BEENOS Co., Ltd. “Buyee” begins supporting the overseas sales of second-hand clothes specialty EC shop “ Secondhand JAM”

“Buyee” started supporting the overseas sales of second-hand clothing EC shop “Secondhand JAM”

BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime: 3328)’s consolidated subsidiary, tenso Inc. (hereafter, “tenso”), which operates the overseas purchase support service “Buyee“, is JAM Inc. TRADING (Headquarters: Otani Building B, 2-4-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Masanori Fukushima, hereinafter referred to as JAM TRADING), an e-commerce shop specializing in second-hand clothes “Furugi-ya JAM” (URL: https://jamtrading. jp/ ) started support for overseas sales in early November.
By introducing “Buyee Connect”, a new dedicated shopping cart will be opened on the site of “Secondhand JAM” for visitors from overseas, which will lead to improved shopping convenience for overseas customers. “Buyee Connect ( )” allows customers in 118 countries/areas around the world to seamlessly connect with customers in 118 countries/areas by opening a cart exclusively for overseas markets on their own e-commerce site simply by setting a tag. It is a service that can be purchased for With the introduction of “Buyee Connect”, EC site operators can support cross-border EC without changing domestic EC operations, and “Buyee” has all the necessary functions such as multilingual CS support, overseas delivery, and payment. Correspond. “Buyee Connect” is provided free of charge for both initial and monthly fees. URL:
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About “Secondhand JAM”
“Secondhand Clothing Store JAM” is an overseas secondhand clothing store that boasts the largest number of items handled in Japan, and operates both physical stores and EC sites. “Secondhand Clothing Store JAM” selects items one by one by our own buyers, paying close attention to the brand, size, and silhouette so that everyone from second-hand clothing beginners to vintage enthusiasts can enjoy it. . All products delivered from overseas are cleaned and inspected to provide customers with clean, safe and high-quality products. Due to the corona crisis, the rate of e-commerce has increased overseas, and the number of inquiries and access to the official website from overseas customers is increasing. Against this
background, we decided to introduce “Buyee Connect” so that overseas users can enjoy online shopping while maintaining the excellent UI and world view of “Secondhand JAM”.
The BEENOS Group, including tenso, has the strength of global business development that connects things, people, and information in two directions, “from Japan to overseas” and “from overseas to Japan.” With the introduction of “Buyee Connect” this time, we will expand the sales opportunities of “second-hand clothing store JAM” and further improve the satisfaction of overseas customers.
Comment from JAM TRADING Co., Ltd.
Our company operates 18 physical stores, but like other companies’ stores, we lost the opportunity for overseas customers to make purchases due to the corona crisis, so we began to seriously consider selling through cross-border e-commerce. Due to the recent global economic situation, we started cross-border e-commerce with the intention of increasing overseas sales channels in earnest, but at the start, we encountered various hurdles such as ordering, shipping, and customer service. After doing some research, I found out about Buyee Connect, which was easy to install, didn’t take much time to operate, and had excellent support, so I decided to use it.
■ EC site image (Image of overseas exclusive cart with Buyee Connect introduction)
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*A multilingual overseas shopping cart is displayed at the bottom of the page. URL:
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*Example of products for sale
■Buyee Connect service details
“Buyee Connect” is a purchase support service for overseas customers that allows you to easily open an overseas shopping cart on your own e-commerce site just by setting a tag. is possible. Both the initial cost and the monthly fee are provided free of charge.
Through this collaboration, when overseas customers access “Secondhand Clothing Store JAM,” an overseas-only cart will be displayed on the site, and customers can change the display language on the
overseas-only cart to Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional, (Simplified Chinese), Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Spanish, German, and Russian. After selecting a product, press the button to proceed to the order in the overseas shopping cart, and you can complete the payment process on Buyee. can also be used. In addition, Buyee will handle international shipping procedures and support customer inquiries in multiple languages. As a result, overseas customers will be able to select products on Japanese e-commerce sites, and it will also reduce the effort required for product registration by Japanese e-commerce site operators, making it easier to handle overseas operations. [Video introducing Buyee Connect services]
[Image of cross-border EC development by introducing “Buyee Connect”, a cross-border EC support service]
[Image 4

■Overseas sales support provided by Buyee
◆ Supports various payment methods: various credit cards such as Paypal, Alipay, UnionPay credit card, AFTEE for Taiwan
◆ Supports a wide range of delivery methods: DHL, EMS, SAL, FedEx, international parcel, surface mail, etc.
◆Original guarantee service…Buyee’s original inspection and delivery compensation is provided.
◆ Fraudulent payment prevention: Purchase support by Buyee that eliminates the risk of fraudulent payments for EC site operators ■Inquiries for those considering implementing Buyee Connect
BeeCruise Co., Ltd. (BEENOS Group, sales contact)
[Online briefing on introduction of cross-border EC] Now being held
[Introductory material for “Buyee Connect”, which enables cross-border EC support only by installing tags] *Free installation/use
– “Buyee” to support overseas sales of Japanese companies, solving the three barriers of “language”, “payment” and “logistics”-
Buyee is a service that supports cross-border e-commerce for Japanese companies. We solve the problems of “language”, “payment”, and “logistics” that are barriers to overseas sales, and service usage fees can be handled from 0 yen. By introducing Buyee, you can sell to 118 countries/regions all over the world. In 2020, we launched a new service, “Buyee Connect,” which allows you to open a cart exclusively for overseas markets on your own e-commerce site by simply installing a tag, making it easier to start cross-border e-commerce. In 2008, the dawn of cross-border e-commerce, the BEENOS Group started the overseas transfer service, and has cultivated its own know-how in areas such as overseas shipping operations and global customer support. In addition to building an overseas sales environment, we also provide support for user acquisition and customer attraction. In addition, overseas customers commented on the variety of delivery and payment methods, the low international shipping charges due to our unique logistics service for North America, Europe, and Asia, and the ability to combine products purchased from multiple sites. The high level of service has been well received, and the number of members currently stands at over 4.12 million. (*1) In addition, it is a service that has many repeat customers due to its official cooperation with the store opening company and a reliable support system such as customer support in 10 languages.
(*1) Combined figures for “Buyee” and cross-border e-commerce related service “ (”, as of the end of September 2022
[Overview of JAM TRADING Co., Ltd.]
(1) Company name: JAM TRADING Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative: Representative Director Masanori Fukushima (3) Head office location: Otani Building B, 2-4-6 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka (4) Capital: 30 million yen
(5) Established: December 2007
[Overview of tenso Inc.]
Tenso, which supports the expansion of overseas sales channels for domestic EC sites, is developing services that support overseas sales such as “” (overseas transfer service) and “Buyee” (purchase support service). provides overseas shipping operations and multilingual customer support on behalf of the e-commerce site, while Buyee also provides translation and payment support for members. The total number of cross-border EC support cases for domestic companies in the BEENOS Group has exceeded 3,000, and the delivery target countries are 118 countries/regions. Overseas consumers have praised our high level of service, including the variety of delivery and payment methods, and the ability to combine products purchased on multiple sites, and the number of members has grown to over 4.12 million.
(1) Company name: tenso Inc.
(2) Representative: Shota Naoi, President and CEO
(3) Head office location: 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (4) Date of establishment: July 2008
(5) Capital: 100 million yen
*Consolidated subsidiary of BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime: 3328).

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