Basis Co., Ltd. Basis (4068) collaborated with Ecomot (3987) and was in charge of installing various equipment in the joint project “Space Jizai Project” of JR East (9020) and KDDI (9433).

Basis Inc.
Basis (4068) collaborated with Ecomot (3987) and was in charge of installing various equipment in the joint project “Space Jizai Project” of JR East (9020) and KDDI (9433).

Basis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kimitaka Yoshimura, Securities Code: 4068, hereinafter Basis), which handles infrastructure technology business (mobile engineering service and IoT engineering service), has long been a subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company ( Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Fukasawa, Securities code: 9020, hereinafter JR East) and KDDI Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter KDDI) Led by two companies, the “Free Space Project” consortium. Ecomot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido; Representative Director: Takuya Irisawa , securities code: 3987, hereinafter referred to as Ecomot), so we would like to report on the results.
〇 Overview of Spatial Flexible Workplace Service
The Spatial Flexible Workplace Service provides an environment that enables team communication as if they were in the same place even if they are far apart, compared to conventional web conferencing systems. This service connects remote locations such as offices, homes, and locations with convenient access such as Tokyo Station, so that you can feel as if you are in the same place with a variety of people, such as team members and co-creation partners, wherever you are. allows you to communicate with
〇Features of Spatial Flexible Workplace Service
1. Video/audio connection with presence
・Because high-quality images equivalent to 4K can be displayed on a large screen, it is possible to communicate while watching the expressions and reactions of participants.
・Equipped with a surround system that allows sound to be heard from the position of the speaker, enabling smooth discussions among multiple people.
・It is also ideal for meetings while looking at the real thing and texture. [Image 1d31640-40-445293c96e470957e82b-0.png&s3=31640-40-06bebfd4d322b6da57e5fb98af8f9db3-430x242.png
2.Various convenient functions
・The material on the connection screen can be made transparent, making it possible to give a presentation while seeing the expressions and appearances of all speakers and participants. (Document projection in transmission)
・Up to 10 people can participate from their own computers using a virtual connector, and can view high-definition images and materials of the base. (remote participation)
[Image 2d31640-40-c2e387f5e3a6add52645-1.png&s3=31640-40-a20a87341b3c7d883834c137ee4fc17b-432x256.png
〇 Installation results of Basis in this service
Basis has installed equipment such as high-definition cameras, sound-collecting microphones, high-definition projectors, high-quality speakers, etc., which are essential hardware for building an environment for this service, in the “Osaka Umeda Twin Towers North 26th Floor Rental Conference Room”. I was in charge of kitting, installation, and on-site coordination.
All of these devices are of high quality and realize a realistic video/audio connection and a surround system in which the sound can be heard from the position of the speaker, as described in the “Features of the Spatial Flexible Workplace Service” above. Accurate and precise equipment installation is required to fully demonstrate performance. Here, Basis, which has a track record of high-quality installation of various IoT devices in a flexible and adaptable manner in response to the needs of many clients in individual and specific fields, is the last mile of our service, “equipment installation.” was in charge of In addition, Basis is not limited to simple installation, but is good at efficient and accurate maintenance using IT. Therefore, in the future, we will contribute to this project as a company that not only builds the environment for this service, but also maintains it and responds to unexpected troubles.
KDDI press release “Launch of ‘Space Flexible Workplace Service’ that allows teams to connect as if they were in the same place even if they are apart” Ecomot press release: “Entrusted system introduction and operation work of “ Spatial Flexible Workplace Service ””
〇 About Basis
Basis will be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (currently Growth) in 2021. With the corporate philosophy of “making the world more convenient with ICT”, we are engaged in the “infratech business” that supports the digital society with infrastructure. We provide telecommunications, electric power, gas, and other infrastructure operators with services such as design, construction, operation, and maintenance services for telecommunications infrastructure, as well as support for various projects.
If you are having trouble installing IoT devices, please take a look at our platform “Smasetch” below. “Smasetch” is a platform that allows you to request equipment installation, construction process
management, and post-construction operation and maintenance when building a smart infrastructure that utilizes IoT equipment.
Press contact: Basis Co., Ltd. President’s Office
Person in charge Kamijo
Mobile: 090-1754-7359
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