Become Santa! 500 elementary school students and their parents will be holding a “Strange Christmas Festival” in Hamamatsucho on December 25th (Sunday) to learn about socially friendly initiatives through donation experiences!

CHEERS Co., Ltd.
Become Santa! 500 elementary school students and their parents will be holding a “Strange Christmas Festival” in Hamamatsucho on December 25th (Sunday) to learn about socially friendly initiatives through donation experiences!
~CHEERS supports Giving December~

“Excitement for everyone.” CHEERS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomoko Shirai), which develops well-being education for elementary school students, has 500 people entitled HELLO! We will hold a festival where parents and children can learn about social issues through donation experiences.
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Become Santa! Christmas to learn socially friendly initiatives through donation experience
A strange town where children meet various dreams and ways of life. In December, which is also a donation month, we will hold the “HELLO! Strange Town 2022 Christmas Festival” where children learn about social issues through donation experiences.
The concept is “Let’s become Santa”.
In exchange for the admission ticket, a donation ticket worth 500 yen will be issued, and you can actually donate to the organization you choose to support. We offer a special Christmas where smiles circulate, based on the learning concept of “know → move your heart → act”. In addition, 24 companies and organizations that have cleared the screening criteria of “Kids Friendly,” “Earth Friendly,” and “Social Friendly,” have also set standards for exhibiting companies. We are exhibiting only.
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More than 20 social good companies and organizations participate and exhibit At Henteco Christmas Festival, more than 20 social good companies and organizations will participate on behalf of us for the sake of children, the earth, society, and their future. It is an opportunity for children to enjoy learning about what social issues exist, what kind of gentle efforts are available, and what actions they can take.
What are Ukrainian wooden toys?
・The roots of Hakone marquetry! ? Let’s take a look at traditional Syrian handicrafts!
・What is a refugee? Find out what’s happening in the world through games! ・Children’s clothing exchange event for children only
・Kanji Monsters! Can you make the strongest team?
・Let’s make an eco bag from Ross flower
・Is playfulness a natural nourishment? ! Everyone’s exciting clay experience! ・Let’s connect with West Africa and Sierra Leone! Check out our accessories! ・Upcycle pencil ○+ (watasu)
・PET bottle cap accessory making
・What is Down Syndrome?
・Bring your dream to your friends in Taiwan
・Recycle T-shirts! Eco-friendly bag making
・Panorama and Laboratory Christmas Concert
・ Dialogue between an elementary school entrepreneur and a minimalist “The secret of our clothes”
・Currently under construction! What is the “bamboo” village spreading from Cambodia?
・Let’s learn first! What are rare and intractable diseases?
・Let’s send a New Year’s card to that important person!
Other booths will also be exhibited
CHEERS will support Giving December as an endorsement partner for Donation Month “Let’s give donations to the future we want.” Donation month to disseminate the culture of donations. In order to realize the ideal future envisioned by children, we will create an exciting future for more people by communicating the option of donation.
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■ List of Donation Month Supporting Partners
Implementation overview: Scheduled to be held in Hamamatsucho on 12/25 (Sun) 【event name】
HELLO! Strange Town 2022 Christmas Festival
[Date and time]
December 25, 2022 (Sun) 10:00-15:00
1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato Ward, Tokyo 105-0023
Hamamatsucho Building 22F
CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
[Participation/application fee]
Admission ticket 500 yen
* It will be exchanged for a full donation ticket
【The target number of people】
500 elementary school children and their parents
[24 sponsoring partner organizations]
main sponsor
CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.
Commons Asset Management Co., Ltd.
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[Limited to 10 companies] Recruiting tour companies limited to one company per industry
“Henteko Christmas Festival” is a co-sponsored event with companies and organizations. Through collaboration with social good companies and organizations, we will create opportunities for customers to experience the assets of companies and organizations in a richer way. “I want to work on CSR, but I don’t know where to start,” “I’m interested in future human resource education,” “I want to publicize our company’s products and SDGs initiatives to parents and children,” and “I want to spread the company’s philosophy.” For sponsorship and collaboration, please feel free to contact us from the following. ■ [Christmas] Tour Consultation Form
Organizer/Management Secretariat
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With a mission of “100 will, 100 cheers! 100 excitement, 100 cheers.” From program planning and development to customer attraction and operation, we carry it out in one go.
Company name: CHEERS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomoko Shirai
Location: Megumi High Mansion 102, 5-29-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 URL:

[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
CHEERS Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Honda
Phone: 03-6451-1505

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