Bespoke models of the “insole” brand “SIDAS”, which athletes also love, are now on sale at Mr. Minute

Shidas Japan Co., Ltd.
Bespoke models of the “insole” brand “SIDAS”, which athletes also love, are now on sale at Mr. Minute
-Updating thin insoles for women with urban coloring-

Sidus Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Hiroaki Sugiyama), which develops and sells sporting goods from France, is Minit Asia, which operates a nationwide chain of repair services such as shoe repair “Mr. Minit”.・The bespoke model “OFFICE 3D AIR Mr. Minute Original” with Pacific Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinji Zaitsu) will be released sequentially from November 2022.
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Mr. Minute has been handling Sidus products as functional insoles for a long time, and has been loved by many customers through stores nationwide.
The “OFFICE 3D AIR Mr. Minute Original” to be released this time is a thin model exclusively for women, which is made thinner gradually from the toe, making it suitable for tight pumps with little gaps. The shell that supports the arch has a repulsive force that makes walking smooth, and the top sheet uses microfiber with anti-bacterial treatment that is gentle on the foot. While keeping the inside of the shoe clean, the suppleness and moderate repulsive force that naturally adapts to the soles of your feet will lightly support your next step. By unifying the coloring with urban gray, it gives a calm impression when putting on and taking off. In addition, to commemorate the bespoke model, the logos of both companies were specially placed on the insole. It is a model that supports female business people who have more opportunities to go out in the with corona era.
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About Sidus insoles
The Sidus Insole supports and balances the three collapsed arches (medial longitudinal arch, lateral longitudinal arch, lateral arch). You will have more strength to step on. In addition, the ball of the big toe (the base of the thumb), the ball of the little toe (the base of the little finger), and the heel support the body, and by being able to step firmly, the sense of stability is improved. It is easier to apply force in all directions, front and back, left and right.
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Product Summary
Product name: OFFICE 3D AIR Mr. Minute Original
Price: 4,400 yen (tax included)
Color: Charcoal Gray
Size: 3 sizes (22.0-24.5cm)
Material (Material used): Microfiber top/TPU shell
Dealers of “OFFICE 3D AIR Mr. Minute Original”
Nationwide Mr. Minute (with some exceptions)
Mr. Minute Amazon Official Store: About “Mr. Minute”
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“Mr. Minit” was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1957 (started as “Taron Minit” and changed its name to “Mr. Minit” in 1965). We entered the Japanese market in 1972 and have built a history of trust as one of Japan’s largest service chains for shoe repair, bag repair, duplicate key production, and watch battery replacement. It has been used by about 200 million customers so far, and will celebrate its 50th anniversary on October 31, 2022. Mr. Minit in Japan will continue to provide repair services that support the desire of customers who want to use things carefully and for a long time, in order to realize a sustainable society.
[Company Profile of Minit Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Minit Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
(* Wholly owned subsidiary of Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd. since December 2015) Location: Yanagibashi First Building 2F, 2-19-6 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052
Business description: Developing a chain store “Mr. Minit” in the Asia and Oceania region that provides comprehensive repair services such as shoe repair, key making, and watch battery replacement service (total 619 stores: fiscal year ending March 31, 2022)
Representative: Shinji Zaitsu, President and Representative Director Official website:
About Shidas Japan Co., Ltd.
A Japanese branch office established in 2009 by a modern
representative who has been involved in Sidus World since the trading company era in the 1980s. With the insole brand “SIDAS” as the main product, we also develop the insole brand “Podiatech” developed for medical use, and the temperature control brand “Thermic” that protects the body from cold and heat with advanced technology. Based on the experience and accumulated data of supporting the sports field for more than 30 years, we are currently participating in product development in our home country, France, and creating products that suit Japanese people.
[Sidus Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: Shidas Japan Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director: Hiroaki Sugiyama
Established: June 2009
Capital: 30 million yen
Location: 7F Kannai Wise Building, 2-9-1 Furo-cho, Naka-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Business: Import/export and sales of sporting goods, sports equipment, socks, shoes, and related items

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