BASEMENT SPEAKS.E Co., Ltd. The collaboration artist has been announced, and the full picture is finally released today! Started the development of “5450 THE PRODUCTS” with the concept of “connecting the unseen Japan to the world”.

The collaboration artist has been announced, and the whole picture is finally released today! Started the development of “5450 THE PRODUCTS” with the concept of “connecting the unseen Japan to the world”. We develop products born from collaboration with artists and craftsmen who are active in various genres. Aiming to be a brand closely related to lifestyle from approaches such as art, fashion, and sustainability.
The exhibition will be held for 3 days from November 16th. You can see the space and world view that has been created, and the many products created with each artist, and we are also holding a special pre-order event.
Information and invitation to the exhibition accompanying the start of the “5450 THE PRODUCTS” project
BASEMENT SPEAKS.E Co., Ltd. (CEO Tsuyoshi Yaginuma), as a
marketing/creative company, has experienced encounters with beautiful things and things through encounters with many wonderful people. Eventually, from such connections, we decided to co-create with talented people, develop products that can provide new value, and brand them. Together with these products, creators, and artists, we will create a new connection between Japan and the world market, and create a Japan that can be proud of the world, and a Japan that will be proud of the next generation! We have set a goal of
We would like to inform you that from today, we have decided to hold an exhibition on the following schedule when launching the project. Teaser site open
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[5450THE PRODUCTS collaboration artist]
・Hirotake Iida – wine glass, sake glass, dish plate
・COA. – Macrame bottle holder
・KOTOBUKI LTD – Palo Santo case
・Junsuke Yokoyama – Art
Hirotake Iida / HIROTAKE IIDA
After graduating from the stone carving class at Tama Art University in 1989, he worked as a sculptor. Engaged in various productions such as tableware, monuments, and artwork, the works created with the artist’s unique sensibility fascinate people with the artist’s unique world view. His quest for “shaping” and “modeling” without being bound by the concept of pottery has realized pottery as an expression that transcends crafts.
Product Summary:
Wine glasses, sake glasses and dish plates over 30 cm in diameter made from Arita porcelain clay
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Born in Yokohama After graduating from Yokohama Dressmaking Academy, worked in the apparel industry as a planner and buyer.
After the dissolution of the brand, he left the apparel industry and learned macrame, weaving techniques, and natural dyeing on his own, and launched the craft work “coa.” Utilizing his apparel buying experience, he will launch vintage clothing “coa.+” in 2021. Currently, he is active only in event stalls, special exhibitions, workshops, and individual orders.
Product Summary:
A bottle holder and a flower vase for wall hangings expressed by carefully woven macrame.
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[Image 5

Kotobuki Industry Co., Ltd. / KOTOBUKI SANGYO
Established in 1967. Always keeping in mind that “this is never enough”, we take a global approach to the production of even one product in terms of quality, delivery time, price and service, and provide our customers with the best proposals at that time. We want to be a company that can continue. This is because we believe that customer satisfaction is our satisfaction, and that is the mission of Kotobuki Sangyo. When a company stops taking on challenges, it inevitably declines and becomes a loser. There is a reason why we must continue to take on challenges, and all of our employees understand this and work hard every day.
Product Summary:
The Palo Santo case is made of stainless steel with attention to detail to express an exquisite sense of size.
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[Image 7

Born in 1982.
Self-taught painting started while studying law at Komazawa
University. He specializes in realistic expressions centered on universal themes such as the flow of time and emotions. In recent years, he has produced not only paintings but also three-dimensional works. Many of his works have been exhibited at home and abroad, and have been highly acclaimed.
In addition, at the Art Prize sponsored by the UK art magazine Aesthetica Magazine, he was selected as a Longlist in both the painting category in 2020 and the three-dimensional work category in 2022.
Product Summary:
An art piece that expresses the balance of various emotions through the shape of an apple from an unconventional idea.
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At the exhibition, which will be held for three days from today, we will accept special advance orders for all products. We will explain not only the production of the space, but also the world view of each product and the process of reaching there.
Also, although it is small, we will be holding a launch party from 18:00 on the 16th today, and we are looking forward to your visit with catering. Please take this opportunity to visit us.
All the project members are looking forward to seeing you.
Collection Theme
▫️11/16 (Wed) 12:00-18:00
▫️11/16 (Wed) 18:00~21:00
▫️ Catering: selsalsale: -Place-
2F, 5-4-50 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
*If you are able to visit us, we will ask for your name in advance. I would appreciate it if you could contact me.
[5450 THE PRODUCTS Instagram]
-*Measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus-
We will do our best to make sure that everyone can see the exhibition with peace of mind by ensuring that the staff wears masks and that the venue is thoroughly ventilated and disinfected.
*Admission may be restricted when the venue is crowded. Please note. [Inquiries]
[Operating company information]
[Inquiries from the media regarding this matter]
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