Beisia Co., Ltd. Debut of “Foods Park,” a new food supermarket proposed by Beisia, where “daily deliciousness” is available

Beisia Co., Ltd.
Debut of “Foods Park”, a new food supermarket proposed by Beisia, where “everyday delicious” is available
-The first store, Beisia Foods Park Otawara store, grand opening on November 23-
Beisia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, President: Takahito Aiki) will open the first store of “Foods Park”, which will be a new format (business type) on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, in Tochigi Prefecture. Grand opening in Otawara city.
Now that we have experienced the corona disaster, the needs of customers seeking food supermarkets have changed dramatically. In addition to freshness and deliciousness, we will embody a “food theme park” where you can enjoy shopping itself through an
easy-to-understand shopping experience, and we will respond to the diverse food needs of modern customers. .
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Background of the birth of the new food supermarket format
A consumer survey in September 2020 found that customers expect “freshness” from Beisia. Based on these results, we launched a cross-departmental improvement project to promote a variety of company-wide efforts to improve freshness, such as reviewing the method of purchasing perishables and adopting delivery methods that make full use of the latest technology. The new scheme, which has been improved and improved recently, has been gathered at the Otawara store.
Thoughts put into the new format “Foods Park”
Since our founding, our motto has been “Better products at lower prices” under the philosophy of “For the Customers”. “As food professionals, we are committed to delivering the best products to our customers in the best condition, and we want our customers to enjoy the experience they get from food.” I put such feelings into “Foods Park”. In addition to the supercenters currently under development, we will develop a “Foods Park” in the future and establish the style of next-generation food supermarkets.
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Featured sales floors and products at Beisia Otawara store, the first “Foods Park” store
We are particular about freshness such as “freshly harvested”, “freshly cut”, “freshly made”, “freshly pounded”, and “freshly fried”. In addition, in response to the growing need for convenience in recent years, we will provide new value to our customers by enhancing in-store processing and cooking.
Fruits and vegetables corner with local vegetables and seasonal deliciousness We sell “Shimotsuke vegetables” produced by local farmers in Tochigi prefecture. At the fruit section, freshly cut pineapples and fruit parfaits using seasonal fruits are newly introduced. The first parfait will be a strawberry parfait.
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A fresh fish corner like a market with plenty of round fish
We have an assortment of round fish directly delivered from markets around Japan such as Toyosu. Free pre-processing is available upon request. The whole fish that arrived in the morning is cooked appropriately according to the passage of time, and its shape is changed to maintain its deliciousness. It also contributes to food loss countermeasures.
[Image 4d69349-150-603bbdd697578f32406a-5.png&s3=69349-150-1b3a4ae43932bd2dd622945f900626dd-1012x353.png
A meat corner with branded beef and specialty products that are only available at Beisia
The original brand beef “Beisia Toro Beef” from the Otawara store is now available for the first time. By purchasing a whole 4-grade beef that has been carefully selected by a professional connoisseur, we can offer a variety of high-quality and fresh cuts of meat, from red meat to marbled meat.
[Image 5d69349-150-13be49d01114e4c203cd-6.png&s3=69349-150-a95e6d0e7c509841788456177d0a9bc2-2124x508.png
◆A huge side dish corner with freshly prepared dishes & a popular side dish revival!
Beisia’s largest fly sales floor has appeared. Approximately 7m wide x 2 tiers with 30 types of flies. In addition, the long-awaited revival of the curry buffet that was once popular for the first time in about five years. All-you-can-eat curry and rice*. Gigamori Yakisoba & Napolitan will also be revived for the first time in about 5 years. *Conditional that the lid of the container is closed
[Image 6d69349-150-4e57ceae3c2a91782481-7.png&s3=69349-150-2f05aa51709a7dc458c4b6eb1080005b-2222x425.png
The rice used for the bento is made from Yamagata Prefecture’s “Haenuki” rice, which is polished and cooked in the store. By polishing the rice just before cooking, the rice will be fluffy and juicy. Freshly baked croissants with a wide variety of variations are also available. We carefully bake the dough purchased from the home of France every day in the store.
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◆ Open commemorative event
・November 23 (Wednesday): Balloon gift for children (limited to the first 1,000 people)
・November 23rd (Wednesday) to 27th (Sunday): Beisia Group logo can badge gift (limited to the first 200 people every day*)
A total of 10 types of can batches, including Beisia, Iseya, and Beisia Group companies, are available.
* If you shop with your child, you can enjoy the clatter of can badges. [Image 8d69349-150-a5ff363c1686d502ce89-9.png&s3=69349-150-91620573d85d3e2efde742beb247f042-832x389.png

Overview of Beisia Foods Park Otawara store
Store name: Beisia Foods Park Otawara store
Address: 1-14-12 Sumiyoshicho, Otawara City, Tochigi Prefecture 324-0057 Phone: 0287-23-5100
Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00
*From November 23rd (Wednesday) to December 13th (Tuesday), it will be open at 9:00.
Closed: January 1st

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