baton Co., Ltd. QuizKnock’s mystery-solving program “Uraga Mystery-Solving Town Walk” will start on Saturd ay, November 12th!

Baton Co., Ltd.
QuizKnock’s puzzle-solving program “Uraga Mystery-Solving Town Walk” will start on Saturday, November 12th!

QuizKnock, operated by baton Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO Yosuke Kinugawa), produced “Uraga Mystery Solving Town Walk”. Using a kit with a ferryboat “Uraga no Watashi” one-day pass, which is also a symbol of Uraga, you can enjoy solving puzzles while freely walking around the city of Uraga. The event will be held from Saturday, November 12, 2022 to Saturday, February 11, 2023.
MEGURU Project 2022 ( will be held on weekends and holidays from November 12th (Sat) to December 11th (Sun) in the “Uraga Dock” area in Uraga, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. An event will be held.
This time, QuizKnock’s “Uraga Mystery-Solving Town Walk” is one of the programs within this MEGURU Project 2022, where you can enjoy solving mysteries while walking freely in the city of Uraga. The dedicated mystery solving kit comes with a one-day pass for the ferryboat “Uraga no Watashi”, which is also a symbol of Uraga, so you can experience the culture and history of Uraga while trying to solve the mystery. [Image 1d12901-77-1a6c5c22343cbbeefb64-0.jpg&s3=12901-77-e7171a5f2d1c7d301a695495204a78d5-3900x2600.jpg
-Outline of the Uraga Mystery Town Walk-
Event period: Saturday, November 12, 2022 to Saturday, February 11, 2023 *Please note that it is different from the MEGURU Project 2022 session (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Saturday, November 12, 2022 to Sunday, December 11, 2022). It will be held regardless of weekdays, weekends and holidays.
■ Location: Around Uraga Brick Dock (4-7-1 Uraga, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
■ Estimated time required: about 2 hours
■ Kit sales location:
8:30-15:00 at the event venue “ticket office” during the exhibition period “Uraga no Watashi” ship 7:00-15:00
■Fee: 1,000 yen (tax included) *Includes “Uraga Pass” one-day pass ■ Official website:
In the future, QuizKnock plans to produce a mystery-solving program set on the uninhabited island of Yokosuka City, “Sarushima”. Details will be released on QuizKnock’s official Twitter (@QuizKnock) and portal site (
What is QuizKnock
QuizKnock is a media that combines entertainment and knowledge, mainly operated by the University of Tokyo Quiz King Takuji Izawa. Based on the concept of “learning that starts with fun”, we are sending out articles and videos every day that will help you “know” something. YouTube ( channel subscribers exceeded 1.95 million. (as of November 2022)
[Image 2d12901-77-168dddc9e12c9e9f2cd3-1.png&s3=12901-77-cb3b4b42faf84bfe1e85c1bf96be8dd8-1242x818.png

About Baton Co., Ltd.
Baton Co., Ltd. operates various services that connect play and learning in order to realize its vision of “a world where you learn by playing”. The current main service is QuizKnock, which is based on the concept of “learning that starts with fun.”
・Web media where you can enjoy quizzes about the universe
・YouTube channel that provides video content that fuses entertainment and knowledge
・A game app that trains your intelligence through intuitive fun We are engaged in content production and management for the three businesses. In addition, as part of creating opportunities for a more enjoyable and intelligent life than yesterday, we are actively working on publishing books, holding events, and giving lectures at schools. [Image 3d12901-77-cbd371b79ade1bcd30f5-2.jpg&s3=12901-77-1f6f9cb1d70588a409491c33e091b619-450x450.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name: baton Co., Ltd.
Established: October 2013
Representative Director: Yosuke Kinugawa
Corporate site:
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Baton Co., Ltd. Public Relations Team
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