“Berserk Gacha” is now available! Hakusensha’s official web lottery “Manpuku Gacha” site renewal first!

Hakusensha Co., Ltd.
“Berserk Gacha” is now available! Hakusensha’s official web lottery “Manpuku Gacha” site renewal first!
“Manpuku Gacha” has a new logo and site design, and will be reborn as a web gacha that allows you to enjoy Hakusensha’s popular works even more! Win original goods that can only be obtained here for a limited time and no losers!

[Image 1

(C) Kentaro Miura / Studio Gaga / Hakusensha

Overview of “Berserk Gacha”
Sales URL: https://hakusensha.gachatoku.me/product/berserk
Sales period: November 11, 2022 12:00 to December 26, 2022 12:00 Sales price: 880 yen (tax included) once
Shipping fee: 660 yen (tax included) only for the first purchase Delivery time: Early to mid-March 2023
“Berserk Gacha” Goods Lineup
A prize high-definition duplicate original picture character fine graph all 2 types
The color illustration of Guts, which feels quiet and powerful, is reproduced as a high-definition original picture down to the smallest detail. It will be delivered framed.
(Illustration size: about A5 size, frame size: 256 x 319 mm) [Image 2

High-definition reproduction original picture Character Fine Graph A (C) Kentaro Miura, Studio Gaga/Hakusensha
[Image 3

High-definition reproduction original picture Character Fine Graph B (C) Kentaro Miura, Studio Gaga/Hakusensha
B Prize Comic plate 2 types in total
A comic plate with a large powerful frame that even feels
intimidating. All 2 types of Guts and Skull Knight.
(Size: Within diameter 206 x H26mm)
[Image 4

Comic Plate Guts (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha
[Image 5

Comic Plate Skull Knight (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha Prize C Big frame magnet 5 types in total
A large size frame magnet that allows you to enjoy the powerful color illustrations of “Berserk” as if you were in a framed display. (Size: about 72 x 110 mm)
[Image 6

Big frame magnet Guts (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha [Image 7

BIG frame magnet black swordsman party A (C) Kentaro Miura / Studio Gaga / Hakusensha
[Image 8

BIG frame magnet Griffith (C) Kentaro Miura, Studio Gaga/Hakusensha Prize D acrylic clip 8 types in total
Acrylic clip useful in various scenes. It is a deformed illustration and a portrait style design of Guts.
(Size: within about 50 x 50mm)
[Image 9

Acrylic clip pack A (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha [Image 10

Acrylic clip Chicchi (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha [Image 11

Acrylic clip Onihei (Darka) (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha E prize dialogue sticky notes 16 types in total
You can write notes in the balloons of famous scenes of “Berserk” characters! “A sticky note that you will never take your eyes off.” (Size: within 70 x 70 mm/30 sheets laminated)
[Image 12

Dialogue sticky note Guts A (C) Kentaro Miura / Studio Gaga / Hakusensha [Image 13

Dialogue sticky note Griffith A (C) Kentaro Miura / Studio Gaga / Hakusensha W Chance Award Mug Cup Up to 10 people
A lottery will give away a super rare ceramic mug with a rough illustration of Guts printed on it!
(Size: Diameter 80 x H95mm/Volume: Approx. 350ml)
[Image 14

Mug cup (C) Kentaro Miura, Studio Gaga/Hakusensha
Purchase bonus mini wood key chain all 5 types
You can get it every 10 consecutive times! A mini-sized wood key chain with a richly expressive pack.
(Size: about 30 x 30mm)
[Image 15

Mini Wood Keychain Pack A (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha [Image 16

Mini Wood Keychain Pack D (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha [Image 19d46848-922-f71b530c7a1062cd9a9b-19.jpg&s3=46848-922-2c269ff6ddede6b986fbdd3d1a0ee24e-600x592.jpg
Mini Wood Keychain Pack E (C) Kentaro Miura/Studio Gaga/Hakusensha * You will always receive one purchase privilege every 10 times with one payment. If you make 10 payments for one time, you will not be eligible. * We will randomly send one out of 5 types.
What is “Berserk”
It started serialization in “Monthly Animal House” in 1989, and is currently being serialized in “Young Animal” (both published by Hakusensha). A solid story, attractive characters, overwhelming and detailed drawings, and unrivaled creativity. It has a strong impact and impression on the hearts and lives of readers, and has been published not only in Japan but also overseas, attracting readers around the world. In 2002, it won the 6th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Manga Excellence Award, and as of 2022, the cumulative circulation of the series worldwide is 55 million copies (paper + electronic). In addition to the success of manga, it continues to influence a wide range of people such as animation and game development.
Volumes 1 to 41 of the comics are on sale.
Official site https://www.younganimal.com/berserk/
Official Twitter @berserk_project (https://twitter.com/berserk_project [Image 20d46848-922-ea5fbe2e80d09aebafb0-20.jpg&s3=46848-922-d2b6e710aeb6fb3aefb09ffd97d25471-421x600.jpg
“Berserk” volume 41 copy
Currently, the TV anime “Berserk Golden Age Hen MEMORIAL EDITION” is being broadcast on TOKYO MX and other platforms and distributed on ABEMA and other platforms!
Official site https://berserk-me.com/
Official Twitter @berserk_mePR
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