Belong Co., Ltd. CMGR (monthly average growth rate) exceeded 300% one year after the launch of “Belong One ”, a rental and sales service for used smartphones and tablets for corporations, and “Belong Purchase for Biz”, a purchase service

Belong Co., Ltd.
CMGR (monthly average growth rate) exceeded 300% one year after the launch of “Belong One”, a rental and sales service for used
smartphones and tablets for corporations, and “Belong Purchase for Biz”, a purchase service
Demand is increasing due to the promotion of DX such as smart factories in the restaurant, transportation, logistics, and
manufacturing industries.

Belong Co., Ltd. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO Daisuke Inoue), a member of the ITOCHU Corporation Group, operates “Belong One”, a rental and sales service for smartphones and tablets for corporations, and “Belong Purchase for Biz”, the average monthly growth rate*2 in October 2022, one year after the service started in October 2021, remained at a high level of 334%.
*1 Device: In this release, it refers to smartphones and tablets. *February average growth rate: Average value per month calculated from the growth rate of the past few months. Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR)
[Image 1d44035-89-f59ed1ca265122b2c4b2-0.png&s3=44035-89-567f32016071e5e8aa2c513842ad1698-602x191.png
Belong corporate service official website: ■ Recent corporate terminal trends
In addition to the penetration of telework, the improvement of business efficiency in companies, the promotion of DX, POS terminals at stores, monitors in taxis, and the increase in gig workers, the desire to use smartphones and tablet terminals is increasing in all situations. More and more companies are adopting it. On the other hand, in addition to the limited functions required for terminals such as telephone calls, messaging, and web conferencing by corporations*3, rental services and second-hand terminal services are becoming increasingly popular due to price hikes due to the weak yen, high prices, and global shortage of semiconductors. We are getting more and more inquiries about selling devices.
* 3 Awareness survey on mobile phones for corporations
■ Main transaction results of Belong One and Belong Purchase for Biz “Belong One”, a terminal rental and sales service for corporations, and “Belong Purchase for Biz”, a terminal purchase service, are used by companies in various industries and industries, including manufacturing, medical/pharmaceutical, welfare, wholesale/retail, etc. We are here. In particular, rental demand is increasing from the viewpoint of reducing the cost of terminal purchase and management, and as a trend, there are more cases of contracts with a rental period of about 1 to 2 years.
Especially in the restaurant industry, which is expanding
significantly, the number of terminals handled has increased about 10 times in the last six months due to a wide range of terminals, from terminals for employees to terminals for taking orders from customers, and demand will continue to expand in the future. expected.
Similarly, in other industries, devices such as smartphones and tablets are used in various scenes, such as lending business terminals to employees, using them for events and training, and introducing solutions aimed at promoting corporate DX and improving operational efficiency. is required. Therefore, it is used in a wide range of use cases, from short-term use of a few units to long-term and thousands of units.
In addition, with regard to the terminal purchase service “Belong Purchase for Biz”, because Belong has one of the largest operation centers in Japan, which boasts a track record of inspecting millions of terminals annually, it is possible for many people to sell their terminals without worrying about security. It is used by companies. [Image 2d44035-89-d1c050214cfb9878428a-3.png&s3=44035-89-4b443d73765cde0a53e088f10c96d25d-3900x3073.png
■ Main examples
manufacturing industry
Representative case: GE Healthcare Japan K.K.
In order to convert customer service to DX, from renting 5,000 iPads to kitting, Belong provides a one-stop service, including one-stop delivery to customers nationwide
Dining, lodging, life-related services
Representative example: Uber Eats Japan LLC
After collecting tablets and inspecting and screening terminals for Uber Eats registered stores,
Belong offers a purchase/reuse scheme
Education and learning support
Representative example: Like Kids Co., Ltd.
In order to develop a photo sharing service for children for parents at the operated nursery school,
Introduced iPhones to about 130 nursery schools under a rental scheme Reference: Belong introduction case list ■ Future demand forecast
The number of inquiries has increased about 10 times compared to when the service was first released, and demand for terminals for a wide range of corporate applications is expected to continue in the future. In addition to providing terminals including rental and sales, we also provide solutions that meet challenges such as operation management such as kitting and response to terminal inquiries, and construction of a scheme to reuse old terminals in an unstable supply of terminals. We are here.
In addition, we are seeing an increase in inquiries from
manufacturing, wholesale/retail, construction, transportation, and logistics industries, which are newly growing industries. is expected to
We will continue to solve our customers’ problems by providing device solutions to meet the wide range of needs of companies.
■ Service overview
●Belong One
・How to provide: If you contact us via the inquiry form (URL:, a Belong staff member will contact you.
・Handling devices: iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2nd generation, iPad (6th generation), iPad (7th generation), Android devices, etc.
– Offered from a few hundred yen (tax included) per month including warranty – Call center and kitting available
– Flexibility to handle from one to thousands of units, and usage periods from one month to several years
●Belong purchase for Biz
・How to provide: If you contact us via the inquiry form (URL:, a Belong staff member will contact you. The purchase amount will be adjusted individually. ·feature:
– Implementation of appropriate data erasure
– It is also possible to purchase in units of several thousand units – Flexibly respond to device collection, such as sending packing materials About Belong used terminal service for corporations
Belong, a member of the ITOCHU Group, offers smartphone/tablet rental and sales service “Belong One (” and corporate purchase service “Belong Purchase for Biz
(”.”. “Belong One” is a one-stop shop for terminal kitting, individual delivery, operation management such as help desk, and agency, as well as providing terminals quickly and inexpensively as terminal prices are soaring due to semiconductor shortages and the weak yen. can be provided. With “Belong One Rental”, it is possible to cut costs related to device purchase, accounting processing, and asset management. You can install the terminal by
If you purchased iPhone12 64GB: 93,455 yen x 100 = 9,345,500 yen When renting iPhone 12 64GB: 2,400 yen per month x 2 years x 100 units = 5,760,000 yen
* iPhone12 terminal price as of July 1, 2022 Refer to Apple official website (excluding tax)
In addition, the terminal that is no longer needed by the corporation uses a data erasure tool that is used worldwide, and after
implementing thorough security measures, the entire process is completed online to reduce the man-hours of the person in charge. I will purchase the terminal at.
■ About Belong
[Image 3d44035-89-818997357d7c01088032-2.png&s3=44035-89-ebd69cf94271aa2ba3f017f6761429d3-166x87.png
With the slogan “Let’s deliver the next value that we can be proud of to our loved ones.” (, used smartphone rental service for corporations “Belong One”
(, purchase service “Belong purchase for Biz” ( ://, we are developing services related to used devices tailored to customers regardless of corporate or individual. We will always provide everyone with the peace of mind of used smartphones with the creed of “being honest”. We purchase and sell high-quality devices at reasonable prices through our global network and rigorous inspections. Belong is evolving day by day so that customers can live a second-hand smartphone life with peace of mind.
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