. In this renewal, by focusing on the structure of the nutrients of the ingredients, we have updated the texture to be moist, fluffy, and soft and chewy.
In addition, by making the bitterness of the ingredients milder, the chocolate flavor stands out, and you can feel the chocolate feeling more without adding sweetness.
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“BASE BREAD chocolate” cross-sectional comparison image
Voice of the person in charge of development
BASE FOOD arranges and manufactures more than 10 types of natural ingredients such as whole grains and chia seeds. We, the developers, have been conducting research and development every day since our founding in order to make the bitterness and unfavorable taste of the ingredients milder and bring the texture closer to that of bread made from white wheat.
This time, by focusing on the structure of the protein, starch, and dietary fiber derived from the ingredients, we solved the problem of bread becoming dry and hard, and maintained a moist, fluffy, soft, and chewy texture. succeeded in doing In addition, by reducing the ingredients that cause bitterness, such as grains and minerals, and adding ingredients that suppress the bitterness mildly, the sweetness of chocolate has become more prominent.
For those who are eating BASE BREAD for the first time, I would like you to experience this deliciousness as a result of this renewal. I think I have a product that I can get.
Product visual
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“BASE BREAD chocolate” package table
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“BASE BREAD chocolate” package back
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BASE BREAD Chocolate
Product Summary
[Table 2: ]
-Nutrients included-
[Image 6d22258-74-058f4e5e1ce1f4685974-5.png&s3=22258-74-99da3e4cb09aa51ebca54ea7c79814fa-1532x955.png
What is complete nutritional food “BASE FOOD”?
“BASE FOOD” is the world’s first complete nutritional staple food that provides 1/3 of the nutrients required for a day in a well-balanced manner. All products do not use any artificial coloring or
preservatives, and use more than 10 carefully selected raw materials such as whole grains, soybeans, chia seeds, etc., while achieving nutritional balance and deliciousness with a unique technology formulation and manufacturing method. . You can take 33 kinds of nutrients you need a day, such as protein, dietary fiber, and 26 kinds of vitamins and minerals.
Since the start of sales in February 2017, cumulative sales have exceeded 74 million bags and the number of regular purchasers has exceeded 150,000. (as of November 2022)
[Image 7d22258-74-017039357cdeb88aa53c-6.jpg&s3=22258-74-8ff8bd6f6e831203a697efb1051874db-3900x2600.jpg
Completely nutritious staple food “BASE FOOD” series
Overview of Base Food Co., Ltd.
We are a food tech company that started in 2016 with the mission of “Innovating staple foods and making health the norm.” As a pioneer of complete nutritional foods in Japan, we propose new staple foods that are easy, delicious, and good for the body.
Established: April 5, 2016
Head office: 5-25-2 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shun Hashimoto
Business description: Development, manufacture and sale of complete nutrition food
*1 For staple foods (bread, cookies), products that meet *2 per serving (2 bags for BASE BREAD, 4 bags for BASE Cookies) and are indicated on the nutritional information label (Mintel database as of May 2022) (according to our research)
*2 Based on the nutrient display standard values ​​stipulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, excluding lipids, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories.
*3 Based on an independent survey conducted by Base Food, the nutrients necessary for maintaining good health were selected, taking into consideration the dietary habits of modern people, who tend to overdose on fats and carbohydrates.
*4 2 bags of BASE BREAD
*5 Comparison with bread rolls (same amount) from the 2015 Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (7th revision)
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