Beppu City Announcement of “Beppu ONSEN Academia 2022”

Beppu City
Announcement of “Beppu ONSEN Academia 2022”
Beppu Onsen Challenge!

We will disseminate the possibilities of new hot springs to the whole country and the world.
At the symposium of “Beppu ONSEN Academia 2022”, we will disseminate the effects of each hot spring quality based on the results obtained from the demonstration experiments.
Specifically, from June to July 2022, we conducted a demonstration experiment to verify the effects of Beppu hot springs for each spring quality by examining the intestinal bacteria of 100 people using workcations, etc. Shunsuke Managi, Director of the University Urban Research Center, will report on the results and discuss the content and possibilities with Associate Professor Toyoki Maeda of Beppu Hospital, Kyushu University Hospital. We announced the interim report in December last year, but this time it will be the final report. On April 30, 2021, Beppu City, the Beppu City Ryokan Hotel Association, and the Kyushu University Urban Research Center signed a comprehensive partnership agreement, and the results and future prospects of the three parties will be announced. .
By reviewing the power of hot springs themselves and communicating the possibility of utilizing the effects of hot springs according to individual constitution and condition, it will be useful for revitalizing hot spring areas and businesses that use hot springs as a whole. I would like to
In addition, we will hold a panel discussion on the efforts that local people and the younger generation are working together to protect the hot spring culture, and deliver positive messages to those managing the shared hot springs.
In addition, we welcomed Mr. Takumi Saito, an actor and film director who filmed a movie in Beppu City in May this year. I will talk about life.
〇 Date and time: November 26, 2020 (Sat) 13: 00-16: 20 (planned) 〇 Venue: Beppu B-Con Plaza 3rd floor international conference room 〇 Contents: See attached sheet
〇 Homepage URL: ○ There will be a live stream (excluding talk sessions) on the day of the event. [Imaged50335-8-81c2e81afe8a3df9839e-0.png&s3=50335-8-3c70cf9f6e0e10c78d611d55aa563d79-1910x2700.png
The event is free to enter and seats 300 people on a first-come, first-served basis. Numbered tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the entrance of B-Con Plaza Fujimi-dori from 9:00 am on Saturday, November 26th. Details will be announced on the website as needed.
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